Thursday, January 31, 2013

Day Is Dawning

Watching daylight come alive
to thrive in willful pass
trees in wind to stretch and bend
with sunlight come to cast
Night to dream or so it seems
a wish a day away
as blues and white on sky ignite
and take the place of gray
Childlike in it's yawning
day is dawning, no regret
filled with hope as winds invoke
what time seems to forget
The world alive as dreams revive
the day to come and pass
trees rescind their hopes again
as night is falling fast

Thoughts Ignite In Passing

Thoughts ignite in passing
giving life as words abound
pulse to beat as dreams compete
and ripple back around
Echoes of the soul take hold
that purposed apparition
what is this in passing bliss
amiss with indecision
Specter of my midday glance
at chance upon the eye
drifting silent here to dance
give voice to heart's reply
Eloquence in love's defense
as softened words abound
thoughts ignite in passing
flashing ripple back around

Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Waterfall in depth recall
as hearts do overflow
emotions slide with truth to hide
behind that salty show
Sparkling dance while light enchants
and star bursts come and go
tidal wave to wash away
adrift to ebb and flow
Iris of the eye deny
released and letting go
waterfall in depth recall
as hearts do overflow

My Sleeping Heart

Upon my sleeping heart impart
your breath on whispered veil
words depart as furies spark
and through the darkness tell
Tales of times forgotten
misbegotten in their passing
the birth of thought replayed and caught
through painted skies amassing
Adrift as waves come crashing
flashing light in silver strands
the pulsing of the heart to start
and stop at love's command
Breath upon the ear to clear
as whispered echoes dart
through the shadows of the mind
and find my sleeping heart

Forward Spinning Back

Going forward spinning back
exact in time and chance
shifting sands at hearts demand
upon this desert dance
Truth dispelled with secrets held
true love knows not its end
thoughts to dance in circumstance
on ticking time depend
Dawning light of ending night
the sun here too does shine
but on it's rise comes dark's demise
in shadowed love resign
Wrapped in velvet hope elope
forget those shades of black
time has too re-payed it's due
go forward spinning back

Friday, January 25, 2013

Taste Of Salty Skin

Furied fire of hearts desire
this taste of salty skin
burning hot this thirst I've got
upon my thought descend
Mistress of the midnight dew
to drink of you at last
playing in the shadows of
the loving light you cast
Embers burn and thrillful yearn
with motions sat to play
words are lost as fears are tossed
and clothes are torn away
Wrapped in nothing more than night
delight in passion's played
hands provoke, give fire to smoke
to dance and serenade
Rising up with lips to cup
with waters rushing in
furied fire of hearts desire
this taste of salty skin

Echoes Answer In

Whispers of the past remind
as echoes answer in
feelings spark as words embark
and ears do comprehend
Time a sea to dance in chance
like ships to pass in grace
lost on waters of the heart
to chart the past embrace
Flowing on forever
this endeavor under take
love that can't be measured
pleasured bonds did hopeful make
Fire in touch conspiring
soul admiring etched on skin
whispers of the past remind
as echoes answer in

Space Relates To Time

Time and space related
complicated so and so
awash upon continuance
forever come and go
River flowing forward
onward forth in love's design
complicated so and so
as space relates to time

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Dancing Oft In Wanton Eye

Dancing oft in wanton eye
a season two romanced
whispers formed upon the lips
eclipsed oh heart en-tranced
Passion's kiss did time remiss
but henceforth too did flame
burning hot with lustful thought
still too renewed remain
Rushing tide nor time divide
not sun's own rays could fade
desire to melt forever felt
when love is forceful made
Conversation still amiss
through verse converse reply
a season still romancing
dancing oft in wanton eye

Off Into Forever

Tumbling river flowing
never knowing when it slows
off into forever
or whenever trumpets go
Wispy wind it too depends
on when those curtains call
off into forever
whosoever lets them fall
Clouds embrace at gliding gaits
their moment on the skies
off into forever
or til He says otherwise


Oceans are surrounding
waves are pounding, rhythmic flow
seems the tide does coincide
we watch it come and go
Here in soothing waters
diving down to wash away
drifting through your consciousness
express what dreams convey
Rolling through the emptiness
where hearts and stars ignite
the misty veil through which we trail
to fade into the night
Heaven all around us
rocking boats on rising tides
waves are pounding, rhythmic flow
as motion coincides
Tidal wave releasing
pleasing deep with treasure found
here we watch it come and go
as oceans all surround

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Sleep Did Find

Sleep did find your thoughts in mine
into my conscience play
here you are and there you'll be
forever on this way
Late upon a midnight kiss
your words do reckless run
whisper to my broken heart
depart your damage done
Still oh specter of the night
delight in dreams you fill
lifting up to heaven touch
your rush on skin reveal
Tingling taste as hands embrace
the tide to rock the race
ocean's flow is letting go
as waves wash 'cross your face
Ripple back with dreams intact
our time though short does sway
sleep did find your thoughts in mine
into my conscience play

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Embers Deep Inside

Pushing deep this heart to keep
that quickened pace to slide
sparking taste does fire replace
those embers deep inside
A whisper on her consciousness
a smile as shadows play
lips upon the skin descend
the truth her hips convey
Pushing deep this heart to keep
give wings to dreams to fly
seconds here as thoughts endear
the iris of the eye
Clenching teeth as furies heat
and nails are digging in
sweat to soak our dreams invoke
they're burning hot again
Wrapped in flames of cleansing fire
desire in you confide
pushing deep this heart to keep
those embers deep inside

Monday, January 21, 2013

Willows Sway

Willows sway as twilight fades
to perfect rhythmic rhyme
a warming breeze does well to please
this heavied heart of mine
Thought like time is flowing
showing truths while seconds pass
the realm of understanding
standing just beyond our grasp
Paint of me a hundred hues
the blues, the blacks, the grays
a canvas overflowing
showing what the heart conveys
Moments of reflection
as the sun gives last its shine
willows sway as twilight fades
to perfect rhythmic rhyme

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Tilt To Whirl

Pictures painting portraits flow
kaleidoscopic dreams
tilt to whirl as furies swirl
and things aren't what they seem
Bend the eye's illusion
as conclusion dares to dance
wrapped in dreams of colored seams
and stitched of circumstance
Color vivid changing
rearranging, slide to show
kaleidoscopic dreams
it seems as painting portraits flow


Melt away to nothing
just a glimmered hope remains
time a river flowing
knowing everything must change
From the ashes rising
aftermath of pure intention
starting in the heavens
falling hope of re-ascension
Tasting of the garden
purpose found in thrillful eyes
now death is just a promise
taking solace in demise
Still to gaze in passing
moments flashing in the sun
melt away to nothing
cycle back to where we're from

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Breath For Breath

Breath for breath, conveyed replayed
to echo for all time
seconds swayed 'neath midnight's glade
persuade these thoughts of mine
At her behest to fall profess
the truth can be not swayed
here in secret chambers
proving hearts as words convey
Taste of you your loving dew
immerse your soul in mine
moments here to heart endear
and echo for all time
Thought erased as fire replaced
the burn that yearned be swayed
thoughts remind of passing time
as breath for breath replayed

Still Fires My Sparking Chest

Whisper to me, gilded heart
ignite my sparking chest
speak in spiraling parables
just do what you do best
Speak to me infectiously
set flame to stilling beat
tell of how she burns for me
exalt in my defeat
Give to me a reason 
whisper still oh wicked heart
tear you out lest needed be
your beat, your flaming spark
Still be heard your treacherous word
still fires my sparking chest
still listening to your words renewed
it's you who knows me best

Feeling Flows Unending

Serenade as thoughts persuade
and move at heart's request
on display as words convey
what puts the mind at rest
Here in secret chambers
'hind the covers of the soul
inhibitions melt away
to play emotion's role
Feeling flows unending
mending words and bending time
I ask for you in lending
just an ear to hear a rhyme
Bare for you my blessings
or my curses scarring deep
or something quite as simple
as a ripple while I sleep
The painting of portrait
just a moment on the eye
the moments in between us
when our thoughts do multiply
Tiny sparks as fire departs
the birth of dreams invest
in silent score that play once more
to put the mind at rest

Love In Last Embrace

Love in last embrace to taste
the kiss of passing snow
sun to fire it's last desire
conspire to ebb and flow
For in the final sparks of love
to start our lasting fire
from this life to pass in light
and burn in heart's desire
Love in last embrace to taste
the kiss of death and go
sun in all it's passion
moments passing, ebb and flow

Relax, Breathe In, Let Go

Forces all around surround
relax, breathe in, let go
purpose of the sun to touch
the passing of the snow
Burning hot relation
exaltation of the spirit
all consumed by hearts desire
this fire, and drawing near it
Forces all around surround
relax, push deep, let go
purpose of the sun to touch
the blush of passion's flow
Soul's connect in fiery flecks
to burn in passion's show
purpose of the sun to touch
relax, breathe in, let go

Friday, January 18, 2013

Burning Heart of Grace

Breath upon my neck reflect
her burning heart of grace
smiles are so inviting
sliding hands about your waist
Feel the pulsing river rage
just there beneath your skin
meant to slow that rush but no
those waters washing in
Fingers digging in to wrists
your breath again, my neck
reading like an open book
with nothing to protect
Skin to skin in midnight's grace
embrace as souls collide
nothing in between but light
til hearts and thoughts divide
Nothing satisfying
gratifying, just a taste
breath upon my neck reflect
the smile upon her face

Trees Are Somber

Cold serene and quiet
trees are somber, limbs lay low
the world is blanketed in white
in spite of sun aglow
Here across an ocean white
few come and few have gone
amazing how the world is still
when winter's kiss comes on
Streams to trickle far beneath
and off come distant sounds
a single call throughout the pines
reminds that life abounds
Close to heart these views impart
a sense of peace you know
cold serene and quiet
trees are somber, limbs lay low

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Visions Swiftly Flood

Swiftly flood this vision of
it's you in clothes of mine
here in memories' fading
playing soft like sweet red wine
Time to roll like cleansing tides
to sweep them undertow
but my heart always finds a chance
then dance on conscience go
Twirling through the dark imbue
your former state of grace
til heart reminds it's clearly time
to put you back in place
Thoughts are convoluted
eyes are met with sultry smiles
even here your thoughts my dear
so careful of your wiles
Wrapped in my obsessions
wine enhance your dance my love
here you are in clothes of mine
as visions swiftly flood

Portraits Painted White

Tonight we find our dreams serene
with softened snows of hope
whether there's tomorrow
glistening mounds of slippery slopes
Twinkling from the heavens
distant travelers far from home
out to find their calling
falling fast now on their own
Artistic congregation
destination to reveal
across the barren wonderland
to paint the forests still
Blanketing our wonderment
with portraits painted white
softened snows of hope elope
with dreams serene tonight

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Reflection's Own Soliloquy

Traveling back in time to find
an old friend for a chat
words of wisdom soon sat in
I'm offering you just that
Do you know the hurt you've caused
the pain in other's eyes
I see that pain is etched in yours
though laughter too resides
I also see a massive heart
at times too big for good
you seem to put yourself in last
although I think you should
Watched I have as several paths
did lead your heart astray
I swore back then for you my friend
I'd make it right one day
Speak to you like brothers do
and tell you of your faults
time remind is precious
dare to dance and waltz the waltz
Words not meant to hurt you
simply here to help you steer
traveling back in time to find
myself upon the mirror

Shepherd's Song

Listen to the shepherd's song
from nigh upon the pass
sound to carry, thirst renewed
through streams that trickle past
Portraits paint around us
life confound us, trees do sway
still the song is carried on
by winds that sweep this way
Breath of God directed
heart perfected, breath it out
listen to the shepherd's song
it's blowing all about
Walk about the world alone
do truth and answers seek
unraveling all the mysteries
enraptured by mystique
Lone this wilderness to stride
we've tried it all, been wrong
sound to carry, thirst is quenched
upon the shepherd's song

What Hearts Conceal

Depths conveyed from blue to gray
displayed in colors felt
somewhere in the times between
our dreams and cards we're dealt
Time reveal what hearts conceal
how long is long enough
be certain in your dealings, friend
with love or lack thereof
Somewhere in those times between
where thoughts do reckless find
something hidden dark and deep
this broken heart remind
Diving down yet coming up
the depths with blue are grayed
somewhere in the times between
our dreams and cards we've played

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Iris of The Eye Retract

Iris of the eye comply
give truth in sparkled dance
for hers is mine by hearts design
the child of circumstance
Love, desire in rippling spire
from center ripple back
love is like you're breathing in
from when the heart reacts
Life in understanding
passion branding, furies force
nights of comprehending
fire un-ending, no remorse
Born of circumstance to dance
these spiraling steps of time
iris of the eye retract
exact in his design

Storied Sun

Night dispel as morning fell
tell dreams and stars alike
storied sun it's heat to come
where hearts and thoughts ignite
There upon the breaking clouds
to sing of passing age
a single ray did light convey
the depth of dreams to gauge
Veiled in misty morning
hopes and time are filling tombs
those who go before us
leading those who go too soon
Burning fast with heat around us
seconds beckon for reprieve
none be found as clocks compound
the truths our heart's conceive
Nothing here forever
watch the morning fade to night
storied sun til heat is done
for dreams and stars alike

Monday, January 14, 2013

Here Is Where The Wild Things Are

Here is where the wild things are
come truth on skin convey
through the jaded shades of night
ignite those clouds of gray
Fire to burn in shadows yearn
and force these wants to feed
here is where the wild things are
where heart's and pleasures breed
Wrapped in soulful measure
treasures deep with warmth to touch
those secrets held in favor
just to savor them as much
Letting go as fears do flow
control gives way to slide
on the silky sheets defeat
and hearts come compromise
Here is where the wild things are
just stars 'cross night to play
skin reveal what's truly real
igniting clouds of gray

Thoughts Abate

Thoughts abate what ghosts create
that shadow-ed veil collide
passage from another world
unfurled in death's design
Trapped between the past unseen
as futures held their dreaming
shades now made to serenade
the passing of redeeming
Woeful sounds through night abound
as weeping takes the place
of thrillful dreams and hopes it seems
to fall so far from grace
Found in fear what heart's revere
time here is slow and stalling
thoughts abate what ghosts create
too late to hear it's calling


On your back as thoughts react
desire to play it's role
here upon the shadows play
where midnight takes control
Death of inhibitions
no decisions, skin reacts
games upon her midnight played
conveyed to re-enact
All day in your passing
forming thoughts about your taste
all the while these hands beguile
and dance about your waist
Stories told in sweat and passion
epic waves of storms we weather
crashing of your innocence
intents of my endeavor
Lying still on sheets to spill
the fruits of labor spent
hands in heaven's corridors
as fingers unrelent
Give to me your reason
treason-ed heart did play it's role
I kiss your back as thoughts react
and midnight takes control

The Past Is Etched In Time

Etched in time the past defined
with lightning's fearsome flash
swift to breeze 'cross open seas
down raging rivers cast
Dance the midnight forest
across the arid desert find
time with all it's passing
is just catching death's design
Through the hilly mountaintops
to heights that go unseen
just a single whisper of
life's flash of time between
The dawning of our waking
shaking dreams from newborn eyes
time to pass in confidence
as dreams lash out to die
Make the most of lightning's pass
in every flash remind
life a raging river cast
the past is etched in time

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Mirage At Ghostly Glance

Visions sway horizons full
to pull and bind emotion
the sands of time to blow about
and set the past in motion
Beneath this ever watchful eye
at my behest you dance
painted show to ebb and flow
mirage at ghostly glance
Dust beneath me falling
calling out for retribution
jaded view of fading hue
construed from truth's illusion
Visions sway and dance this way
convey your last emotion
sands about are carried out
as time is sat in motion

Until Forevermore

Walk we will forever
'cross the beaches of my heart
I swear to you whenever
we will never be apart
I will walk beside you
sunny days and waves come crash
time to drift forever
I endeavor this my task
For I'll forever find you
here with me on heaven's shore
'cross the beaches of my heart
until forevermore

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Ignite In Shades Of Gray

Fade into the fearful night
ignite in shades of gray
warming light, the end in sight
til time we've done our day
In between the turning
burning suns and amber glows
time encased as sands displaced
and memories come and go
Taste of all the waters free
do best to age with grace
and fade into those fearful nights
ignite in shades of gray

A Path In Wood Did Go

Deep a path in wood did go
and shown it's way in light
pale and thick as air did whip
and sounds confound the night
There with wind about me
stark devout and moonlight thrown
through the trees my thoughts take leave
til through them shadows shown
At times to find me sliding
losing ground for dark imparts
imperfected light forgiven
til this living breath departs
Here in deadly midnight
beat the wings of darkened foes
I alone did walk in light
though through the wood it goes

Amidst The Stars To Slide

Along the edge of heaven walk
amidst the stars to slide
somewhere in the mists depart
to spark this heart of mine
Gave imbue to us into
therein that fading light
a soul entrust for man is loved
above all other's right
Claimed and shewn the hem renewed
the touch of grace to glide
along the edge of heaven, walk
amidst the stars to slide

Confess, It's True

Confess it's true these thoughts of you
to taste your hidden dreams
time to pass this hourglass
to fast from you it seems
So it goes as wanton throes
guide hands and devilish smiles
for in those hands come heart's demand
it's been there all the while
Sweet release doth time increase
as peace fades in from pain
drenched in you, refreshed renewed
in sweat that soothes like rain
Nectar of the gods applaud
as silent thoughts imbue
time to flash this hourglass
when tasting thoughts of you

The Cover Of Another

Betwixt the cover of another
pages glide to tempt and turn
secrets held and words reveled
dispel the shadow-ed burn
Spread like ink conveying
saying more, speech acquiesce
heart and soul are reacquainting
painting portraits nonetheless
Pen to paper labor
on this lettered love to strike
remission of the telling of
these thoughts our heart's ignite
Imagination calling
falling deeper with each turn
betwixt the cover of another
til we meet again, adjourn


Sat upon the midday sun
these rays ignite the skin
from earth to earth and dust to dust
we came and go again
Lost in all creation
ponder ours and wonder still
the purpose for our being 
seeing more than choosing will
All around us breathing
life abounds with treasures find
made in perfect harmony
each limb and leaf remind
Wind about my face replace
as cares and fears retract
rays of sun ignite the skin
from earth to dust and back

Friday, January 11, 2013

In Fiery Crimson Cast

Purple shades of night ignite
in fiery crimson cast
played on love's horizon
improvise while rolling past
Here en-wrapped in midnight
cuddled soft in dream's embrace
purple shades of night invite
her glimmered love to grace
Sparkling skin and velvet eyes
do in mine closed replace
watching calm the breaking of
the waves upon your face
Sands of love outstretched
across a blanket sea delight
clouds to dance as thoughts romance
these purple-d shades of night

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Silhouettes and Dreams

Clothes and lights are shedding
silhouetting what remains
looking through the looking glass
do all your colors change
Softer hue of devil's due
come play so gently here
words converge on tempting urge
with breath on bend-ed ear
Hearts remorse to run it's course
no here's where pleasures breed
somewhere in the middle of
too much and what we need
Clothes and lights are shedding
inhibition falls like rain
hearts upon the looking glass
where silhouettes remain

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Mark On Life To Leave

Circling out and cycling in
again comes death's reprieve
thoughts implore and beckon for
a mark on life to leave
For life in all it's cunning
stunning short and running out
to taste in all it's glory
storied love we've heard about
Time does flutter sharp impart
and cuts as hearts deceive
the soul is storing pages
of the words we'd hoped to leave
Turning through as thoughts review
and sentences concede
cycling in and circling out
again comes death's reprieve

Fire and Furies Feed

Pages turned in revelation
complication, words recede
chapters once imagined gone
to fire and furies feed
Words once stinging strikes of form
on sharp and jaded white
quick removed as faded hues
take place of thought, re-write
Stunning revelations
find themselves on self reflection
chapter-ed time in loving spines
confined in dereliction
Thoughts removed or changing
rearranging plots that twist
words have lost their meaning
seeming now the point is missed
Pages turned in revelation
complication, words recede
chapters once imagined gone
to fire and furies feed

Monday, January 7, 2013

Breath On Shadowed Night

Breath upon the shadowed night
ignite on skin to burn
raising love, awareness of
those things you long to learn
Ragged quick and gasping
rasping fast as truths replace
all the questions of the mind
now lined upon your face
In place now desperation
or elation so it seems
giving up and letting go
as waters flow like dreams
Lost in our translation
words and lips are biting back
coming quick adjoining souls
eclipsing time retract
Lost upon the moment
fiery hearts did skin ignite
raising love, awareness of
your breath on shadowed night

Pictures Paint

And music played aloft, aloud
about my stilling heart
words to dance and thoughts en-trance
as smoke too played its part
Mirrors view enhance untrue
imbue as pictures paint
showing things as what they seem
and seem be things they can't
Mindful tricks are playing
staying feet are moving still
here in midnight's afterthought
with tempting truths revealed
Changing shades to serenade
well played in fading shroud
all about my stilling heart
as music played aloud

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Wispy Wind

Wispy wind take flight ascend
and lend your song to skies
breath of God is camouflaged
unto the naked eyes
Ancient words go long unheard
known only to the trees
as soothing winds to them depend
to carry out their deeds
Long before the trials of man
before the rising tide
wispy wind did fly ascend
and lend it's song to skies

Glossy Glimpse of Heaven

Glossy glimpse of heaven
sparkle bright in velvet eyes
thrillful still that glance reveal
they're filled with fire alive
Captured for a moment
yet a second's all it needs
the waves of love come washing
and the heart does skip indeed
There upon my consciousness
to dance about and play
saved of you another
memories quick on heart's to play
Mistress of my morning
yearning swift in lashes swept
into my dreams and other things
it seems you quietly crept
Steal from you what souls imbue
that spark on which I thrive
glossy glimpse of heaven
sparkle bright in velvet eyes

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Meteoric Heart's Display

In the calming ticks of twilight
eyes alive with fire's regress
voices deep do bound and leap
as hearts and thoughts digress
Trailing 'cross the midnight sky
come frenzied comets clash
meteoric heart's display
across the mind to flash
Slow to fade this serenade
give life as eyes reflect
on the calming ticks of night
as heart's and thoughts perfect

Wrenching Stars From Shuttered Eyes

Into those depths and diving
driving deep where dreams evolve
to quench, you see, the mysteries
entreat your heart's resolve
Writhe with retribution
it's redemption's ebb and flow
knowing it's the center of
where I intend to go
Ever slight enclosed invite
as passion's tide comes quick
washing one another's hearts
in sparks as furies flick
Flash remind no past of mine
entwined as words conflict
hands are grasping mad though clad
in love they still constrict
Teeth on pillows clenching
wrenching stars from shuttered eyes
driving deep where dreams evolve
into those depths to dive

The Corners of The Night

Fearful came this midnight
like the past the sun has set
secret things that darkness brings
has swift into it crept
Not the moonlit meadow
nor the sky with stars to light
streaks of love are trailing
to the corners of the night
Serenades in truth invade
with daylight all but gone
are we who we say we are
and to ourselves be known
Searching deep in falling shadows
sad ol song seems now replayed
and this descent, desire repent
as memories burn to fade
Yet daylight finds it's dawning
just as dreams are taking flight
fearful came though hope inflames
the corners of the night

Friday, January 4, 2013

Kingdoms Come Collide

Final trumpet calling
as the kingdoms come collide
through the gnashing darkness
moon and stars have realigned
In the midnight gardens
shades do mourn and souls project
through a dawn where light is gone
and hearts and hopes neglect
Night to filter in begin
and truths become the known
pass from here to where unclear
ourselves but not alone
Hidden stars and constellations
correlation of reflection
looking through that shaded hue
words heard in life's inflection
Still they hide where dreams invite
to echo world's divide
final trumpet calling
as the kingdoms come collide

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Echoed Hush

Fire and space are interlaced
embraced in echoed hush
Time does fly for most
yet I have tasted of it's rush
For in these pools relaxed bejeweled
paints sparkle grains of time
a sacred place divine in grace
to find embrace entwine
Crystaled gems reminding swim
sing songs you siren sway
resounding rush in echoed hush
to thrust this heartened play
Still to dive romance contrive
as pleasures quick are spilt
to the edge of never
ever after's call revealed
Awash with love's expressions
trickling hot and interlaced
echoed hush, lay waste of rush
to taste of fire and space

Cindered Soul

Drench me in your falling rain
come soothe my cindered soul
yours to keep until we sleep
complete, you make me whole
Lavished breath of life entice
give hope to each of mine
not a day in passing
could I last without your shine
Pour me in your being
seeing me for what I am
burn me up it's true you do
in lieu your heart's command
Bound to you a thousand hues
your fire does make me whole
drench me in your falling rain
come soothe my cindered soul

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Sultry Night, Invoke Ignite

Passion caught 'hind fiery thought
flash hot then fade to gray
wrapped in shadows of the past
to cast en-trance convey
Heart's recall for after-all
the rain remembers well
sultry night, invoke ignite
it too like passion fell
Just a moment on the ear
as words like silk did slide
here once more to love implore
to burn and dance and glide
Darkness of the night invite
your flame on shadows cast
flashing hot with passions caught
too hot to burn too fast
Forged in shades of passion
flash hot then fade to gray
remaining caught in fiery thought
to cast en-trance convey