Monday, December 29, 2014


Off I went through eyes that squint
and freckle splattered cheeks
out into the wilderness
embarked on boyish dreams
Freedom found where trees abound
at once at home alive
searching secrets of the heart
and wonders of the mind
All alone in mystery gone
my world to dance and chatter
off I went through eyes that squint
and cheeks with freckled splatters
Imagination set ablaze
where endless hills and meadows sway
sun to burn in bright display
still not this hot my heart dismay
Love to chase through scenes embraced
and kept alive inside
off I go with cheeks aglow
from nineteen eighty five

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Winter's Glow

Winter's glow on morning snow
as sun comes kiss the day
heated lips and fingertips
put cold on hold per se
Fabrics warm do not adorn
no nothing more than skin
seems as though as morning goes
so too these clothes we're in
Bitter kiss of cold to miss
these cheeks know no embrace
yet still a glow from morning snow
reflects upon my face
Through this window much to see
to have a room with view
as heated lips and fingertips
have catching up to do
A chilling trend as dreaming ends
and day with midnight wanes
still a glow for here to know
the warmth behind those panes

Friday, December 26, 2014


Sands remind of time defined
and sunny shores enthrall
past to pass through time's crevasse
as tides they rise and fall
Tiny flecks in retrospect
for those who know her reaches
tossed about like scattered sand
adrift on heaven's beaches
Some to rest as others crest
on waves of life and love
until the day that ocean's sway
we feel no more thereof
Made to rest as waves suggest
of beaches still to find
sun to pass through night's crevasse
and sands of time remind

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Cold Does Past Remind

Cold remind of passing times
when night did serenade
a slower time with warmth to find
despite the winter shade
In pictures still to dance at will
and play through cold's divide
warming glow as stories flow
within our hearts reside
Made to spin and twirl again
the past does love replay
consciousness adrift, we sift
like stars through God's array
Here to dance in circumstance
like snow on winter's sky
a moment froze forever though
we never wonder why
Fleeting frames of love's disdain
for clocks and passing time
yet thankful still that heart's reveal
and cold does past remind

Sunday, December 14, 2014

The Evening Sky

The evening sky is passing by
as prayers of ours take flight
hopes and dreams aloft, careen
unseen into the night
Yet through the trees in symphonies
our ballads gently play
lifting slow, melodic flow
as night invites their sway
Burning hot with tempo's caught
these verses now combine
interlaced as stars embrace
and taste of love to shine
Hearts entwined, these sparks remind
enrapt and swept away
the evening sky is passing by
as night invites their sway

Monday, November 3, 2014

Side by Side

Side by side through time's divide
through storms and ticking clocks
forever though is all we know
and yet we know it not
By blinded grace our heart's embraced
and tracks once one, now two
side by side through time's divide
forever me and you

Crimson Fading

Sun to set with crimson fading
serenading painted sky
heart divine and often shines
like sparkles in her eye
Time is quick to come
and I too find the sky ablaze
kaleidoscopic colors swirl
in periodic waves
Beating heart in timing art
falls rhythm to her prey
crimson hues, remain refuse
til blues give way to gray
Shades of love reminding
blinding spark on skies ablaze
adrift out on forever
to endeavor her to stay
Her last a touch of crimson
reminiscing as it fades
kaleidoscopic colors swirl
in periodic waves

Monday, September 29, 2014

Warming Night

Warming night with fire ignite
to dance and chance to fly
tiny little lovers
burning hot into the sky
A spark was all they needed
nature lending love it's flame
in fiery imperfections
they're reflecting just the same
Into the midnight fury
seems we too must learn to fly
tiny little lovers
burning hot into the sky

Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Sea She Waits

The sea she waits and propagates
as hopes do rise and fall
waves to drift and sweetly kiss
he too has heard her call
Woven like the strands of time
defined though time must pass
adrift upon an ocean
of emotions that amass
Hope to rise much like the tides
stay true though ebb and flow
the sea she waits and propagates
the love he's come to know
Salt descends on summered skin
and yet through starry nights
these ships at sea like memories
adrift through shifting skies
Portraits change yet hope remains
out on that sea she waits
waves to drift and sweetly kiss
as love does propagate

The Touch of Midnight's Falling

The touch of midnight's falling
calling out on burning skin
shadows trace and soft embrace
the places that he's been
Heart's delight in shades of night
like smoke to drift and still
spectered shade to serenade
and play as thoughts reveal
Warming lips and fingertips
to softly glide and kiss
shadows trace and soft embrace
and slowly reminisce
Heat ablaze within her gaze
and time fades not his calling
burning rush on skin to flush
in touch of midnight's falling

Wearing Wood and Warming Weather

Wearing wood and warming weather
we endeavor time to slow
the sea on the horizon
sun arising from it though
The day anew is dawning
yawning soft in morning's grace
glad to find it's sultry shine
again upon our face
Resounding and abounding
this moment ours forever
with the sea on the horizon
wearing wood and warming weather

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Daisies Sway

Daisies sway as summer fades
our hearts on skin we paint
time to pass but here alas
we slow though no restraint
Burning hot in moments caught
beneath the naked sky
daisies sway as summer fades
like shadows you and I

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Sky of Blue

Sky of blue in morning's hue
come paint with color's kiss
thoughts ablaze on winter's sway
to play in nature's bliss
Frozen in a moment fade
from white to shades of blue
thoughts ablaze on winter's sway
to play in morning's hue

Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Knowing of the Night

Here in shadows growing
comes the knowing of the night
stars above are fading
serenading their goodbye
Darkened depths grow darker
with the night our only gauge
to reunite as dreams ignite
til light does turn the page
Yet here in midnight's shadow
memories laid in such array
everything is to it's order
to implore her, mistress stay
Make the most of time together
he endeavors sands to still
here in shadows growing
though the light begins to fill
Banished once again and gone
adrift upon the light
until the stars are fading
to the knowing of the night

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Cleansing Tide

Cleansing tide to coincide
with colors deep displayed
dark imbued with lighter hues
in spectrum's serenade
Soul defined by blending lines
with time as feelings flow
thoughts conveyed to masquerade
now fading as they go
Darker lines are redefined
and grays give way to blue
cleansing tide to coincide
with colors rich and true

Original Artwork found here

Friday, August 15, 2014

No Flaw To Future's Flow

Architectured time design
no flaw to future's flow
twist to turn in fiery burn
and fading as it goes
Comets sift through darkened rifts
adrift and lifting slow
borrowed time by sharp design
no flaw to future's flow

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Warring Mind

Warring mind cannot define
itself or biding faction
by design enlightened kind
aloft in this distraction
Tempest tossed the soul accost
enraged and caged within
a warring mind cannot define
or wind up one again
In darkness lieu we bid adieu
to fathomed depths, to dive
there to stay in shadowed grey
til war no more can thrive

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Of Rust and Moth

Of rust and moth and aging cloth
for time must take its toll
sands to sift as seasons shift
and drift beyond control
Of rust and moth the reaper's swath
is wide and knows no end
moments held they too are felled
when night takes flight, descend
Of rust and moth and furies wroth
take hold as fates are flying
for nothing's worse than life rehearsed
not living til you're dying

Friday, August 1, 2014

Faded Bronze and Golden Copper

Faded bronze and golden copper
salty air and hearts ablaze
drifting through an ocean
of emotion's tidal waves
Ebb and flow they come and go
and live in love they made
as oceans of emotions
gently kiss and serenade
Thoughts to rise like passing tides
they too must come and go
faded bronze and golden copper
time could never stop her glow

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Hearts Apart Are Drowning

Hearts apart are drowning
weightless made though sinking fast
time around resounding
echoed heart goes beating past
Tidal wave we meant to save
yet now in waters deep
hearts apart are drowning
mine to take and yours to keep
Drifting soul beyond control
where hopes and dreams are cast
time around resounding
weightless made though sinking fast
Through solemn shade to serenade
a king has found his crowning
as death surrounds without a sound
and hearts apart are drowning

A Heart Out On The Water

A heart out on the water
drifting through the rise and fall
on an ocean of devotion
that's the notion of it all
Horizons paint of time's restraint
and well they still remind
a moment here then gone my dear
like clouds upon the sky
Waves to ebb and flow you know
and so too goes that heart
on an ocean of devotion
til the skies have all gone dark

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Winter's Stead

Crimson red in winter's stead
as fiery thoughts arise
made to slip from velvet lips
in sultry compromise
Temper sharp as steel reveal
the way in darkened night
through the calming grey to break
and bathe in fading light
In stark contrast to summer's grasp
with white in spite of red
thoughts to slip from velvet lips
adrift in winter's stead

Time Defined

Time defined by shadowed lines
though time not quite linear
left to grace an aging face
they all but disappear
Memories true in hopeful hue
to paint of joyful graces
til nothing more is left explore
and pain remains but traces
Faded flow to color though
in sparks to burn, refine
left to grace an aging face
erasing all but time

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Ocean Fade

Ocean fade to serenade
upon the heart reflect
dwindling rays in bright display
to play in retrospect
Soon the day to drift away
and sway in night's advancing
cradled in the depths of dreams
where hearts do spark, romancing
Ocean fade to serenade
of love and resurrection
memories play in bright display
upon the heart's reflection

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Smoke As Spirits Lift

Smoke to drift as spirits lift
from thine own mind withdraw
deeply veiled where dreams are held
and shadows creep and crawl
Darkest night in shelter hide
beneath the crimsoned flash
upon the face of God's embrace
dismayed and downward cast
Safe to sway in midnight's gray
alone this dance does flame
to light a path in aftermath
this smoke does just the same
In retrospect as thoughts project
our dreams through stars to sift
now tucked away in midnight's gray
like smoke as spirits lift

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A Taste of Wine

A taste of wine to oft remind
on crimson lips to flush
warming still as time reveals
that old familiar rush
Burn to taste and yet with haste
the glass to pass again
from fingertips to stinging lips
I trace just where they've been
Seconds slow on fire although
these flames remain with time
fingertips on crimson lips
with wine to oft remind

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

To Drift Upon That Ocean

Drifting out upon that ocean
gentle waves now come alive
the rains they fall aplenty
unrelenting dance to dive
Down into the depths to rest
as waters rise again
hard to see the shore implore
the heart from giving in
Tossed about as tides roll out
though still no land in sight
adrift upon an ocean
of emotions that we fight
Falling rain come wash away
and pray for clearing sky
from grey to blue in time it's true
as hope comes drifting by
Still out upon that water
seems to drown's the only notion
just know that you are not alone
adrift upon that ocean

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Hearts Do Spark Romances

Lightning strikes as fire ignites
and acrid air entrances
eyes alive as nerves revive
and hearts do spark romances
Thoughts ablaze as senses say
to drink of heaven's dew
words convey as lightning plays
and takes it's glory due
Distance shows resounding glows
as light through midnight dances
lightning strikes as fires ignite
and hearts do spark romances

Saturday, March 29, 2014

To Morrow's End

On stairs descend to morrow's end
each step to take with grace
weathered wood where others stood
the test of time's embrace
Further still to hearts reveal
on hope do dreams depend
steps we've gone though not alone
on stairs to morrow's end

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Silence Serenades

In snowy bursts does time disperse
and soft comes things to still
all adrift this wintry rift
with hearts to spark and fill
Once again to time's chagrin
does nature take her due
the beautied grace of slowing pace
and starting life anew
Mesmerizing tides to wash
on gentle breezes sway
in snowy bursts does time disperse
and silence serenades

Death Upon A Winter's Stroll

Death upon a winter's stroll
for all must feel it's sting
and all the while in summered style
he holds the gifts he brings
We walk these miles in heart's denial
that true this day must come
and all the while in summered style
two hearts have had their fun
Ol death knows not it's subtle smile
not once to taste it's kiss
and all the while in summered style
the seasons pass with bliss
Yet now as winter's calling
and the light on journies wane
death upon a winter's stroll
has come to sun reclaim
Two hearts no more beside it
seems that winter's took it's toll
the summer sun so fleeting
leaving death upon his stroll

Only One Is Holding Heaven

Rising up against our teachings
question always what you're told
misdirected answers
seem to guide us where to go
Only one is holding heaven
we as sheep so soon forget
this house of cards on tiny shards
of hurt and past regrets
Return to simple thinkings
honor God's and not just man's
walking with an open heart
and purpose in your hands
Give good and well a moment
open up and give to grow
only one is holding heaven
search your heart for what you know

Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Journey In

New depths we dove and interwove
the storied strands of time
and down the trail our hearts travail
and reason with the rhyme
Forever still to echo will
the wind on forest sway
the ancients tell those stories well
and off in shadows play

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Heart's Lament

Heart's lament for moments spent
as words angelic slide
soulful tale in binding spell
in telling comes alive
Tender touch of saying such
each word unheard and new
yet still confides down deep inside
and tried still standing true
Made to drift upon this rift
as songs sing of the past
hearts lament for moments spent
til time stands still at last

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Lights and Constellations

Lights and constellations
are the heaven's calling back
we're drifting here this solar sphere
so lost yet so exact
Transcendence then as thoughts begin
to through our conscience roam
nothing feared to keep us here
revere in the unknown
Drift into another place
beyond the passing stars
flashing lights and constellations
motivations from afar
More are they the things we say
or more than just our mind
or are they there so unaware
that down on us they shine
Still in heaven's guilded gaze
they drift in meditation
to glide across the solar sphere
with lights and constellations

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Beneath The Sun

Guiding grace in warmth embrace
and place your grace on me
choked with sin I gasp again
yet glory lets me breathe
Life I live in turn entrust
til dust to dust return
scattered seeds or rooted trees
and death's denied it's burn
Reach for guiding grace to taste
those waters won't recede
write your name upon my heart
in glory let me breathe

Waves To Kiss and Reminisce

Burnished bronze and warming rays
upon the skin in fading days
to sparkle quick like us it stayed
til days turned short in nightly shade
Yet touch me still as thoughts reveal
and recollect through time
another day when summer played
upon this skin of mine
Waves to kiss and reminisce
those times they too recall
skin ablaze with copper glaze
as words escape my fall
Sparkle fade with dreams replayed
conveyed on sands that shift
here we'll stay for all our days
upon those waves to drift

Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Track We're On

Tracks we've made to serenade
and fade into the sun
all the while in warm exile
we find our time is done
Dreams complete on golden cheeks
afire with rosy specks
made to dance in happenstance
and chance like love reflects
All along the track we're on
turned out in truth to be
that warm exile that all the while
awaits for you and me

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Warming Heat

Warming heat and fears retreat
as fingers hide her smile
nothing more than wanting for
and waiting all the while
Lips to tremble what's to come
electric to the touch
intentions full as bodies pull
and faces start to flush
Inhibitions put to rest
with hearts alive and souls to test
with nothing more to silhouette
as skin does slide on silky sweat
Two to dance as one still yet
with eyes wide shut we pirouette
into the dark no daylight met
two hearts to spark in love's roulette
In motion sat with fire alive
to burn in love's defeat
fingers find the truth behind
her fears and warming heat

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Sea of Shells

Sea of shells do stories tell
as sunlight finds your face
tell of times when ocean's wide
confide in your embrace
Tell of salty tears you've cried
and all the miles you've gone
tell of beaches full and warm
and empty all alone
Tell of endless shores implore
our hearts to hold you well
and drift along forever
sea of shells, do stories tell

That Velvet Touch of Morning

That velvet touch of morning
skin alive though thoughts are still
the waking sun is warming some
and through the dark reveal
Little glimpse of light exempt
no judgment where you lay
so discreet for many sheets
upon them you have played
Though in the still of morning
play you do across her skin
kissing ever gently
all those places that I've been
To pour a thousand lines in rhyme
with time our meter kept
her chest to rise to fall although
she longs for more still yet
Stretching with the heat that comes
that too not far away
skin alive as thoughts contrive
and skillful fingers play
Novels made to serenade
as words on lips are forming
to heaven's glow we fade and go
that velvet touch of morning