Monday, May 11, 2009

Midnight's Moonlight Spectre

Midnight's moonlight spectre
dance into my hollowed days,
haunting smile in daunting style
cut scenes my heart replays.
Even in the morning's breath
as dreams turn dust to fade,
sparkle still like diamonds will
you sing this serenade.
Perfect we together
blending fire with cooling passion,
moments still to us reveal
our love's unending ration.
Sing you do this serenade
your kiss controls my thinking,
drink you in my favorite sin
to drink you up and I'm still drinking.
Inhale you deep your mine to keep
if only dew of dreaming's nectar,
dance you do this much is true
my midnight's moonlight spectre.

My Heart's Content

Simplistic list of things now missed
when days were long and skin sun-kissed,
on through the day we reminisced
to sinking sun and sleep resist.
Discovering glory in the moment
drink it up and leave it dry,
now finding here a single tear
regrets from heart to eye.
Captured time forever
good things come but always burn,
our only hope from sliding slope
is to those days return.
The essence of a minute
taste it now on heaven's lips,
simply pray to find your way
and all those things now missed.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

I'll Be Waving My Hands

Taken aback and shaken
molten lava comes emotion,
calming sense to self convince
the wheel that's sat in motion.
Storm on short horizon
sky is changing, shifting, blowing,
all the while this thought revile
the tide that's ebb and flowing.
Swallow hard and choke it down
these blades do cut and slide,
easier pill to heart reveal
in search of what survived.
Softly simmer shortly
tears of anger slow subside,
push it down to sink and drown
that flood on once relied.
Trust the wind that's coming
find no future in resisting,
feet in sands of what's in store
from storms that keep persisting.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Evenings Silhouette

To chase the evening's silhouette
that shadow of perfection,
a hinting breeze upon my lips
gives tips to her direction.
For on the storied midnight
did her shade befall my eyes,
I chase the evening's silhouette
til death or love's demise.
Purposed infatuation
a moment passed by heaven's grace,
given and reliving
every line upon her face.
Unmarred as I'm unsettled
place the chance on no regret,
that shadow of perfection
chasing evening's silhouette.

Predetermined Fashion

To live and die in a moment
a stroll from end to corner block
a city street, the ocean
or the highest mountaintop.
Surreal to think the rise and sink
no more than circumstance,
perhaps this walk much tougher here
or there you choose to dance.
Product of our spiraling fate
now spin in perfect time,
from block to block to mountaintop
we live and die design.

Friday, May 1, 2009


Wrap me in your olive skin
write words upon my heart,
I taste you on my morning
though in mourning skin did part.
That lasting touch doth tingle
mingled on in nights reflection,
shimmer on the waters of
your silky smooth complexion.
Burning white hot embered night
the moonlight found it's calling,
upon your shoulders there it danced
I glanced my walls are falling.
There upon that velvet heart
I trust my dreams divide,
to simply crash upon ourselves
into my heart collide.
Just a moments more release
to please my pulsing sin,
write your words upon my heart
to touch your olive skin.


Joy now found and yet unmatched
for days have passed I'm wanting
breathe your life to dying heart
revived from absence's haunting.
Do you see the flowers breathe
or winds drink rain for thirst,
believe the dryness of my day
your waterfall reversed.
For seems as if this dealing blow
now dealt in separation,
told of death when none were left
now comes it's confirmation.
Still holding tight to glancing dreams
they stay my pulse remain,
until my friends we meet again
and fall our hearts like rain.


Life that love surpasses
truth and hope it must endure,
honesty in knowing this
and bliss in so much more.
We all belong now to this minute
kissing breeze that cools the senses,
hugs that seem to squeeze out life
and tears that drop defenses.

Apart We're Still Writing...

Consummation of elation
childlike hearts like books conveying,
changing smiles and times and styles
from black to blue to graying.
Ever present longing
for acceptance from our masses,
time turns still from sands that spill
fell leaves and browning grasses.
Always promised one more dance
as hope to heart brings yearning
makes every mile seem all worth while
and keeps our pages turning.