Saturday, January 30, 2010

Pure as Driven

Falling fast in fleeting glance
to catch my shimmered gaze,
Reflect your will for scenes reveal
the glory of my days.
Numbered though immaculate
for each still am my own,
To touch the lives of young alike
and everyone who's grown.
Miracle and miscreant
a blessing and a curse,
forever damned to falling down
yet up in heaven first.
Falling fast in fleeting glance
a gift when eyes do wake,
sometimes I fall upon the night
and gather flake by flake.

Friday, January 22, 2010

I Love In The Moment.

Whispers of the past remind
a lightened heart in younger time,
The ticking clock to which we bind
a moment borrowed lost to find.
Whispers of the moment kiss
upon an ear to reminisce,
the past is gone yet captured still
live full to find no more to fill.
Whispers of whats sure to come
signs of times ignored by some,
nothing more to be outdone
but deathly gaze or hallowed hum.
The beating heart heard now to find
our ticking clock is losing time,
so now and here this moment bind
til whispers of the past remind.

Whispers of the Past Remind

The ghost of me I used to be
a portrait down the hall
pictures taken aging not
to tell our rise and fall
The struggle is the glory
life evasion lends erosion
stuck in time as prints remind
a time our hearts were frozen
Frigid not but furthered thought
a snapshot of the soul
tempered instrumental
never tarnished bought or sold
Simply just a moment
life was new and passions free
when time is gone reflect upon
the ghost you used to be

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sifting Sands

A wave of change is rolling
cross the beaches of the mind,
Shells we break to firmly shape
controls of other kinds
Letting go by lending flow
to words that mend the missing
empty parts like broken hearts
consoled by reminiscing
Firing sparks to light the dark
through ages still are living
direction gave to sinner save
your words to me are giving
Why then contemplation
of relation quick and gone
in truth but just a moment
growing still though all alone
Absent heart as days embark
adrift on nurtured past
wind upon an empty sea
on waves not made to last
Finding shores to spark explore
it's buried by our hands
'til finding and reminding
each to own through sifting sands