Wednesday, July 29, 2009

New The Day

New the day to fade to gray
sleep quick and be reborn,
hold your fears exact retract
shake back where dreams were formed.
Crystal shards are snaking
breaking silence of the sky,
again to wake for journey's sake
rub dreams from sleepy eyes.
Look into the heavens gaze
the sun is smiling back,
hold your fears for he reveres
the truth to be exact.
In truth we're made in life to fade
until the death of doubt,
new the day to fade away
while blues are phasing out.
Night the wounded man of time
designed to guide our rest,
to hold our dreams in measured sleep
in hopes he must invest.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Life In Seconds Guessing

Time cascading all around
a ticking shower fading
Never once is slowing down
Or stopping for debating
Myriad flasks of grays and blacks
are pouring endless color
drawing near from glass to peer
into a day that's duller
Seems as if an age has passed
yet time my friend is moving
raining down on hallowed ground
by you and what your doing
Kind to some and rough it comes
to others while they wait
a whispered sound does still resound
I fear its much too late
Still that shimmering sand that falls
its time and we cant change it
Perhaps the sands are shifting hands
to one who'll rearrange it

Sunday, July 19, 2009

A Journey Through The Spectrum

Colors cross and intersect
to swirl and spin and disconnect
As sounds come quick to overwhelm
grab quick the keel and right the helm
Waves now more efficient
hitting hard and dealing blows
softly dissipating as a sense of knowing knows
Self-awares and salty stares
the captain stands the last
Colors cross and intersect
as skies are stealing past
Leader by submission to positions of intention
godlike child grown rich and wild
invented by invention
Simply forced to plot the course
steering blindly to religion
Colors cross and intersect
and grow by indecision
Atomic wash of comets lost
through ages and prediction
no remorse to seek the source
false to fact or truth to fiction.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Death of Love's Denial

God is night, enclosed and waning
leaning hard on studied self
the book with pages missing
or the one to save to shelf
The chapters still unwritten
or the climax all have seen
to learn by self indulgence of
those words that self redeem
A gift of revelation
or rejection come of action
words confuse to scrape and bruise
or glide in satisfaction
God is midday afternoon,
enfold in his enrapture
attention spent too quick repent
for time we thought to capture
Further use for no excuse
sunlight moves across the dial
shadows cast to lengthen last
the death of love's denial
God is morning's kiss of dew
renew oh wind leave cool
submersion comes and goes to flow
an ever cleansing pool
Down we come and up in death
released, constrained no more
breathing in the spirit
waxing waning, either or

A Sign By A Road

To live and die in moments
simply yielding resurrection
guide by stars of what they are
moved for our protection.
The skies align for wasted time
make quick it's your decision
snarling close to overdose
on death in it's derision.
Midnight reaper called to dance
to chance each worthy minute
softly touch the coming rush
and every moment in it.
Mesmerized by daily lies
to gifts you soft convey
look a second deeper
steeper climbs have come our way.
Moonlit words in halves and thirds
you love too fast it's ending
time my friend to use and bend
each one on loan and lending.
Save this one and seize it so
and use it up reflection
We live but in a moment die
deny not resurrection.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I Breathe You In

Quickly measured thought control
this pulsing of the flesh,
river head of heart to flow
and rise to passions test.
Quickly flush into the skin
crimson crush to usher in,
regret or debt to dowry's sin
a dam to burst and burst again.
Enclose me now in reigning grin
you hold the breaths we're breathing in,
from one to two and one again
this flushing flesh of skin on skin.
Oh past you go to hearts contend
my pulse now finds it's pace
Quickly measured thought control
is pleasured on my face.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Lost and Found

Changing tunes of our tribunes
to seek out from our searching
faded black reform retract
still on the shadows lurking.
Dawning day to dance and play
fetch fast this fledgling pleasure
to horde it up or lip to cup
moment's stored or one's we measure.
In some way forging forward
pioneering God's intention,
never meant to intervent
or mean to meant to mention.
Twirling sparks of quipped remarks
witness wonderment emerging,
changing tunes of our tribunes
to seek out from our searching.