Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Days He Dare

Fire the fuel that flames me
burning hot with sultry stare,
pistol whipped by pure desire
inspire my daisy dare.
Words come nimble thoughts resemble
spoken contemplation,
guarded still their thoughtful will
to cling to revelation.
Birth in mind of plans designed
to dive to dance to dream,
adrift or aries stationaries,
my heart and soul it seems.
Physics claim a spark remains
through nurtured repetition,
yet we exclaim this pulse remains
by intellectual intermission.
Submit me now I take my bow
and fold desire away,
take you out to pray devout
through fires of love we play.


In depth on my horizon,
a torch out on rising night.
Lonely and oppressed,
the flame on which I find my light.

An enigma of stars sought after and found since the rising of the miracle itself. An awakening, deft hands working on skin of colored fashion.

We wrap ourselves in best intentions,
You can't hold a constellation,
rise or fall by intervention.
Burning hot though days have wrought
destruction of pretension.
Guided heart I still can't part from thoughts to seek and soon remark,
oh goddess take my starving art.

Sacrificial ram upon the alter of distance.
I search the skies my star-crossed eyes in depth upon repentance.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Yearn To Burn Again

Oh flickering flame it's me you tame
the beast by lullaby,
a harp upon an aching ear
and sight for soring eye.
Created of destruction
for combustion by expression,
Yet I burn this flame to yearn
for times gone by's confession.
Candlelight in waning night
we always burn the same,
a soft release by silent peace
found flickering o flame.

Shades Of Gray

Midnight found me all alone
as twilight was out running
shades of gray to mark the day
came death all sly and cunning
Through the darkness crept
to pillow-side to spy my breathing
yet daybreak came to save the night
sent death upon it's leaving
Icy grip upon my lips
then quick to exit gone
twilight was out running
all the midnight that I've done


Burning wax to heat react
the loosing of our bindings,
sifting through the ashes of
a love with little findings.
Crackling as the embers die
rely on breath to breathe,
ashes left for sifting
loosing bindings of reprieve.
Burning wax to heat react
do you now seal my heart,
cracking as the embers fade
we each must play our part.

Friday, October 30, 2009


Picture time recorded
sorted noted filed and dated
moments kept for reference
of a time appreciated
Is it truth in capture
or a fleecing shade to cover
emergence of a secret deed
or lover of another
Pictures worth a hundred sighs
to wanton hearts and prying eyes
a soul complete in compromise
a simple smile to recognize
Can it be the loss of now
recorded made to date somehow
the truth we force to fade but vow
and hope again that shine allow
Either be it capture
of a moment with us in it
or us to capture moments forced
to fade out any minute
Careful to thyself be true
and picture life unfaded
no matter time recorded
sordid hearts appreciated

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Time Is Nothing Borrowed

Floating past and weightless
looking down at my perception
trees with winds are swaying
and these thoughts are my reflection
Leaves upon the waters of
a still and calming tide
mirror hued of me renewed
to through our conscience glide
Moments here are passing fast
none more than just a minute
still I'm floating weightless
just my being, being in it
Changing time by ticking by
my presence to explore
borrowed time in fact designed
to wind down more and more
Still at peace and one with plans
to hang my heart to sleeves
floating past and weightless
ticking time and swaying trees


Calling cast from trailing past
retreat to safety's harm
in the warming flames we leave
the devils to their charms
Shaken and defeated
though repeated stronger shadows
gliding through the dealings due
come true in karma's meadows
Still to dance and dare to doubt
the shout of dark's ambition
O heart to stray and swagger sway
revive from death's remission
To the feet that guide untrue
yet still their gait goes trailing
through a past that's calling fast
and virtues that are failing
Resolve be stout to carry out
from flame to fire go panning
be careful for your asking
or the flames you may be fanning.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

A Walk Through Wilted Gardens

Still this masquerade displayed
from hopeful hearts to promenade
The wants and needs of ends so frayed
to tie them up the past replayed
The journey of redemption
casts us out from day to day
The love we always sought to seek
finds hearts now cold and gray
Death of our obstruction
a reduction of salvation
an answer true though jaded through
this minor complication
On the mighty stage we dance
and on that stage we falter
still believe the choice we feed
the end is ours to alter
Will it be the finding of
the show that brought them tears
or will it be ovation of
the death of wasted years
Either or completed
playing ours from day to day
And yet we are that masquerade
as hearts still promenade.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Transparency of Heat

The cool of night is calling
drifting lightly cross the skin
playing through her hair
to circle back exhale again
Warmth of breath is failing
flailing throes of death on exit
fall turned quick upon us
winter's grip came unexpected
Is it snowing, love
in icy meadows of your heart
or do you know what comes and goes
those clouds too thick to part
Twilight glistens now in birth
of sparkled heaven's blanket
a moment's heat resign retreat
love's cup we all but drank it
Was it emptied chalice
on a palace of regret
or courtyards hued in love renewed
each time we don't forget
Knows not the wind the answer
still the dancer doth the falling
those scents of pleasure on the breeze
as cool of night is calling

Friday, October 9, 2009

Morning's Glory

Morning came in all it's glory
day is dawning night's submission,
no one knows the turning point
when dreams fall to remission.
In the jagged dusk
amongst the lilies of the field,
do you know a moment's worth
as truth reproof revealed.
Waning life as sunlight fades
shifting night from blues to greys
and in a self imposing haze
the fallen stare afix their gaze.
Streaking now across the night
to end the burn with all their might
The final show up give the ghost
a moment here and gone we toast.
Thankful for the flame we felt
the burn ends not the story,
night is creeping up again
to reign on morning's glory.

Friday, October 2, 2009

My Heart It Beats

Flushing flash a pulse is racing
flooding in come rising rush,
O' night to wilted morning
day to dark crash dreams to crush.
Clearing up and cleansing
rinsing rust from thoughts to glide,
forced into remission
as submission mortified.
Old death again this era
does the dawning truly sting,
echoes of perversion
or excursions gone unseen.
The hopeful casting call
of lady night to find her mister,
the drying up of dreams to doubt
of those who barely missed her.
Velvet arms about me
whisper soft and raise me slow,
the moments tween my waking
sleeping hope to tremble so.
Yet to rise each morning
thankful in our wretched gracing,
flooding in comes evenings sin
flashing flush of pulses racing.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

I Sleep In Jaded Night

Let morning come to get me
sleep I will in jaded night
covered up and hidden clothed
to cloak and shade invite
Yet in dreams are fading things
to wander through the mind
sleep I will in jaded night
where lights dare not be shined
Let morning come to get me
let cleansing clouds let loose
and all the scars from day to day
give way to days renewed
Washed in hopeful seconds
as we're beckoned towards our calling
let morning come to get me
soon enough our night is falling

In Her Eyes Are Pools of Color

Soft encounters pacing
quick to flush the crimson cast
moments seem forever long
upon your shores I crash
Short the tide to come and go
and yet I'm longing still
Set upon the beaches of
my love and time to kill
Long and lush the ending rush
when salty waves subside
To never touch the waters such
as such these lines implied
Still in midnight's waning
in her soul I wade and dive
the pools of color swirling
thoughts and hearts must soon collide
Oft in distant dawning
comes that water take me in
until the tide comes swift in stride
revive me once again

Friday, September 25, 2009

Where The Hungry Come to Feed

Where the hungry come to feed
is caught in fevered glances
victim of submersion come
in moment's circumstances
Nothing new to fade renew
a dance done death is dealing
breaking free to certain see
the truths that I'm revealing
Not the way it has to be
remember how you play
defiance come to all but none
the looks the lost convey
Tonight I hold my empty heart
to shade in midnight's winter
only now I show my vow
return recloak recenter
This is where the hungry feed
in moments unprotected
each to one another touch
the love we both neglected
Victim of submersion come
to dance through memory's song
Moments glance to life's romance
the dance that did us wrong
Vengeful seed to soil to bleed
the tears our hearts did water
this is where the hungry feed
love's lamb to envy's slaughter

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

New The Day

New the day to fade to gray
sleep quick and be reborn,
hold your fears exact retract
shake back where dreams were formed.
Crystal shards are snaking
breaking silence of the sky,
again to wake for journey's sake
rub dreams from sleepy eyes.
Look into the heavens gaze
the sun is smiling back,
hold your fears for he reveres
the truth to be exact.
In truth we're made in life to fade
until the death of doubt,
new the day to fade away
while blues are phasing out.
Night the wounded man of time
designed to guide our rest,
to hold our dreams in measured sleep
in hopes he must invest.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Life In Seconds Guessing

Time cascading all around
a ticking shower fading
Never once is slowing down
Or stopping for debating
Myriad flasks of grays and blacks
are pouring endless color
drawing near from glass to peer
into a day that's duller
Seems as if an age has passed
yet time my friend is moving
raining down on hallowed ground
by you and what your doing
Kind to some and rough it comes
to others while they wait
a whispered sound does still resound
I fear its much too late
Still that shimmering sand that falls
its time and we cant change it
Perhaps the sands are shifting hands
to one who'll rearrange it

Sunday, July 19, 2009

A Journey Through The Spectrum

Colors cross and intersect
to swirl and spin and disconnect
As sounds come quick to overwhelm
grab quick the keel and right the helm
Waves now more efficient
hitting hard and dealing blows
softly dissipating as a sense of knowing knows
Self-awares and salty stares
the captain stands the last
Colors cross and intersect
as skies are stealing past
Leader by submission to positions of intention
godlike child grown rich and wild
invented by invention
Simply forced to plot the course
steering blindly to religion
Colors cross and intersect
and grow by indecision
Atomic wash of comets lost
through ages and prediction
no remorse to seek the source
false to fact or truth to fiction.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Death of Love's Denial

God is night, enclosed and waning
leaning hard on studied self
the book with pages missing
or the one to save to shelf
The chapters still unwritten
or the climax all have seen
to learn by self indulgence of
those words that self redeem
A gift of revelation
or rejection come of action
words confuse to scrape and bruise
or glide in satisfaction
God is midday afternoon,
enfold in his enrapture
attention spent too quick repent
for time we thought to capture
Further use for no excuse
sunlight moves across the dial
shadows cast to lengthen last
the death of love's denial
God is morning's kiss of dew
renew oh wind leave cool
submersion comes and goes to flow
an ever cleansing pool
Down we come and up in death
released, constrained no more
breathing in the spirit
waxing waning, either or

A Sign By A Road

To live and die in moments
simply yielding resurrection
guide by stars of what they are
moved for our protection.
The skies align for wasted time
make quick it's your decision
snarling close to overdose
on death in it's derision.
Midnight reaper called to dance
to chance each worthy minute
softly touch the coming rush
and every moment in it.
Mesmerized by daily lies
to gifts you soft convey
look a second deeper
steeper climbs have come our way.
Moonlit words in halves and thirds
you love too fast it's ending
time my friend to use and bend
each one on loan and lending.
Save this one and seize it so
and use it up reflection
We live but in a moment die
deny not resurrection.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I Breathe You In

Quickly measured thought control
this pulsing of the flesh,
river head of heart to flow
and rise to passions test.
Quickly flush into the skin
crimson crush to usher in,
regret or debt to dowry's sin
a dam to burst and burst again.
Enclose me now in reigning grin
you hold the breaths we're breathing in,
from one to two and one again
this flushing flesh of skin on skin.
Oh past you go to hearts contend
my pulse now finds it's pace
Quickly measured thought control
is pleasured on my face.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Lost and Found

Changing tunes of our tribunes
to seek out from our searching
faded black reform retract
still on the shadows lurking.
Dawning day to dance and play
fetch fast this fledgling pleasure
to horde it up or lip to cup
moment's stored or one's we measure.
In some way forging forward
pioneering God's intention,
never meant to intervent
or mean to meant to mention.
Twirling sparks of quipped remarks
witness wonderment emerging,
changing tunes of our tribunes
to seek out from our searching.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Love's Acidity

Colors run with burning fun
and etch themselves committed,
these deepened pains with cause explain
a heart yet unremitted.
Perfect match release recatch
the past removes it's flaxing,
nothing will outlast conceal
when death is due and time is taxing.
Mired in mirrored consciousness
two paths indeed one bending,
still made to meet again repeat
our reasons now defending.
Effort made to judge and grade
invade into the senses,
Words unwind to secrets find
as lost our phrase defenses.
Prism held together
beam of light to propagate,
destruction of this house of cards
thought none could penetrate.
Love's birth unto destruction
what then is ending once begun
we etch our hearts committed
burning hot as colors run.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Midnight's Moonlight Spectre

Midnight's moonlight spectre
dance into my hollowed days,
haunting smile in daunting style
cut scenes my heart replays.
Even in the morning's breath
as dreams turn dust to fade,
sparkle still like diamonds will
you sing this serenade.
Perfect we together
blending fire with cooling passion,
moments still to us reveal
our love's unending ration.
Sing you do this serenade
your kiss controls my thinking,
drink you in my favorite sin
to drink you up and I'm still drinking.
Inhale you deep your mine to keep
if only dew of dreaming's nectar,
dance you do this much is true
my midnight's moonlight spectre.

My Heart's Content

Simplistic list of things now missed
when days were long and skin sun-kissed,
on through the day we reminisced
to sinking sun and sleep resist.
Discovering glory in the moment
drink it up and leave it dry,
now finding here a single tear
regrets from heart to eye.
Captured time forever
good things come but always burn,
our only hope from sliding slope
is to those days return.
The essence of a minute
taste it now on heaven's lips,
simply pray to find your way
and all those things now missed.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

I'll Be Waving My Hands

Taken aback and shaken
molten lava comes emotion,
calming sense to self convince
the wheel that's sat in motion.
Storm on short horizon
sky is changing, shifting, blowing,
all the while this thought revile
the tide that's ebb and flowing.
Swallow hard and choke it down
these blades do cut and slide,
easier pill to heart reveal
in search of what survived.
Softly simmer shortly
tears of anger slow subside,
push it down to sink and drown
that flood on once relied.
Trust the wind that's coming
find no future in resisting,
feet in sands of what's in store
from storms that keep persisting.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Evenings Silhouette

To chase the evening's silhouette
that shadow of perfection,
a hinting breeze upon my lips
gives tips to her direction.
For on the storied midnight
did her shade befall my eyes,
I chase the evening's silhouette
til death or love's demise.
Purposed infatuation
a moment passed by heaven's grace,
given and reliving
every line upon her face.
Unmarred as I'm unsettled
place the chance on no regret,
that shadow of perfection
chasing evening's silhouette.

Predetermined Fashion

To live and die in a moment
a stroll from end to corner block
a city street, the ocean
or the highest mountaintop.
Surreal to think the rise and sink
no more than circumstance,
perhaps this walk much tougher here
or there you choose to dance.
Product of our spiraling fate
now spin in perfect time,
from block to block to mountaintop
we live and die design.

Friday, May 1, 2009


Wrap me in your olive skin
write words upon my heart,
I taste you on my morning
though in mourning skin did part.
That lasting touch doth tingle
mingled on in nights reflection,
shimmer on the waters of
your silky smooth complexion.
Burning white hot embered night
the moonlight found it's calling,
upon your shoulders there it danced
I glanced my walls are falling.
There upon that velvet heart
I trust my dreams divide,
to simply crash upon ourselves
into my heart collide.
Just a moments more release
to please my pulsing sin,
write your words upon my heart
to touch your olive skin.


Joy now found and yet unmatched
for days have passed I'm wanting
breathe your life to dying heart
revived from absence's haunting.
Do you see the flowers breathe
or winds drink rain for thirst,
believe the dryness of my day
your waterfall reversed.
For seems as if this dealing blow
now dealt in separation,
told of death when none were left
now comes it's confirmation.
Still holding tight to glancing dreams
they stay my pulse remain,
until my friends we meet again
and fall our hearts like rain.


Life that love surpasses
truth and hope it must endure,
honesty in knowing this
and bliss in so much more.
We all belong now to this minute
kissing breeze that cools the senses,
hugs that seem to squeeze out life
and tears that drop defenses.

Apart We're Still Writing...

Consummation of elation
childlike hearts like books conveying,
changing smiles and times and styles
from black to blue to graying.
Ever present longing
for acceptance from our masses,
time turns still from sands that spill
fell leaves and browning grasses.
Always promised one more dance
as hope to heart brings yearning
makes every mile seem all worth while
and keeps our pages turning.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Your Midnight Crashing Down

Deep exhale to slowly veil
gain time and gain composure
betray displace that wanton face
replace the heart's exposure
As lightning struck our lips conduct
I taste you on my tongue
pulling close your skin envokes
an end to what's begun
Enraptured for a minutes more
explore to find that tingle
where dreams collide and hearts confide
and sweat and skin do mingle
Gift and curse for which is worse
the thrill or coming closure
of missing hearts and breaking parts
deep breath and veiled composure.

Friday, April 10, 2009

A Stormy Heart

Alone in silenced morning
paired up candles flicker glow
staged to test at his behest
impressed this ebb and flow
Pulsing and forbidding
knowing nothing but to rage
and endless show of which we know
plays not our pens to page.
Dull and gray and haunting
daunting power unrelented
can't control what must unfold
second glance come unrepented
Tearing through a dusky hue
come fast bide not your warning
paired up candles flicker glow
alone in silenced morning.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Sinner Serenading

Sinner serenading
biding back on wasted time,
morning come my vows undone
defeated by design.
Complicated battle
foggy heart to fading eyes,
laughter gone did once condone
reflect and realize.
Daily dose to worth expose
the truth of weaker water,
walking sheep on hills so steep
slide back into the slaughter.
Is it day enough today
or to me come forever night,
a sinner serenading
contemplating wrong and right.

Friday, March 13, 2009

In the Clutches of Our Crutches

Creativity is dead and gone
upon it leaned my crutch
Not mattered far in falling
so forth, so on, and such
Rely not dry from pen to eye
a moments satisfaction
words my savored sweet release
then why this swift reaction
Restless heart glued come apart
to nothingness in pieces
simple art from broken heart
expressed in ink releases
Hidden deep and swallowed
hollowed echoes come unswept
house of my disorder
from my self allusion kept
Do we see the inner me
when held by holy hands
to the pen rebuke our sin
and bend to our commands
Wretched crutch creative
such as those and such as this
cast into our fiery hearts
for passion's warm abyss
In this heart again to start
a bottomless pit of burning
match into a raging fire
desire consumed returning
Embered flame once used for gain
gained nothing more than penning
against my self my own self crutch
appears I have been sinning
Talent now to self avow
begrudge this heart no more
Certain flows have come to know
the crutch I'm clutching for

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Float On

Floating on with motives gone
to drift amiss unknowing
guided through by morning's hue
as hope remains and glowing
Promise of remembered dawn
upon our water's dancing
ships out on the ocean's night
contrite though still worth chancing
Lift to rock and rise to fall
crested waves dip valley's pull
thoughts the same and hope remains
cups emptied once are full
Certain in reflection
childlike thoughts now elder grown
drift in bliss or float amiss
our hearts with motives gone

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Just a Minute More

Numbered breath elude o' death
the plan you sat in motion,
simply turn the page to gauge
our truth and our devotion.
Guidance comes to hasten thumbs
intent on chapter flipping,
reveal give heart from end to start
the parts that aren't worth skipping.
Patience give to breathe and live
the tale of life we're writing,
numbered breath eluding death
it's mine and mine I'm biding.

Leaving leafs

Watch the leaves come calling
wind to rock the limbs to sway,
ever on the move to prove
the balance they display.
Grace apparent given
dance and twist in correlation,
amassing all who chirp to call
their feathered congregation.
Soon to rest no breeze to test
as lofty thoughts are falling,
through the forests of the mind
I watch as leaves come calling.


Gilded past as thoughts flow fast
a tidal wave is crashing,
minutes gone of sands alone
yet through the mind and flashing.
Holding still as memories spill
the heart too faintly fluttered,
a moments will to depth reveal
a flame enraged unshuttered.
Willful wind enclose defend
the embers dying never,
encircling words of life deterred
in truth and so unclever.
Burn forever's course they will
til death no still in passing,
gentle past your thoughts flow fast
a tidal wave is crashing.

Worlds Apart

Worlds apart from endings start
this fragile flower blooming,
in winter's kiss no summered bliss
awake each day exhuming.
Ashen gray yet still convey
the heat of storied burning,
in springing hope of fire I smote
the longing and the yearning.
Words too cold on wanton ears
the fears our time retracted,
justice shone as warmth is gone
and judgment is exacted.
Penance found of love renowned
in what now you find pleasure,
worlds apart from endings start
dear fragile flowered treasure.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Concerns my eye this withered heart
to be disgraced by ending's start,
to solemn dreams alone to sleep
another night awake repeat.
Doth not advance come quick to stagger
a slow in thought to still the dagger
The hopeless breath to breast has found
the death of love as bells resound.
In echoed moments left reflect
I've nothing more implore protect.
As barren now I've ever been
as morning's kiss on you depends.
Enclosed enraptured cometh not
the founding of foundation,
shaken now oh fading vow
a furthered complication.
No more honor here to find
disgraced displaced and reeling,
bowing lower still to go
your will I know revealing.
Bearing all to trumpet's call
the final taste of pleasure,
lingers on but long since gone
as lips still tingle treasure.
Have you still your heart's reveal
a moment yet delivered,
All ignored so us restored
this heart the eye had withered.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Coming Clouds

Coming clouds brings heaven's crowds
angelic clash to deviled glory
Armageddon comes my friends
be sure it's not a story.
Depiction given he who's risen
rising back to power,
darkness found unleashed abound
come quick this final hour.
Woe to those whose hearts have closed
compose thyself in knowing,
each day advance to heaven's wrath
this day the next in showing.
Ticking clock so many mock
whose laugh will last find hearing
The feast with friends on you depends
your fate when clouds come clearing.

Salvation Deliberation

Answered call, reversing fall
to that worth overcoming,
tallied scores of opened doors
subtracting from the summing.
Store not up for moth and rust
do ever lie in wait,
time again to lonesome kin
be sure to consummate.
The very end to this begin
a world with new found ruling,
til man revealed and wrath is spilled
this wolf again is fooling.
Shepherd's sheep now bray and bleat
save us one and all,
still time for your salvation
fore the reaper comes to call.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

My Little Fire

Resilient flame not meant to tame
but weathered tried and tempered,
showing worth in each day's berth
stay strong and never flicker.
Burning hot though days have caught
a cooling of sensation,
your shining burn could never turn
from scorching affirmation.
This you are and always be
in truth you know our aim,
weathered tempered tried and loved
still meant for me to tame.

Fall From Grace

Beauty moves and breathes it's you
I'm certain you're a sin,
curving round designed confound
the contour of your skin.
Taste you on my lips I glide
confide the slightest notion,
your scent a spell to slow exhale
my heart throbs too in motion.
Sat to grind your thoughts can't hide
the pulse to rock the race,
your beauty moves I breathe it's you
once more a final taste.
Exhaustion found I drink your sweat
the thirst of skin on skin,
Beauty moves I breathe it's you
I'm certain you're a sin.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Heart's Facade

Self perception is the veil
through which the courtyard walls do tell
of thin distrust our minds beguile,
the sense of self of rhyme and style.
A front pretend to heart descend
to never find it's valley,
by darting go from to and fro
back aisles and shade back alley.
Secret friend to us pretend
to know the tock that's ticking,
swiftly through this rendezvous
of self made walls conflicting.
Ashen piles for a million miles
too high for one's own viewing,
the veil does well to hide prevail
the thoughts of our undoing.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Like Snow

Falling through and careless
still I am what's been intended,
drifting on the wind and gone
not storied or pretended.
Meant to be the symphony
the dance on which I'm turning,
softly play my cares away
spin slow each moment learning.
If nothing more than falling for
this task I take to pleasure,
the moments from the sky
imply the gift we're meant to treasure.
Not gold nor wealth or richer self
come close to heights to climb,
be true to you if not then who
fall slow like snow take time.

Friday, January 16, 2009

The Dawn

Dawn breaks on storied morning
in certain hope I knew you'd come,
never once to you had doubt
belong to many, held by none.
Your grace is found as thoughts profound
come racing with your warming,
if hurt replace reverse erase
where hearts and minds were storming.
The promise of a shining chance
to dance through fields renewed,
no more a moment just for past
reborn refreshed unviewed.
The morning seen with newborn's eyes
the splendor gone replaced,
it happens every dawning day
as sunlight hits our face.


Darkened wine designed to find
the hiding for the vilest,
nothing more to spend abhor
that thing that doth defile us.
Vigilant I am in knowing
to where my bruising goes,
into a heart now purged of dark
where hope and love still grows.

Velvet Shroud

The veil of which we hide behind
that velvet shroud so thin,
a wall of certain lovelessness
consuming from within.
Moments such as these regard
those charred and slowly passed,
now but distant thoughts to feel
surreal and moving fast.
Melodic course disclosing
memories sparked back to existence,
a moment out behind the veil
short lived in love repentance.


Death and resurrection
reflection on relation,
water cleanses wash away
the scars of confrontation.
Born into a dying world
changed but gain not loss,
burdens left by laying down
and picking up your cross.

Fluid Motion

Superfluous fluidity
nature cycles through,
carnal knowledge holding sway
each day of what we do.
Behavior unrewarded
perhaps enlightened meditated,
either way from day to day
our purpose complicated.
Seasoned out of season
reasoned truths diminish doubt,
convince the cycle just stay still
reveal the real devout.
For nothing pauses motion
motion fluid as this is,
belong to one another
neither hers or neither his.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Break free

Exist explore resist implore
become that which you are wanting,
stop refrain from day mundane
break free a task undaunting.
Simplistic chore in chasing more
be open to your calling,
pay no mind to self design
what ladder you were crawling.
Giving up for going up
let that which matters play,
dance upon the wind
defend the purpose of the day.
Search to find yourself aligned
center in this reason,
life is more than social score
and lasts if but a season.
Give to higher purpose
salt the earth with meek intention
exist explore resist implore
become your intervention.


Designation of dictation
inner voice to push the pen,
where are you in needed times
when on you I depend
Seems you only come around
in moments of reflection
absence on the roster of
the help in life's direction
Rear view mirror in this life
does little as we steer
yet moment's silence all alone
be sure your voice is clear
Your hoping or your conscience
opinionated or dejected
how you see did you and me
get paired up and selected
Inner voice you traitor's choice
your signals mixing as you send
the designation of dictation
still upon you I depend

Monday, January 12, 2009

Surging Flow

A surging flow of which we know
that pitter patting pace,
the every step misguided swept
the wind against our face.
Shallow holes reversing roles
to beaten paths for blazing,
unlike sheep to shepherd go
content us cattle grazing.
Cosmic dust to settle not
as swifter waters rise in raging,
all the while with sorrowed smile
and faces that are aging.
Passersby through moving sky
of blues and blacks and grays,
til off it goes that surging flow
and slows our pittered pace.

The Distance From Creativity to Constellations

Great expanse on which we dream
as lofty visions fly
from silent fears they disappear
upon the midnight sky
Creation now is taking wing
and off to heavens roam
to sleep the dwarfing giant's sleep
as seeds we've softly sown
Could it be the very breath
we utter to the stars
is nothing more than gathered dreams
the twinkling birth of ours
The distance is confusion
giving way to revelations
let die not our shining light
on hope and constellations