Monday, December 29, 2014


Off I went through eyes that squint
and freckle splattered cheeks
out into the wilderness
embarked on boyish dreams
Freedom found where trees abound
at once at home alive
searching secrets of the heart
and wonders of the mind
All alone in mystery gone
my world to dance and chatter
off I went through eyes that squint
and cheeks with freckled splatters
Imagination set ablaze
where endless hills and meadows sway
sun to burn in bright display
still not this hot my heart dismay
Love to chase through scenes embraced
and kept alive inside
off I go with cheeks aglow
from nineteen eighty five

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Winter's Glow

Winter's glow on morning snow
as sun comes kiss the day
heated lips and fingertips
put cold on hold per se
Fabrics warm do not adorn
no nothing more than skin
seems as though as morning goes
so too these clothes we're in
Bitter kiss of cold to miss
these cheeks know no embrace
yet still a glow from morning snow
reflects upon my face
Through this window much to see
to have a room with view
as heated lips and fingertips
have catching up to do
A chilling trend as dreaming ends
and day with midnight wanes
still a glow for here to know
the warmth behind those panes

Friday, December 26, 2014


Sands remind of time defined
and sunny shores enthrall
past to pass through time's crevasse
as tides they rise and fall
Tiny flecks in retrospect
for those who know her reaches
tossed about like scattered sand
adrift on heaven's beaches
Some to rest as others crest
on waves of life and love
until the day that ocean's sway
we feel no more thereof
Made to rest as waves suggest
of beaches still to find
sun to pass through night's crevasse
and sands of time remind

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Cold Does Past Remind

Cold remind of passing times
when night did serenade
a slower time with warmth to find
despite the winter shade
In pictures still to dance at will
and play through cold's divide
warming glow as stories flow
within our hearts reside
Made to spin and twirl again
the past does love replay
consciousness adrift, we sift
like stars through God's array
Here to dance in circumstance
like snow on winter's sky
a moment froze forever though
we never wonder why
Fleeting frames of love's disdain
for clocks and passing time
yet thankful still that heart's reveal
and cold does past remind

Sunday, December 14, 2014

The Evening Sky

The evening sky is passing by
as prayers of ours take flight
hopes and dreams aloft, careen
unseen into the night
Yet through the trees in symphonies
our ballads gently play
lifting slow, melodic flow
as night invites their sway
Burning hot with tempo's caught
these verses now combine
interlaced as stars embrace
and taste of love to shine
Hearts entwined, these sparks remind
enrapt and swept away
the evening sky is passing by
as night invites their sway