Sunday, June 19, 2011


Love strokes to paint a picture
with each smile upon her face
her beauty is reflected
though protected touch to taste
Smoothing hair with roughened fingers
soft to coarse and silky smooth
The beauty of my mornings
hips that rise to match my move
Ever slight come words of pleasure
whispered soft as breath on skin
smallest flinch as teeth are clenched
my love is driving in
Forced upon her wanting
questioned not she answers back
with rhythmic falls as passions calls
in love expand contract
In throes of thrillful wanting
flaunting bodied recognition
to spread the knees and softly squeeze
her love into submission
Sliding deep in satisfaction
waves are crashing down her back
As still in rhythmic time we find
our lungs expand contract
Upon this sweet exhaustion
sweat is mixed and heat does smolder
Upon your back to rise retract
my lips upon your shoulder.

Weather Our Endeavor

Perfect night and thunder's chorus
coming for us our perdition
Thought provoked by rising smoke
and clouded indecision
Upon the vale a tolling bell
and lightning on the sky
Still to weather our endeavor
for our love the reasoned why
Seasoned by the storms
upon the scape they come to cross
Making sure our hearts endure
no matter what the final cost
Paths by which we're walking
blinding dark and lonely stroll
Emerging from the other side
despite the biting cold
Look to heaven's answer
can you read the signs you're given
if so proceed to stop recede
from all the love you're given
Perception of the storm is worn
by time interpretation
By seeing through the graying hue
upon your heart's elation
Lightning flash as storms do pass
our meadow-ed heart again is swaying
Thought provoked by lifting smoke
As thunder's chorus still is playing.

Midnight In The Garden

Morning came by love cascading
fading night into the past
Shadows back to corners
healing rays are slowly cast
Midnight in the garden
of my heart comes complication
as morning's hue and glistening dew
a healing convocation
Birth anew each moment
endless hope of opposition
lending dreams the warming beams
give birth to hearts ambition
Burning hot to ashy ember
we remember passion's clutches
yet find a way to pass the play
that leads into it's rushes
The midday sun consuming
glaring down and taking pleasure
in hoping he can burn us out
and keep the drought forever
Still deep runs loving waters
swirling swift inside to flow
Carving out the coming tide
no pride for letting go
Crash the coming tidal
waves to wash away the past
to leave behind the truth refined
and things we mean to last