Thursday, July 24, 2014

Hearts Apart Are Drowning

Hearts apart are drowning
weightless made though sinking fast
time around resounding
echoed heart goes beating past
Tidal wave we meant to save
yet now in waters deep
hearts apart are drowning
mine to take and yours to keep
Drifting soul beyond control
where hopes and dreams are cast
time around resounding
weightless made though sinking fast
Through solemn shade to serenade
a king has found his crowning
as death surrounds without a sound
and hearts apart are drowning

A Heart Out On The Water

A heart out on the water
drifting through the rise and fall
on an ocean of devotion
that's the notion of it all
Horizons paint of time's restraint
and well they still remind
a moment here then gone my dear
like clouds upon the sky
Waves to ebb and flow you know
and so too goes that heart
on an ocean of devotion
til the skies have all gone dark

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Winter's Stead

Crimson red in winter's stead
as fiery thoughts arise
made to slip from velvet lips
in sultry compromise
Temper sharp as steel reveal
the way in darkened night
through the calming grey to break
and bathe in fading light
In stark contrast to summer's grasp
with white in spite of red
thoughts to slip from velvet lips
adrift in winter's stead

Time Defined

Time defined by shadowed lines
though time not quite linear
left to grace an aging face
they all but disappear
Memories true in hopeful hue
to paint of joyful graces
til nothing more is left explore
and pain remains but traces
Faded flow to color though
in sparks to burn, refine
left to grace an aging face
erasing all but time

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Ocean Fade

Ocean fade to serenade
upon the heart reflect
dwindling rays in bright display
to play in retrospect
Soon the day to drift away
and sway in night's advancing
cradled in the depths of dreams
where hearts do spark, romancing
Ocean fade to serenade
of love and resurrection
memories play in bright display
upon the heart's reflection

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Smoke As Spirits Lift

Smoke to drift as spirits lift
from thine own mind withdraw
deeply veiled where dreams are held
and shadows creep and crawl
Darkest night in shelter hide
beneath the crimsoned flash
upon the face of God's embrace
dismayed and downward cast
Safe to sway in midnight's gray
alone this dance does flame
to light a path in aftermath
this smoke does just the same
In retrospect as thoughts project
our dreams through stars to sift
now tucked away in midnight's gray
like smoke as spirits lift