Friday, August 20, 2010

Satisfaction Of Distraction

Coming rush our heat created
lips pressed tight and skin is burning
satisfaction of distraction
in the shade your cheeks are turning
Ticking clock is now my rival
stand not watch and turn your eye
make it clear unwelcomed here
as sands go sifting by
Enraptured by a moments kiss
can't miss the seconds passing
simply mine embrace entwine
upon your waves and crashing
Burning hot with racing thought
dig nails in for attention
answered back as teeth exact
the words we fail to mention
Spinning fast is time unknowing
growing tension now in sync
satisfaction of distraction
seems we two are on the brink
Battle ground of mouth to mouth
now cheek to cheek we're turning
coming rush and heat's created
lips are tight and skin is burning

Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Sound of Souls Connecting

Justified we're vindicated
complicated yet the same
washed anew by feelings you
give life to entertain
Certainty in passing
still to touch through sharing glances
Caring not for minutes caught
indulging our romances
Safety found in common ground
on islands of redemption
beau-tied pools endowed to you
deep diving my attention
still I implore in wanting more
than lustful pleasures breed
breathing only by your breath
in death to super-cede
Complete and lost in our submission
competition all are bested
to the victor go the spoils
in that I'm fully vested
Time to age is justice done
as souls connect and hearts remain
washed anew by feelings you
give life to entertain.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Drink Of You A Million Hues

Fiery passion seems to fashion
streaking comets of desire
Eyes shut tight to dim the light
of fury's burning fire
Intertwined as night designs
come softly blues to blacks
In your arms discussing charms
while lying on our backs
Sweetened taste to rock the race
mixed swift with salty skin
Holding hips with fingertips
driving up and diving in
Waters deep yet shallow
swallowed up and made to swim
passion seems to fashion
eyes shut tight with lights to dim
Drink of you as lovers do
yet full no not this fire
Sliding to a fevered pitch
to which our hearts aspire
Skin again comes crashing
streaking comets slide to stop
burning just like breathing
leaving lips to stay on top
Pushed beyond exhaustion
embodied soulful explanation
passion flashing in your eyes
through coming revelation