Sunday, February 24, 2013

Time in Strands Interlaced

The weaving of time
in strands interlaced
where rivers are flowing
bestowing our fates
Sands are now sifting
with clocks ticking down
to fathom forever
with never around
The weaving of time
with strands interlaced
where rivers are flowing
bestowing our fates

Living In Sun Loving By Moon

Living in sun
loving by moon
my thirst my water
my dreams coming true
The answer the reason
the fears and regrets
she's all of the reasons
I have reason left
Perfect creation
devoid of defect
my purpose for living
her soul to protect
Living in sun
and loving her tune
my morning my evening
my mid afternoon

Blink and Close

Soul exposed by blink and close
those windows shuttered still
deep inside where thoughts collide
and hopes and dreams conceal
Guarded thoughts and consequence
repentance, lessons learned
times remind their loving shine
not bought but caught and earned
Comets crash in fiery flash
as dreams and life divides
furies felt in cards undealt
as pictures to the eyes
Thoughts conveyed and quick relayed
those windows shuttered still
soul exposed by blink and close
where hopes and dreams conceal

Ripple Round

In heaven's glance we dare to dance
perchance that's all it is
moments found that ripple round
and circle back again
Pebbles tossed in salty froths
come wash and churn the day
to drift in sun til drifting's done
and shores implore our stay
Here adrift as season's shift
with storms and suns to set
our way unknown though not alone
we'll weather more just yet
Beyond the veil where hearts prevail
and dare to dance my friend
those moments found to ripple round
and circle back again

Saturday, February 23, 2013


Elements of love's lament
to slide and quick replace
smiles of warmth in turn adorn
and salty lines embrace

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Oft In Distant Shadows Played

And oft in distant shadows played
fret and fearful spark
fool enough to chill the cuff
and to the nerves impart
Light therein to sway and swim
subconsciously the prey
every hair to stand on end
look this and that away
Dark enclose and ember
fan flames and hell excite
off in distant shadows
in the meadows of the night


Portraits old devoid of shine
relay and play in passing time
thoughts of then they are and were
like passing words in time occur
Remnants stitched away and felt
into the empty page to melt
thoughts confined by time's embrace
to live and love immortal grace
Blink and shutter fade and gray
into the canvased heart's display
and there they must forever stay
as time and portraits pass away

Sultry Drips

Sultry drips from pursing lips
as colors twist and swirl
dreams to come from fork-ed tongue
undone in passion's whirl
Heart's neglect provide protect
give shade from stormy seas
now on them find those words remind
once wind has calmed it's breeze
Furies found with light abound
where colors swirl and twist
dripping from a fork-ed tongue
come words from pursing lips

Saturday, February 16, 2013


Like breathing underwater
shadows bringing in the dark
enclosing all around to drown
into our sleep embark
Fade into forever
and endeavor in its wake
in death to rest eternal
til time to meet our fate
Slipping into nothing
something more than this
time to sleep eternal
journal deep and dark abyss
Light ahead cascading
invading thoughts abound
burn to fade, illuminate
there's glory all around

Thursday, February 14, 2013


Splash upon her lips to paint
where passion found it's stay
fiery taste of love's embrace
with ember-ed burn displayed
Gentle tinge in sparking singe
did swirl from smoking lips
touch of heaven leaving scars
in proof it's truths exist
Steam expelled as heat's exhaled
quick breaths as angels faint
fiery taste of love's embrace
upon her lips to paint

Time In Rhyme and Reason

Time in rhyme and reason
forcing every day to pass
the shifting of the seasons
clouds are gently rolling past
Across the plains unending
over sands and glistening seas
the winds to call for after all
they wander where they please
Further on forever
to endeavor on their way
the sky to shift with darkness lift
as blues gives way to gray
Still the clock is ticking
resting thoughts on river's flow
time in rhyme in reason
ever changing as it goes

Monday, February 11, 2013

Echoed Strands Of Time

Across the echoed strands of time
the wind retells it's tales
spoke to me of younger days
of glades and lonesome vales
It spoke of times of yesteryear
and fearful psalms of old
it spoke of certain things to come
and other things untold
It whispered to the things unseen
where hearts and thoughts collide
where dreams still dance in happenstance
across the depths divide
Spoke and stirred a hopeful word
'neath wings as angels dive
ancient wind retell re-pen
upon our hearts inscribe
Tales of old rebirthed retold
as pages burned remind
wind about my face embrace
the echoed strands of time

Dare To Dance To Swim

Soul to shore from ocean's roar
as waves play close to heart
sand to still relax reveal
the end to cycled start
Fire upon the setting sun
to sparkle on a whim
safe on shores as waves implore
to dare to dance to swim
Destiny to rise and fall
as waters ebb and flow
soul to shore from ocean's roar
repent release let go
Driftwood left to serenade
the beaches of the mind
sand to still relax reveal
what dreams we've left behind
Voices on the ocean play
with songs of soulful hymns
fire upon the setting sun
we dare to dance to swim

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Picturesque Divides

Siren's call, enslave enthrall
through picturesque divides
wheels of fate to correlate
with sifting sands of time
Hope to trail through misty veil
of time entwined with grace
mystic swirl to twist and curl
on dreams of love's embrace
Fears aside as hearts collide
and kingdoms rise and fall
the soul projects what eyes reflect
the truths there after all
Here upon her ocean's night
delight invites and slides
siren's call, enslave enthrall
through picturesque divides

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Mixing Dreams Aloud

Mixing clouds with dreams aloud
as sunlight strikes the gray
worries clear and disappear
as darkness seems to fade
Words to dance on skies expanse
where eyes do well to find
rays of hope and dreams elope
and lips eclipse remind
Warming skin as thoughts ascend
they too take flight abound
across the vast and dark expanse
where echoed hopes resound
Celestial fares in unawares
en-rapt with heaven's shroud
hopes to dance in glittered glance
with mixing dreams aloud

Adrift On Shaded Swirl

Desire submit conspire commit
adrift on shaded swirl
in fiery sights as hearts ignite
where dust and dreams unfurl
Kaleidoscope of color
dancing oft as visions play
greens and blues do purple swirl
and twirl the grays away
Smoky eyes and lullabies
into those colors fade
painted lines the eye defines
unto the soul persuade
Desire submit conspire commit
adrift on seas of white
greens and blues do purple swirl
as fiery hearts ignite

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Dream of You

Is it true you dream of me
when days have had their run
do I cross your mind at all
when all your dealing's done
Do I play upon your skin
my words about your ear
can you feel my burning touch
that rush to reappear
Can I make your pulse react
when thoughts of me arise
is it true you dream of me
reflecting in your eyes
Will you lay your hand in mine
when time itself is done
should I grace your last embrace
could I be that someone
Did you know your thought controls
this dance with spinning grace
here upon my heart to spark
that smile upon my face
Is it true you dream of me
I dream of you it's true
when this life has had it's run
though done, I'll dream of you

The Warming Burn of Morning

The warming burn of morning
stirring deep within the soul
dreams to slowly wash away
and fade as love takes hold
Tides are set in motion
ships to pass on sultry night
passions play and serenade
as fiery hearts ignite
Across a sea of revelry
as lips and fingers chase
arching backs as nails distract
and mirror on the face
Pleasures keep to diving deep
through midnight's veil divide
do you feel what hearts reveal
to force this love inside
Poured upon your consciousness
professed on skin to slide
burning hot with moments caught
awash with sweat confide
Here where passioned fire takes chance
to dance beyond control
the warming burn of morning
stirring deep within the soul

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Echo On Replay

The past a picture painted
solemn shaded in mystique
bricks and mortar faded
serenaded past repeat
Heart's display en-trance replay
as echoed strands of time
the past a picture painted
inundated on the mind
Fumbling through the senses
merely ghosts left here to tell
a tale of times related
through it's shaded past reveal
Thoughtful seconds interlude
let time itself now speak
the past a picture painted
solemn shaded in mystique

Stark Serene

Snowy scene, stark serene
give way to falling stars
each unique or so to speak
like us in all our charms
Pure intent with love's descent
like angels meant to fall
glide with grace in chill's embrace
to dance romanced, enthrall
Snowy scene, stark serene
alive with wonders streak
giving way to falling stars
to charm us so to speak

Time Reminds

Time reminds by etching lines
displayed on weathered cheeks
salt refined those soulful lines
defined for whom they weep
Love's serenade on skin displayed
there's knowledge there as well
reminders of the loss of love
as pain from corners fell
Left inside the hurt remind
released now free to fly
salt refines those soulful lines
displayed and made by time

Falling Heart From Grace

Fall from grace this heart embrace
the passing of the season
time abides and coincides
to gain in grace from reason
Wisdoms found in ears resound
abound with answers' spark
posed to soul in hopes to show
oh flash outlast the dark
Feel its true that glistening dew
feel too the range of time
questions sought with answered thought
now reason fits to rhyme
Time to shift though fogs persist
these anchors of the past
with forces prey relapse replay
into those shadows cast
Still to trail through fading veil
closed eyes to fate embrace
the passing of the season
and the falling heart from grace