Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Shimmer On The Waters Of

Wrap me in your summered skin
write words upon my heart,
I taste you on my morning
though in mourning skin did part.
That lasting touch doth tingle
mingled on in nights reflection,
shimmer on the waters of
your silky smooth complexion.
Burning white hot embered night
the moonlight found it's calling,
upon your shoulders there it danced
I glanced my walls are falling.
There upon that velvet heart
I trust my dreams divide,
to simply crash upon ourselves
into my heart collide.
Just a moments more release
to please my pulsing skin,
write words upon my heart
to touch your summered skin

In My Lover's Eyes

In her eyes I see my future
swirling hope out of the past
a safer place where hearts do race
and waves do wildly crash
The promise of tomorrow
and the beauty of right now
Thankful for the chance to look
into her eyes somehow


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

As Simple As Complex Can Be

Shades of grey on waters dance
to highlight brighter circumstance
For if the hues held only blue
no color else comes shining through
As tears contrast a smiling face
with stories told on cheeks they grace
a shout to silence whispered fear
those echoes rippled far and near
As simple as complex can be
these thoughts are caught and set us free
From lettered speech and words to mind
a fevered pitch of patient time
We all are death by life's design
redeemed though burns reflect remind
Scarred until we're smooth as silk
straight the gait to find your tilt
The rhythmed dream we dare to dance
to highlight brighter circumstance

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Waves Like Love Cascade

Sat me once upon a beach
soaking up love's warm embrace
the simplest wind from hearts descend
it's touch as soft as lace
coolness could not touch me
nor close me in with shadows falling
for felt again that gentle wind
unto me there came calling
Soft her voice as heaven's choice
on me did shine for evermore
with me there upon a beach
a warmth worth dying for
Wrapped up in the calming wind
as waves like love cascade
this siren of the midday watch
upon her shoreline played
Dance we do in love's embrace
and chase the pleasure's passion
not to fade this serenade
as waves like love come crashing.

A Door Upon The Ocean

A door upon the ocean
casting shadows on the soul
window found to look around
and watch it all unfold
Birds of prey descending 
circled shadow casting doubt
memories flash like waves they crash
and travel in and out
Easy feel for standing still 
progression is the motion 
a single door but so much more 
adrift upon the ocean

Sunday, May 13, 2012


Falling back as thoughts refract
still-frames in minded eye
Funny how through hues allowed
they change their rhymthmed rhyme
Brightest blues are darkened
to the greyest shades of night
as Darkness too reflects untrue
portrayed displayed as light
Sudden dance from screened entrance
to prey upon the weak
tortured for a moment more
these portraits that we keep
Soft to heart and words do start
again the frames reflect
Rippled time relax rewind
does not the truth protect
Focus more to what's in store
forget neglect remind
our journey laid before us
playing out as it's designed.