Sunday, July 29, 2012

Rippled Wave

Prints are made on skin displayed
the echoes of the soul
Rippled tale of misted veil
as heat doth take it's toll
Graced to dance with little chance
to solo guided glory
For tiny waves are history made
the etching of our story
Fiery forge my heart engorge
enrapt in flaming flicker
Thirsting for that burning more
as thirst gives way to thicker
Burning hot with teachings taught
let go to gain control
Prints are made on skin displayed
the echoes of our soul

Sunday, July 15, 2012

A Single Spark

Meanings kiss does reminisce
death's sway o'er it imply
something more than bargained for
much more than meets the eye
Fiery blaze through heartbeat raised
as life begins to flurry
out did snuff though not enough
though snuff it did and hurry
Quickly flashed now burn and crack
refract in waves of time 
ripples made to guide and sway
the rhythm of the rhyme
Smoldered burn of no return
no quench for you be found
a cursed charm that does no harm
yet echoes dance around
Moments on the lips imprints
a lifetime fade to bliss
so much more in depth explore
the meaning of a kiss

Monday, July 9, 2012

Burning Still

That sultry taste time can't erase
a moment on the tongue
as further still that sting revealed
the tingled flesh it stung
Remembrance found as words resound
and echo through the drought
of lines to fall for afterall
no chance of getting out
Not to dance on dreams by chance
for nothing falls by choice
yet burning still as hearts reveal
that yearning inner voice
Listen well as fears dispel
that spinning soul to slide
drift in words as thoughts are heard
into their depths to dive
Passions burn to shift and churn
through sands forever shifting
the sun to grace and hearts embrace
those clouds we found were lifting
Piercing sun your work is done
through veils of love we chased
just a moment on the tongue
our time forever taste

Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Sun Can't Fade Your Serenade

Thoughts divide and fortify
her hold upon the heart
lest harm befall for after all
love made and played the part
Paintings made as hearts displayed
the portraits on the soul
written page to imitate
those fates we can't control
Warming breath upon the ocean
waves were motioned crash at will
Forever made to serenade
though churning deeper still
Glistened shade to promenade
with tides to ebb and flow
for moments made like hearts displayed
those feelings fading slow
Years do pass doth time outlast
though certain in creation
portraits feel their worth reveal
the strokes of loves elation
Emblazened bold with truths untold
the scope of love defined
lest harm befall our dance enthrall
those passing ticks of time
Pen to page as thoughts engage
the words that dance and glide
no harm could fall for after all
upon our hearts relied
The chaptered turn of lessons learned
our fury fades to dust
like seconds feel as truths reveal
and death does dance for us.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Eyes Embrace

Eyes embrace familiar tastes
and tingle on the tongue
greetings passed as moments flashed
though to the heart they clung
Fade away though not to grey
those moments for the reaping
and even still their sting reveals
conceals upon their keeping
Still it's best at heart's behest
the rest protect and cover
far from near these thoughts do steer
til eyes embrace each other
Futured fade this serenade
two ships by guided grace
upon the oceans of the mind
as eyes remind and taste

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Waves and Souls Collide

On sands forever shifting
drift in waves and souls collide
fear replaced as passion played
I forced my thoughts inside
Sun atop a weathered back
adrift on salty skin
shifting sands as heart's demands
are met and met again
Winded waves are crashing
dashing depths now slow and drifting
burn to fade my serenade
on sands forever shifting

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Calming of the Tide

Winding road on which I strode
the miles gone by increase
different still like smoothing silk
or soothing of the beast
The voice instilled not chose by will
though to it we confide
and give it's voice our choosing choice
by faith we do abide
Stranger still the heart concealed
mysteries course and heaven's plate
gave to dine on all remind
that vessel sets us straight
And last of those the ghostly prose
the bonding of the being
by no control a gifted soul
our futured fire it's feeding
Famined fame or praise to gain
I know not ponder still
all the while another mile
goes straight and straighter still.