Monday, July 13, 2009

Death of Love's Denial

God is night, enclosed and waning
leaning hard on studied self
the book with pages missing
or the one to save to shelf
The chapters still unwritten
or the climax all have seen
to learn by self indulgence of
those words that self redeem
A gift of revelation
or rejection come of action
words confuse to scrape and bruise
or glide in satisfaction
God is midday afternoon,
enfold in his enrapture
attention spent too quick repent
for time we thought to capture
Further use for no excuse
sunlight moves across the dial
shadows cast to lengthen last
the death of love's denial
God is morning's kiss of dew
renew oh wind leave cool
submersion comes and goes to flow
an ever cleansing pool
Down we come and up in death
released, constrained no more
breathing in the spirit
waxing waning, either or

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