Sunday, October 16, 2016

Thoughts Conflict

Thoughts conflict and rolling thick
to cover hearts like fog
with morning giving way to day
this storied epilogue
Drifting through the mountains
cross the valleys of the mind
the past a veil we story tell
and to the heart remind
Who we were in morning
slowly changing with the day
thoughts once thick and rolling
like the fog to drift away

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Sun To Set With Crimson Fading

Sun to set with crimson fading
serenading painted sky
heart divine and often shines
like sparkles in her eye
Her last a touch of crimson
reminiscing as it fades
kaleidoscopic colors swirl
in periodic waves

Sands Remind

Sands remind of time defined 

as sunny shores enthrall 

past to pass through time's crevasse 

as tides they rise and fall

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Hearts So Fiery Hot

Fiery hot in full abandon
reckless hearts in rhythm make
burning lips and fingertips
want all that they can take
Sweat reminds and realigns
as pulses fire as one
a newer pace these hearts embrace
until this race is done
Slow to still and thoughts conceal
a needed change of taste
nothing more needs spoken for
but time that rhyme displaced
Captured prose with love compose
enraptured still by thought
as poems are made and serenade
these hearts so fiery hot

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Reborn As Ashes Fall

Wintered hearts enraptured
captured glory, rise and fall
bringing life to jaded night
into this fire dissolve
Meadows filled with heat to build
an offering for your grace
sacrificed I am
into the arms of her embrace
Morning subtle sweet retreat
out on that altar-ed flame
with summer's sting our offering
where nothing more remains
Burning skin we're raptured in
reborn as ashes fall
wintered hearts enraptured
in the glory of it all

Monday, April 18, 2016

Fire To Flame

Smoldered heat thought obsolete
still yet a fire to flame
hearts conspire in fueled desire
now burning just the same
Moments found as thoughts abound
and echo days of old
when fiery hot were feelings caught
and love burned uncontrolled
Eyes alive as flames revive
hearts pound in quickened beat
to fan the flames renewed remain
though once thought obsolete

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Long and Weary Winding

Long and weary winding
down that path of cold regret
wishes warm were taking form
though frozen are they yet
Petaled dreams are falling
drifting slow, this bitter snare
long and weary winding
drowning slow and losing air
Momentary loss of self
to shelf the fear inside
sinking further in the sands
without an end in sight
Long and weary winding
warming wishes could reveal
but all that's seen is cold regret
she's walking down it still