Saturday, November 30, 2013

Flowered Soul

Flowered soul beyond control
aspire, desire and chase
lillies of the field reveal
their dreams of love's embrace
Go now whisper on the wind
the hopes of flowered fate
to spin and twirl about the world
as prayers they resonate
Where's the beauty in a bloom
if all the world's asleep
what can grow in winter's snow
entrapped in drifts so deep
Love to thrive a season
only if it's made to wake
just like flowers of the field
to yield in warmth's embrace
Listen close for spring has chose
to lift us from our trance
flowered soul beyond control
aspire, desire and dance

Cosmic Dust

Cosmic dust enthrall entrust
your light as stars en-trance
spinning fast this solar splash
to flash in happenstance
Worlds collide and coincide
at once yet flow unknown
gathered storm the sky adorned
a flash and now it's gone
Heaven's light divine ignite
exploding dreams rescinding
cosmic dust enthrall entrust
your light to love unending

The Fall

Breathing fire just short of heaven
listening to the rise and fall
seems if lips and fingertips
are trembling after all
Edge of love's elation
push I do to watch her slip
nothing quite can interest
like the guise of rising hips
Held in love's surrender
fearful not as lightning hits
assured as storms go passing
re-amassing here like this
Breathing fire just short of heaven
lips of love to now exhale
listening to the rise and fall
I've grown to know so well

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Winter's Grip Relax

Fall in death and dying
colors vibrant now give way
winter's kiss is causing this
as youth is worn away
Innocence to falter
in the harsh of her embrace
fall in death and dying
vying not for heaven's grace
Mercy not in time forgot
this chill too quick arrive
fall in death and dying
trying naught to stay alive
As soon as winter's kiss has come
and all the world reacts
she falls in death and dying
crying soft as grips relax

Immersing In The Afterglow

Colors fill my mind remind
the air of salt does sing
drowning in emotions
that the sense of summer brings
Fade into the ocean
as the wind and water sprays
immersing in the afterglow
with thoughts afire ablaze
Sound in vibrant thunder rush
to break about my chest
awash upon the universe
submersed in dreamy rest
All the while in stark denial
to burn with sultry lust
heart's desire a funeral pyre
the fire on which we're thrust
En rapt by senses overload
devoted now to flame
colors fill my mind remind
the sense that summer brings

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Latitudes and Longitudes

Latitudes and longitudes
and marginal divides
time to rush and interrupt
the thoughts that coincide
Distant shapes to complicate
the truth behind the lies
time a river flowing
never knowing compromise
Eyes the mirror to the soul
so bright with sun to shine
latitudes and longitudes
exude of the divine
Words to fall like raining ash
as fiery thoughts abound
sun to burn the cheeks we turn
as time rolls back around
Soul unto the heart speak out
into the dark confides
latitudes and longitudes
and marginal divides

Still Frames In The Mind

Still frames in the mind remind
and flick forever fast
time we find is predefined
as sands go falling past
Hourglass to pass implore
with every grain make haste
for time's the only thing we want
we cannot touch or taste
Life like pictures flipping fast
replay our heart's events
still frames in the mind remind
of how our love was spent
Grasping hands at falling sands
these memories are defined
as time well spent and compliments
these still frames in the mind

Spectre Of The Sea

Spectre of the sea decree
these hearts their serenade
to walk upon the waters
of the love we often made
Shade to haunt in salty taunt
like dreams to sultry swirl
drifting in the breakers of
imaginary worlds
Ghostly sea remember we
us two in summer's sting
splashing in the glory of
the heat your waters bring
Echoes kiss on spectred lips
as sun gives way to shade
to walk on haunting waters
as these hearts they serenade

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Painted Words On Skin

Painted words on skin akin
to what the soul confides
so much more is written for
in depths it often hides
Ink to etch those feelings left
though pens just can't convey
trailing lines that by design
are meant to fade away
Yet here to burn immaculate
these lines are left to trace
burning hot in passions caught
once penned in love's embrace
Words that echo from the past
and ripple back again
so much more is spoken for
by painted words on skin

Monday, November 18, 2013

Shaded Blues

Shaded blues in dusky hues
enraptured by her glow
wrapped in nothing more than night
and what she dares to show
Baring soul in comfort's skin
with neon bright on flesh
heart's despair and smoky air
alive with love's regrets
Sultry siren of the night
a fire on streets of flame
shaded blues in dusky hues
too wild to ever tame

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Thoughts In Rendezvous

Thoughts of you in rendezvous
as sands now slowly pass
hands caress the emptiness
where cloudy dreams amass
Dreams in place of heat's embrace
as souls connect unknown
love replayed to serenade
a heart that's all alone
In the meadow of your grace
to taste that summered wine
in smoky swirls as dreams unfurl
and blink to think divine
Time again return descend
as hearts depart, adieu
hands caress the emptiness
of thoughts in rendezvous

Expansion Of The Mind

Expansion of the mind defined
by depths that go unknown
children of the universe
naked and alone
Here among the swirling stars
we spin so unaware
time to come and go although
just dancing at our dare
Left to whims as daylight dims
and gone is youthful thought
simply just sporadic dust
or fire by fury brought
Go not to that darkened hue
without first bringing light
wondrous scale by truth revealed
to question wrong and right
Expansion of the mind defined
by what we're really shone
to save us from a universe
so naked and alone

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Mirror To The Past

Mirror to the past at last
your guise revealed it seems
here upon the sandy shore
reflecting hopes and dreams
In the image flash the past
to look from what has been
never more to see a shore
where heaven's starting in
Fear is caught as waves are wrought
and stormy waters weigh
yet simple now avert somehow
what mirrors often say
Look beyond the old mirage
on waters still unsailed
mirror to the past at last
your truth has been revealed

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

And Like The Sea

And like the sea devour me
let waves crash all around
salty lips and fingertips
and sweat go rolling down
Thoughts afire with hot desire
I'd fade into her sun
drift away and serenade
until her fire is done
Words on burning shores implore
as hands in passion trace
her waters play in truth persuade
my soul to have a taste
Cast into a tidal wave
to drown my love at sea
and like the ocean wash away
in waves devour me

Deep In Dark and Drifting

Deep in dark and drifting
spirits low from failing dreams
time itself ongoing
though it's slowing here it seems
Goodness all around yet anger
claws out from the depths
everyday the same convey
these feelings to you yet
None can understand demand
for all the wrongs to right
never hope for fears elope
across my heart at night
Wake to new day dawning
will these tears go ever lifting
trying just to face the day
deep in dark and drifting

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Salt Upon Our Skin

Love abounds where waves resound
with salt upon our skin
perfect glow with sun to throw
it's kiss as night begins
In the fading day to sway
with love like summer's heat
warming breeze puts hearts at ease
and waves find sandy feet
On the shores of nothing more
content with time well spent
love abounds where waves resound
with salt upon our skin

Fire Ignite

Fire ignite as dreams take flight
in ash they dance and sway
on wings of night to drift delight
and hurry on their way
The death of dreams or so it seems
as flames devout ensnare
with fire they're met to season yet
and dash upon their dare
Burning thoughts in currents caught
alive with fire ignite
in ash they dance with happenstance
as fiery dreams take flight

Siren Of The Sea

Siren of the sea decree
mine soul forever stay
adrift upon the endless shore
where you and dreams do play
There to dance in warm romance
our love like rolling tides
to ebb and flow like time you know
but never to subside
Salt and sand and skin demand
to drown in heaven's kiss
slowly going under
torn asunder by her bliss
In waves confess and acquiesce
the longing heart does sway
siren of the sea decree
mine soul forever stay

Midnight On The Ocean

Midnight on the ocean
waves alive and stars reflect
melody upon the sea
to dance in retrospect
Soul to glide in knowing eyes
for time so still, serene
echoes on the water
of the things we've done and seen
Midnight on the ocean
heart alive and dreams connect
melody upon the sea
to dance in retrospect

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Breath On Skin

Lips on neck and breathing
whisper secrets of the night
a kiss with bliss endeavor
into pleasured fire ignite
Breath on skin and burning
yearning taste of time's remorse
nothing more than wanting for
that heat to run it's course
Lightning made now unafraid
to chase with lips that quiver
passion's place in diving grace
embrace in pace deliver
Steady now oh heart allow
let go with no returning
whisper secrets of the night
breath on skin and burning

Monday, November 4, 2013

Wash The Soul Anew

Sand and sun as dreams are spun
and wash the soul anew
past regrets like sandy specks
now bid the heart adieu
Salty spin as waves roll in
again to ebb and flow
life like tides to coincide
with all we've come to know
Ocean air to dance with flair
on eyes alive that chase
sand and sun as dreams are spun
with love in time's embrace

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Simplicity To Some Degree

Simplicity to some degree
expressed in eyes alive
not the things that money brings
but truth and time derived
To float about without a doubt
on wings of freedom flowing
the finest things are chasing dreams
and who we are by knowing
Simplicity to some degree
is what we truly see
life alive through different eyes
is all the truth we need

Breathing Fire

Breathing fire as thoughts transpire
and time like ripples dance
across divides to coincide
and guide in happenstance
Undefined by reasoned rhyme
though still it leaves it's mark
as wisdom paints in fiery flames
and in it's ash depart
Memories felt like smoke exhaled
and cast into the night
breathing fire as thoughts transpire
and dark gives way to light