Saturday, January 31, 2009

My Little Fire

Resilient flame not meant to tame
but weathered tried and tempered,
showing worth in each day's berth
stay strong and never flicker.
Burning hot though days have caught
a cooling of sensation,
your shining burn could never turn
from scorching affirmation.
This you are and always be
in truth you know our aim,
weathered tempered tried and loved
still meant for me to tame.

Fall From Grace

Beauty moves and breathes it's you
I'm certain you're a sin,
curving round designed confound
the contour of your skin.
Taste you on my lips I glide
confide the slightest notion,
your scent a spell to slow exhale
my heart throbs too in motion.
Sat to grind your thoughts can't hide
the pulse to rock the race,
your beauty moves I breathe it's you
once more a final taste.
Exhaustion found I drink your sweat
the thirst of skin on skin,
Beauty moves I breathe it's you
I'm certain you're a sin.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Heart's Facade

Self perception is the veil
through which the courtyard walls do tell
of thin distrust our minds beguile,
the sense of self of rhyme and style.
A front pretend to heart descend
to never find it's valley,
by darting go from to and fro
back aisles and shade back alley.
Secret friend to us pretend
to know the tock that's ticking,
swiftly through this rendezvous
of self made walls conflicting.
Ashen piles for a million miles
too high for one's own viewing,
the veil does well to hide prevail
the thoughts of our undoing.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Like Snow

Falling through and careless
still I am what's been intended,
drifting on the wind and gone
not storied or pretended.
Meant to be the symphony
the dance on which I'm turning,
softly play my cares away
spin slow each moment learning.
If nothing more than falling for
this task I take to pleasure,
the moments from the sky
imply the gift we're meant to treasure.
Not gold nor wealth or richer self
come close to heights to climb,
be true to you if not then who
fall slow like snow take time.

Friday, January 16, 2009

The Dawn

Dawn breaks on storied morning
in certain hope I knew you'd come,
never once to you had doubt
belong to many, held by none.
Your grace is found as thoughts profound
come racing with your warming,
if hurt replace reverse erase
where hearts and minds were storming.
The promise of a shining chance
to dance through fields renewed,
no more a moment just for past
reborn refreshed unviewed.
The morning seen with newborn's eyes
the splendor gone replaced,
it happens every dawning day
as sunlight hits our face.


Darkened wine designed to find
the hiding for the vilest,
nothing more to spend abhor
that thing that doth defile us.
Vigilant I am in knowing
to where my bruising goes,
into a heart now purged of dark
where hope and love still grows.

Velvet Shroud

The veil of which we hide behind
that velvet shroud so thin,
a wall of certain lovelessness
consuming from within.
Moments such as these regard
those charred and slowly passed,
now but distant thoughts to feel
surreal and moving fast.
Melodic course disclosing
memories sparked back to existence,
a moment out behind the veil
short lived in love repentance.


Death and resurrection
reflection on relation,
water cleanses wash away
the scars of confrontation.
Born into a dying world
changed but gain not loss,
burdens left by laying down
and picking up your cross.

Fluid Motion

Superfluous fluidity
nature cycles through,
carnal knowledge holding sway
each day of what we do.
Behavior unrewarded
perhaps enlightened meditated,
either way from day to day
our purpose complicated.
Seasoned out of season
reasoned truths diminish doubt,
convince the cycle just stay still
reveal the real devout.
For nothing pauses motion
motion fluid as this is,
belong to one another
neither hers or neither his.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Break free

Exist explore resist implore
become that which you are wanting,
stop refrain from day mundane
break free a task undaunting.
Simplistic chore in chasing more
be open to your calling,
pay no mind to self design
what ladder you were crawling.
Giving up for going up
let that which matters play,
dance upon the wind
defend the purpose of the day.
Search to find yourself aligned
center in this reason,
life is more than social score
and lasts if but a season.
Give to higher purpose
salt the earth with meek intention
exist explore resist implore
become your intervention.


Designation of dictation
inner voice to push the pen,
where are you in needed times
when on you I depend
Seems you only come around
in moments of reflection
absence on the roster of
the help in life's direction
Rear view mirror in this life
does little as we steer
yet moment's silence all alone
be sure your voice is clear
Your hoping or your conscience
opinionated or dejected
how you see did you and me
get paired up and selected
Inner voice you traitor's choice
your signals mixing as you send
the designation of dictation
still upon you I depend

Monday, January 12, 2009

Surging Flow

A surging flow of which we know
that pitter patting pace,
the every step misguided swept
the wind against our face.
Shallow holes reversing roles
to beaten paths for blazing,
unlike sheep to shepherd go
content us cattle grazing.
Cosmic dust to settle not
as swifter waters rise in raging,
all the while with sorrowed smile
and faces that are aging.
Passersby through moving sky
of blues and blacks and grays,
til off it goes that surging flow
and slows our pittered pace.

The Distance From Creativity to Constellations

Great expanse on which we dream
as lofty visions fly
from silent fears they disappear
upon the midnight sky
Creation now is taking wing
and off to heavens roam
to sleep the dwarfing giant's sleep
as seeds we've softly sown
Could it be the very breath
we utter to the stars
is nothing more than gathered dreams
the twinkling birth of ours
The distance is confusion
giving way to revelations
let die not our shining light
on hope and constellations