Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Ocean's Rift

Thoughtful heart upon the sea
emotions ebb and flow
riding tides that coincide
and drift upon the soul
Salty air has found its dare
to bring a cleansing tide
wanting nothing more in life
than gentle waves to ride
Peaceful heart endearing
steering through tranquility
spirits lift on ocean’s rift
and drift upon the sea

Sun To Grace

Sun to grace the rolling waves
like life it ebbs and flows
time is just as fluid for
it too just comes and goes
Cares to fade in sparkling days
they too roll like the tide
across the sands of life's demands
into the great divide
Sky to chase her warm embrace
and waves too well remind
upon the shores as thoughts explore
the beaches of our minds
With sun to grace the rolling waves
on skin to brown and glow
be still for now as time allows
for life to ebb and flow

Monday, April 29, 2013

In Winter's Kiss We Play

Pictures fade into forever
still frames held upon the soul
a second of a million
none of which at heart's control
Events that yet in time were set
like falling dominoes
apart our hearts endeavor
in their pleasure as they go
Taste of summer's sweat and yet
in winter's kiss we play
seasons come in storied sun
alas they fade away
Yet in the blazing daylight left
exposures still desire
to leave their mark like flaming sparks
in eyes that burn like fire
When heartbeats still does life reveal
the portrait that it paints
memories slide to coincide
as love it reacquaints
To fade into forever
with the pictures of the soul
just a second of a million
none of which our hearts control

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Forever In A Moment Cast

Spanning 'cross the sea of time
the hourglass betrayed
lovers captured intertwined
refined in marble made
Forever in a moment cast
emotions that reveal
nothing stops the flow of love
and nothing ever will
Sculptured moments in the sands
of love that's found and made
spanning 'cross the sea of time
the hourglass betrayed

Friday, April 26, 2013

The Sky Alive

The sky alive with summertime
and off where angels play
a gentle breeze adorns the leaves
and makes the trees to sway
The distant river calling
over ridges under pine
is speaking out in volumes
to this aching heart of mine
Mountain fields are calling still
that burn inside the soul
to fade into them evermore
beyond the heart's control
Eyes alive and chasing
heart to sway in rhythmic rhyme
a passerby upon the sky
alive with summertime

In That Falling Ash Remain

In that falling ash remain
and eden's burning down
lightning flashes all about
as midnight thunders 'round
Nothing for the ears to hear
but silence on repeat
racing thoughts and furies caught
conveyed with every beat
Sultry taste of her embrace
the air alive with fire
all around the here and now
to bow at heart's desire
Bathing in the depths of love
as moonlight softly plays
across her burning skin to send
my hands upon their way
Reaching for salvation
loving waters fall like rain
salvation to her calling
in that falling ash remain

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Behind The Mirrored Color's Flow

Behind the mirrored color's flow
with blues and blacks to shine
like ripples on the surface of
those pools we hide behind
Painted on the skin and then
to fade with time renew
blacks to play as thoughts convey
the darker sides of blue
Written on the soul although
those fiery orbs explain
behind the mirrored color's flow
where hearts and thoughts remain
Thine self be true reflect renew
with blues and blacks to shine
blink to keep it all inside
those pools we hide behind

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Ballroom Unabandoned

Ghosts to dance in dreamlike fashion
once again to grace the ball
for centuries the past reprieves
the heartbreak of it all
In the here and ever
dance we did and dance we still
as if the veil of time suspends
the fact we always will
Time gives way to ruin
ticking clocks are obsolete
nothing more forever formed
to twirl in our defeat
Two silhouettes of love's regret
again to grace the ball
etched upon the echoes of
the heartbreak of it all

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Eyes Alive

Eyes alive with heaven's forming
glory caught in burning sparks
salvation's crown is finger found
on cheeks and other parts
Tracing lines the past reminds
of feigning inhibitions
night displaced by fire's embrace
find grace in full submission
Fevered skin she's soaking in
the passion of love's play
caught up in the moment
calming fears to wash away
Bound to one another
tongues are still with no remarks
salvation's crown is finger found
on cheeks and other parts

Tides of Time

Adrift upon the tides of time
on oceans of regret
stormy waves to come and go
and haven't drown us yet
Love on the horizon
if only in the mind
ships of midnight's passing
sail across the sea of time
Tide forever changing 
bringing with it sandy dreams
remnants of a thousand hearts
to sparkle so it seems
Water cold and bittersweet
with tears that fall still yet
adrift upon the tides of time
on oceans of regret

Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Panther and The Raven

Panther dark and slinky
slide you do into my gaze
claws as slick as midnight, click
with pause upon their prey
Calm and calculating eyes
comprise a hunter's stare
star of midnight's glory
confident and unaware
In the grips of morning
yet another creature preys
raven dark and slinky, stark
as black on black portrays
Heat to burn that emanates
from lips that seem to pray
the panther and the raven
one the hunter, one the prey

Warming Wind

Warming wind to me descend
light cast on eyes that chase
a drifting dream or so it seems
I'm lost out on your waves
Free to climb through limbs and skies
adrift on hope and prayer
so through you glide and coincide
with times and spaces shared
All a mighty river's flow
and in you I embrace
dark currents pulling under
and the hope in saving grace
Warming wind with me ascend
like smoke to drift take flight
carry me upon your waves
into that dream filled night

Hands Divine

As hands divine are molding time
and shifting spirits play
all things in time by his design
the past recast opaque
All things in a moment
nothing more than word to flame
sending time cascading by
as all things flow the same
Spirits sway and lift away
the veil of righteous choice
into the past opaque recast
unto the heart rejoice
Waters rise as thoughts reprise
again and spirits yield
all things in time by his design
til time itself's revealed

Friday, April 19, 2013

Mirrored Eyes Protect

Reflection found beyond the smoke
that mirrored eyes protect
secrets held behind the veil
to tell of introspect
Blessed and resurrected
yet a victim of her gaze
mystique to hold as dreams unfold
where shadows dance and play
Beyond the swirling fires of love
as passions fan the flame
words are born but lips can't form
as futile motion's made
Enraptured in the fury
moth to flame and breathing smoke
see me in her sultry gaze
as thoughts and dreams provoke
Does sorrow travel in those tears
and sing of heart's regret
reflection found beyond the smoke
that mirrored eyes reflect

Faith Remind

Tasting life as raindrops fall
for all are told they will
soon to find in faith remind
and colored skies reveal
Taught in storms surrounding
love abounding in it's wake
cling to one another
suffer not for suffering's sake
Remember there a promise
painted high for all to see
tasting life as raindrops fall
for not just you and me

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

And Thoughts Take Flame

And thoughts take flame in falling rain
and thereto stood my dare
as mists abound and swirl around
a dream as thin as air
Lightning all around ignite
the night with pulsing glow
unto this day it serenades
the corners of my soul
And thoughts take flame in falling rain
and hereby sits my stare
among the mists that swirl and kiss
a dream as thin as air

Becomes Our Portrait Painted

Life and death and all between
the sprawling span of time
laced with painted memories
to dance upon the eye
Everything connected
ripple out and back again
an ever changing portrait
made of sun and rain and wind
Into our lives in doses
roses graced with piercing thorn
to temper still in truth reveal
and teach the tempest torn
Try drinking of it's beauty
tasting life as raindrops fall
for beauty fades and time persuades
the hurry of it all
For moments saved in passing
light reflected on the eye
becomes our portrait painted
in the sprawling span of time

Summer's Kiss In Winter's Hold

Off in distant forests
carries wind through trees of old
telling tales of longing
summer's kiss in winter's hold
Times ahead are darkened
harken sweeping shadows glide
into the meadows of the heart
to spark the fears inside
Reaching out in hopelessness
the sun falls prey to night
and in it's fiery thrillfulness
extinguished all it's light
Years it seems are sliding past
too fast though day remains
wake to find that warmth remind
our hearts and thoughts the same
Tempered form refined and warm
there's hope in promise made
welcomed night as dreams take flight
a soulful serenade
Listen to the calling wind
it moves through trees of old
telling tales of freeing
summer's kiss from winter's hold

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Storied Love

Though time a picture painted
does your hue begin to fade
into the wind to scatter
flatter love a serenade
Or on the wings of angels
darkened dust to brush away
never once to cover 
storied love we often made
Hourglass unending
sending all to meet it's slide
yet not a single color fades
when thoughts of you arise
Though time a picture painted
yours forever on it's sky
in memories created 
and repainted in the eye

Seasons Come

Full into it's equinox
as seasons come around
pulse to pace and interlace
as hearts do reckless bound
Heightened and elated
complicated loving scheme
alive in one another
waking souls that dare to dream
All things finding balance
circle coming back and then
the cycle is repeated 
over once and back again
Full into her equinox
as passion-ed hearts afire
set to pace and rock the race
to burn in love's desire
Yet season's came all the same
with starry eyes connect
full into it's equinox
my sun, my love, reflect

Passion In The Garden

Passion in the garden
moon resplendent unaware
through the cunning canopies
a daisy has her dare
Gently swayed in midnight's gaze
in bathing moonlit glow
wrapped in nothing more than night
enticing passion's flow
Rivers run as two are one
with echoes through the still
shadows slide in time's divide
and bursts of light reveal
Beneath the cunning canopies
in satisfying flare
gently swayed in midnight's gaze
a daisy had her dare

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Smoke Between The Mirrors

Smoke between the mirrors
moments slide in pleasure's fade
spirits lift like souls adrift
in longing's serenade
Played about her consciousness
to crest the waves on high
dreams to weave of you of me
til next that ocean rise
Skies in reckless passions paint
with fiery eyes ablaze
smoke between the mirrors
moments slide in pleasure's fade

Friday, April 12, 2013

Did You Know We Used To Dance

Did you know we used to dance
I'd chance you never did
for in the confines of the heart
a spark in secret hid
Tucked away for hopeful days
at night we'd spin and twirl
did you know we used to dance
before you were my girl
Still you were the world to me
a dream I held so close
though time it wasn't just quite right
like life it ebbs and flows
Til one day when your eyes met mine
those sparks could not be hid
did you know we used to dance
I'd chance you always did


Shadowed veil did light dispel
with hope to coincide
leading where we dream to dare
where hearts and thoughts collide
Measured chance with happenstance
for nothing guides like grace
sun to lend some guidance when
it's shone upon our face
Lost upon a sea of tears
these years accumulate
yet love avow to dry somehow
as waters dissipate
The way to find ingrained in time
it's end we all must face
shadowed veil did light dispel
for nothing guides like grace

Monday, April 8, 2013

Made To Dance

Souls adrift as sands are shifting
sifting through the strands of time
moments laced with purposed grace
embraced and intertwined
Made to dance our heart's expanse
in love forever painted
memories of us play and play
each time we're reacquainted
Only once we dare to live
not all can dance or will
til eyes are closed forevermore
design in time revealed
More it was to dance with you
and weave our strands of time
til souls adrift on sands do shift
embraced and intertwined

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Daylight Bends

Daylight bends and filters in
as colors serenade
here again to cycle spin
kaleidoscope displayed
Vivid spectrum come to life
alive as sounds induce
heart to dance in circumstance
unto our hopes seduce
Clouds to play then melt away
as time renews again
darkness plays it's serenade
as daylight filters in

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Into Her Love Cascade

Fall into her love cascade
'neath sheets as passions glide
morning's glory come to cast
and bring it's love inside
Stir and stretch in warming
heat conveyed in heaven's dew
that burning kiss of morning
moving down an inch or two
Shadow dance across her skin
as fingers lightly trace
heating up and letting go
to flow in love's embrace
Cares are all diminished
finished up as passion's fade
morning's glory come to cast
into her love cascade

Monday, April 1, 2013


Sinful fire caress desire
speak flame as passions rage
burning up like embered coals
from hand to pen to page
Flicker hot and mesmerize
that burn to fan my flames
wicked little work of art
although your heat remains
Shadows spin to draw me in
like moths fall prey to fire
not a single word need said
unless it be desire

Into Her Color Spin

Inspiration's color found
been longing for it's hue
thoughts to fleck in retrospect
a splash of her or two
Moments ever moving
pictures live inside the soul
a story for forever
only you and I control
Only seconds on the lips
her name and gone again
inspiration all around
into her color spin