Sunday, January 26, 2014

Beneath The Sun

Guiding grace in warmth embrace
and place your grace on me
choked with sin I gasp again
yet glory lets me breathe
Life I live in turn entrust
til dust to dust return
scattered seeds or rooted trees
and death's denied it's burn
Reach for guiding grace to taste
those waters won't recede
write your name upon my heart
in glory let me breathe

Waves To Kiss and Reminisce

Burnished bronze and warming rays
upon the skin in fading days
to sparkle quick like us it stayed
til days turned short in nightly shade
Yet touch me still as thoughts reveal
and recollect through time
another day when summer played
upon this skin of mine
Waves to kiss and reminisce
those times they too recall
skin ablaze with copper glaze
as words escape my fall
Sparkle fade with dreams replayed
conveyed on sands that shift
here we'll stay for all our days
upon those waves to drift

Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Track We're On

Tracks we've made to serenade
and fade into the sun
all the while in warm exile
we find our time is done
Dreams complete on golden cheeks
afire with rosy specks
made to dance in happenstance
and chance like love reflects
All along the track we're on
turned out in truth to be
that warm exile that all the while
awaits for you and me

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Warming Heat

Warming heat and fears retreat
as fingers hide her smile
nothing more than wanting for
and waiting all the while
Lips to tremble what's to come
electric to the touch
intentions full as bodies pull
and faces start to flush
Inhibitions put to rest
with hearts alive and souls to test
with nothing more to silhouette
as skin does slide on silky sweat
Two to dance as one still yet
with eyes wide shut we pirouette
into the dark no daylight met
two hearts to spark in love's roulette
In motion sat with fire alive
to burn in love's defeat
fingers find the truth behind
her fears and warming heat

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Sea of Shells

Sea of shells do stories tell
as sunlight finds your face
tell of times when ocean's wide
confide in your embrace
Tell of salty tears you've cried
and all the miles you've gone
tell of beaches full and warm
and empty all alone
Tell of endless shores implore
our hearts to hold you well
and drift along forever
sea of shells, do stories tell

That Velvet Touch of Morning

That velvet touch of morning
skin alive though thoughts are still
the waking sun is warming some
and through the dark reveal
Little glimpse of light exempt
no judgment where you lay
so discreet for many sheets
upon them you have played
Though in the still of morning
play you do across her skin
kissing ever gently
all those places that I've been
To pour a thousand lines in rhyme
with time our meter kept
her chest to rise to fall although
she longs for more still yet
Stretching with the heat that comes
that too not far away
skin alive as thoughts contrive
and skillful fingers play
Novels made to serenade
as words on lips are forming
to heaven's glow we fade and go
that velvet touch of morning