Sunday, June 30, 2013

Green Splash

Le rayon vert does soul assert
as splashes softly sway
for all alone upon it shone
the light on ripples play
Life like water splashing
waves they rise and fall we're shone
for the rhythm of the ocean
circles back from where it's gone
Across the span of time
as waves of sunlight touch the day
le rayon vert does soul assert
as splashes softly sway

Poetry inspired by the amazing Antoine Renault...
Check him out here...

Saturday, June 29, 2013


Stay a little longer
sink in low into my chest
as stars burn on forever
and endeavor time to rest
Sparkle in the midnight sky
afire within your gaze
and dance with love's elation
in summation of our days
Stay a little longer
burn up in the afterglow
for hopes and dreams and finer things
like waves they ebb and flow
Adrift upon the moment
fearful so to breathe it out
just basking in the afterglow
as dreams they dance about

Inhaling Deep

Inhaling deep no heed for caution
swirling mists of who you are
never my intention
to petition change embark
Journey's ever moving hue
in lieu of destinations
in dark to sleep as sparks do bleed
the souls of constellations
In the fiery fury of
a dance we dare in dreams
breathe you in and let you out
though stay about it seems
Smolder hot like ashes
cigarettes and love's regret
inhaling deep no heed for caution
hasn't burnt me up quite yet

Grace Like Rain Is Falling

Grace like rain is falling
calling deep to fears withheld
washing in the waters
truth revealed and myth dispelled
Love that knows no boundary
free just like the falling rains
immersing hearts and cleansing
rinsing quick yet still remains
Eyes turned up to heaven
supplication all around
grace like rain is calling
falling love that knows no bounds

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Still Frames Never Still

Midnight comes a-calling
still frames flicker reel to reel
living painted portraits
moving pictures never still
Made to play forever
on the big screens of the mind
as midnight finds it's calling
here recalling passing time
Twirling hot this pirouette
this nightly dare to dance
her binding spell I know so well
take hold and soul en-trance
Through the welcomed waking
holding fast as dreams are falling
one more show before I go
as daybreak comes a-calling

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Beaches Fading Into Silence

Two hearts to spark forever
truth in waters slick reflect
silver sand as hand in hand
they look in retrospect
Beaches fading into silence
yet the waves will always play
about the shores of mine and yours
til time too fades away
Two hearts to spark forever
where entwining souls remain
reflections of their kind of love
to always look the same

Where Shadows Serenade

Shadows play and serenade
on curves of wanton skin
daylight comes to call enthrall
'til nighttime can descend
Yet in the early afternoon
as shadows start to stretch
a playful breeze to simply please
and tease on naked flesh
Colors vivid yes impress
but oh this black and white
subtle and affectionate
with warmth in cold despite
Moments held with heat dispelled
from dark on light displayed
heart defend from wanton skin
where shadows serenade

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Ocean Sands Did Dreams Reflect

Soul adrift out on the ocean
mirrored dreams on sand reflect
each grain itself forgotten
little hearts in retrospect
Thoughts like sand in passing
falling through the hourglass
each seems but just a second
till there's no more left to pass
Breathe in all around you
drift your soul on time reflect
don't let the grains forgotten
be the dreams your heart neglects
Together forming beaches
sand reveals it's destinies
and thoughts we hold together
are what makes our memories

Friday, June 21, 2013

Lips and Fingertips

Fingertips and throbbing lips
both play on yours and mine
loving grace as legs embrace
and thoughts chase racing minds
The warmth of skin surrounded in
those painted strokes of light
as moonlight plays and shadows sway
seems they too share the night
Memories made and serenade
two hearts that drift like ships
passing time as thoughts remind
of lips and fingertips

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Postcards and Dreams

Postcards and dreams of days between
and love falls from the eye
distance seems is all that's seen
the space 'tween you and I
Words that lift and longing drifts
aloft oh star of heart
postcards and dreams of days between
how long we'll be apart
Oh time we chance the circled dance
again around the sun
forever stay heartbeats away
until this dreaming's done
Fades not in your absence
nor the sun shine any less
postcards and dreams and days between
these tears are all I've left