Sunday, October 28, 2012

Oh Sultry Shade

Midnight’s gaze did find you shade
through glittered dreams you glide
All the while doth heart defile
although its touch denied
There-again those coals transcend
fanning flames do furies burn
in depth’s consumed to breathing room
as time does tempting turn
Clouds to dance in circumstance
as time flows on though fleeting
to fade in scale as hearts reveal
those truths our fears are feeding
Come that chill inflection’s still
play hot in moonlit meetings
Far away where thoughts do play
And midnight goes receding

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Silent Echoes Fade

The ending of forever
though forever never ends
truths denied in teary eyes
we dare to dance to again
For words have hallowed meaning
Strengthened bonds that go unbroken
replaying scenes and what they mean
to words that went unspoken
Comfort found though thoughts resound
and silent echoes fade
the ending of forever
though forever always stays
Bending time as thoughts remind
designed we dared to dream
tucked away for lonely days
for what it's worth it seems
Dance we do and spin again
as childlike hopes invite
the ending of forever
not forever, no not quite

She Is Every Color

Fiery hues begin anew
each change comes color's swirl
art and life renewed in light
as hopes and dreams unfurl
Constant blend of color
when that fury meets the eye
a gallery made to slowly fade
on change our hopes rely
Tidal waves of blues and grays
as life like art repeats
Suffered til the truth reveals
a plan come full complete
A guiding hand to paint the sand
each brush a touch refine
the endless shade that serenades
the corners of the mind

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Ascension Into Glory

Rising up to greet the sun
undone by heaven's grace
Ascension unto glory
with some story on the way
Memories dance and circumstance
throw chance upon the wind
Though further climb doth fears unwind
in faith we must depend
Flurried moments flutter
shudder storms in seconds passing
Rising up to greet the sun
into it's glory crashing

As Fading Rays Do Fall

Warming rays as thoughts cascade
in time a moment caught
Gentle wind come sweeping in
designed remind retaught
Pause come cast on memories past
Flash quick to flood and flow
where worried fear and crease appear
like tides subside you know
Soothing rays to serenade
smooth dance on moments glide
warming wind as thoughts come in
retaught and caught remind.