Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Reflection's Own Soliloquy

Traveling back in time to find
an old friend for a chat
words of wisdom soon sat in
I'm offering you just that
Do you know the hurt you've caused
the pain in other's eyes
I see that pain is etched in yours
though laughter too resides
I also see a massive heart
at times too big for good
you seem to put yourself in last
although I think you should
Watched I have as several paths
did lead your heart astray
I swore back then for you my friend
I'd make it right one day
Speak to you like brothers do
and tell you of your faults
time remind is precious
dare to dance and waltz the waltz
Words not meant to hurt you
simply here to help you steer
traveling back in time to find
myself upon the mirror

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