Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Ocean Blue

The ocean blue in vivid hue
it's depths like souls divide
across the great expansion
to impassion what's inside
Waters still within us
rushing now like raging tides
are all imbued in vivid hues
where colors coincide
Ebbing flow of his creation
centered now in righteous zeal
as praise is due all things renew
and truth does time reveal
Breath of life in motion
heart alive to love pursue
deep like vivid color
dancing on the ocean blue

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Fiery Sword of Confirmation

Fiery sword of confirmation
cleaving deep within the chest
burning conversation
love's elation at it's best
Fire endowed with ember
melting all who dare to dive
into the realms of knowing
what it means to be alive
Hot and often faded
shaded scenes of black and white
nothing more than ash adored
in passions they ignite
To drift amongst the living
giving light as afterthought
a semblance of a moment
glowing distant memory caught
And to the soul is speaking
cleaving deep within the chest
burning conversation
love's elation at it's best

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Depths of Diving, Love

Underwater breathing
seething fear to bubble up
floating still as thoughts reveal
the depths of diving, love
No current overhead and yet
the sand so far away
breathing underwater
as the salt begins to spray
Tears to fall in knowing
flowing fast as tides they rise
underwater breathing
leaving all of it behind

Monday, August 12, 2013

Definition Flawed

Change by definition flawed
for in it's first inflection
sounded full and all pronounced
til furthered my inspection
Through careful time do truths define
a greater form of wealth
so further grow by things you know
be true to thine own self

A Moonlit Lane

A moonlit lane did night reclaim
and to her breast commend
wanderlust entreat entrust
to those whose hearts amend
Though the chilling mists remain
and steadfast seasons flow
a moonlit lane did life reclaim
upon it's midnight glow

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Night Does Reacquaint

Serenity of silence
as the dark does answer back
photographs like memories
in time to fade to black
Yet night with all it's darkness
in a brighter shade of blue
shines a light in heart's divide
and there again is you
So in the supple form of dawn
you dance and there dance well
upon my very 'membrance of
'bout truth and love pray tell
Spinning serenade persuade
and yet with color paint
serenity of silence
as the night does reacquaint