Friday, November 23, 2012

Slip To Fade

Strands of time are weaving
interchanging hope and fate
balance come with will be done
in time though never late
Shifting dunes relentless
ever-changing pages written
sift to find what pasts remind
those moments intermittent
Slip to fade that calming state
where time doth lay deceiving
fate is spun with hope redone
and strands of time we're weaving

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Ashes Play

Calming wind do thoughts ascend
life fades with love denied
Waking to each day anew
on you renewed relied
That warming light on nature's plight
invoking pleasured sin
Ashes play and resonate
to fall like burning skin
Made to dance this circumstance
a glance to pages past
colors true now darkened hue
that shade conveyed at last
Midnight in the garden
hearts do harden moments glide
upon the skin as thoughts ascend
life fades with love denied

Monday, November 19, 2012


Death of time unending
revelation doth devour
that willful call for after-all
we're in the final hour
Trumpet sound to heart resound
as curtains come a-calling
pastures green no longer glean
unseen with twilight's falling
Circumstance not left to chance
for one and all are beckoned
moments spent as hearts repent
relent upon the reckoned
Just be dealt a will none else
for no more needs it's doing
skies ablaze with memories made
and souls with roles renewing
Death of time unending
revelation-ed apparitions
that final call for after-all
we fall without remissions

Brushing Locks and Sleeping Clocks

Morning found as thoughts abound
in arms on life depend
Brushing locks as sleeping clocks
those restful dreams defend
Safely held as mirrors meld
those moments in between
Still she sleeps as sands deplete
just seconds so it seems
Meant to fade and serenade
those minutes we awaken
brushing face as dreams erase
the pace of life we're shaking
Empty beds where sleepy heads
do oft times find their calling
and lay to rest that woeful stress
into each other falling
As she fades to nightly shades
it's here I hear her story
where morning's found and thoughts abound
it's her in all her glory

Shadow of a Doubt

Candles light as flame ignites
and shadowed darkness plays
Burning out without a doubt
The fear that night conveys
Dreadful dreams or so it seems
as midnight finds it's calling
wrapped in sheets as hearts complete
the reason for our falling
Yet invades this promenade
as twisted fists envision
sparking souls beyond control
complication of collision
In salty sweat a pace was set
that taste finds lips unknowing
Setting sail behind the veil
of scenes obscenely showing
Rise to meet admit defeat
her pulse in warmth divide
nothing more than wanting for
a moment more inside
Candled light did flame ignite
as fire burns all about
dreadful dreams or so it seems
that shadow of a doubt

Friday, November 16, 2012

Hearts Remain Here Broken

Forming thoughts in moments caught
as pain recedes to morning
The heart concedes as pleasures breed
come quick and without warning
Meant to say as thoughts convey
a past with midnight fading
Colors made that serenade
the darkened lines we're shading
Vengeful hues of passing blues
as lightning calls and crashes
vanilla sky through which we fly
divide the furied flashes
Amidst the storm as winds do warm
yet hearts remain here broken
perhaps our path the aftermath
of all the words we've spoken
Whirling wind as night descends
and daylight finds it's mourning
as heart's concede to pleasures breed
and pain recedes to morning

The Heart's Disguise

Silent shades through which we gaze
those mirrors of the soul
thoughts resigned to reasoned rhyme
beyond the heart's control
Fevered mind as words remind
her flame does well to burn
made to spin remembering when
on skin to skin return
Salty sweat of past regret
on sheets of velvet glide
tingled turn as fingers yearn
her love they do divide
Forceful still as heat reveals
the loss of inhibition
time reminds of smokey eyes
as dreams come to fruition
Conflicted soul at hearts control
as midnight's passion plays
mirrored eyes the heart's disguise
those shades through which we gaze

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Hourglass Unending

Wrapped in dreams or so it seems
as midnight skin comes calling
Fade to black as thoughts react
that storied past enthralling
Shortened days as moments grayed
our days are short in casting
parts we've played to hearts dismayed
conveyed by time outlasting
Bleached by sun as seconds run
sanded hourglass unending
thoughts remind as sands of time
are ours just for the lending
Perhaps persuade our serenade
beyond the glass and shifting
the sky goes blue a lighter hue
and clouds they go a lifting
Starry night wraps dreams so tight
again comes midnight calling
fade to black as thoughts react
while sands at hand are falling

Furied Flame

Calming winds on hearts descend
the soothing pass of time
Reasoned fear for wanting here
those moments made to bind
Wrapped in velvet shade and played
remorse though bittersweet
for all descend like burning skin
reborn renewed complete
Ashes rise to recognize
the story of our falling
dust to dust to skin entrust
those memories recalling
Faintest touch and furies flame
consumed in fires of passion
waters leave their salty sting
recede as waves are crashing
Upon a sea of past regret
awash on distant shore
calming winds on hearts descend
as time goes passing more

Friday, November 9, 2012

Forward Climbing Upward

Forward climbing upward
downward spiral of complication,
honor seems to only dream
of dourly fornication
Wine that must be spoiling
from a lack of love's ambition,
this is all the pull I have
to bring into fruition.
Birth of past regression
thought to put it all behind,
but ghosts that haunt do well to taunt
and echoes do remind
Corridors worth searching for
as thoughts do nightmares breed
Forward climbing upward
falling backward so it seems

Thoughts Collide

Night has fallen sharply
on the echoes of the past
the warmth is slowly fading
with no sunlight come to cast
Storms inside as thoughts collide
and waves are crashing past
swirling storm to one day form
from all the tears we've cast
Tidal waves as thoughts invade
and fade to leave their passing
the rise and fall for after all
we are the wave that's crashing
Storied past does well to cast
the light on heaven's glory
night invade to serenade
the writing of our story
Calm inside on heart relied
though skin still feels the burning
night has fallen sharply
as the sunlight is returning
Forced to fade as shadows played
the haunting pass of time
echoes of the past do crash
with reason to their rhyme

Sunday, November 4, 2012


Collected frames we've rearranged
for stories tell their placing
Memories made as truths conveyed
are played as hearts go chasing
Little known the moments gone
pass still like fireflies fading
Time to age and turn the page
on dreams and tireless waiting
Made to twirl though hearts unfurl
in furied expectation
Fury fade and serenade
a glaring complication
The pass of time as he designed
knows not to slow or quicken
we only own these seconds gone
through memories we're reliving
Muse still made as strengths conveyed
those freeze frames just remind
Collected frames we've rearranged
in albums of the mind

Ripples Made

Mirrors shade though thoughts persuade
as distance resonates
Ripples made forever played
as echoes contemplate
Truth revealed as sands seem still
for hopes still seem persuaded
Listening here as hearts revere
those moments long since faded
Made to dance though none entrance
the chance when chance does show
Wine enhance our storied stance
for hearts know not let go
Hearts conceal can't quiet
raging flood that's overtaking
mirrors shade what thoughts persuade
new ripples in the making