Friday, October 31, 2008


Crash into the darkness
divide in half surround,
kiss the water gently
softly crawl across the ground.
Move upon the weakness of
the night's retreating force,
nature finds a way for things
to slide upon their course.
Here you are again each day
yet every night you die,
darkness crashes to you
as you fade into the sky.


Adrift on seas of past regret
these waters way too swift
return unto the present wakes
for on them you can drift
An ocean of remembrance
our sun can flick reflect
the closest of our memories
these murky depths protect


Spinning blend of fire and ice
magnificent display,
fading reds to yellow
sliding silent blue to gray.

Summer's Mornings

In every breath I dare to breathe
I know it's touched your heart,
feel you in each move I make
no matter far apart.
You are the morning dew for me
the kiss upon the grass,
a moment here and later gone
known to never last.
Radiant sun upon my face
I know when I find sleep,
one day I'll wake to find the dew
I finally get to keep.

Pirates Chest

Days upon the water
as the sun beats on my back
Sky has seen the colors change
from red to blue to black.
It would take a thousand years
to take salt from my skin
humidity and vanity
are slowly sinking in.
These boards on which I rest myself
are worn with each day gone
driven by a restless force
reluctant to go on.
Curl they do beneath the stress
perhaps they too must stretch
things to do prevent the crew
from naps they thought to catch.
In each I see a story
scars and wrinkles tell their tales
life like moving water
some have dips and some have swells.
Turn back to this lady though
she captivates my mind
becomes my music mistress of
a song I left behind.
Could it be real life I miss
or worry that I lack
smiling towards the water
as the sun beats on my back.


Today you gave a smile to me
you'll never get it back,
stored it deep inside my heart
to cover up a crack.
Then a laugh escaped your lips
that too I took away,
tucked it back to hear again
upon a rainy day.
Sparkling then I saw your eyes
that twinkle I made mine,
keeping for a reason
I'll forever have their shine.
Next you brushed against me
that gesture I took too,
just a way to everyday
have a touch of you.

Monday, October 27, 2008


Emersion of a newer you
in growth perhaps of me,
a welcomed change though soft and strange
of who I meant to be.
Intrusion of illusion
shadowed heart eluding fear,
pretentious and contentious
pushing far by drawing near.
An all inclusive paradigm
from my character delivered,
the greater good misunderstood
let love not die and wither.
Instead revise our meanings
search the heart to save the soul,
truly let the things that slide
slide on without control.
Savor in the minute
glory found in our creation,
the birth of you and I
from pieces bound for desolation.

Shifting Vale

Shifting vale as hearts do tell
the treasures of the soul,
do you feel did time reveal
the things you sought to know.
Could the good be understood
exchanges in your glances,
does she know the way she glows
when on your mind she dances.
Shifting vale to hearts do tell
the storied tales of my conviction,
do you feel does time reveal
a truth in your prediction.
Guided heart to speak in part
to hands to close and pray,
sparkling eyes to realize
the thoughts they give away.

Look Inside

Tides of change are rolling
listen to their ebb and flow,
your every breath is precious
and it's time I told you so.
Some in life can't see the depths
unfathomed beauty of the soul,
maybe just a shallow self
that tries to take control.
Your goodness can't be wasted
like glasses made to help the blind
you are exactly what you are
that's perfect by design.
I look in eyes with inner strength
a window to the soul,
listen to the ebb and flow
the tides of change do roll.

Note To Self

Dear Pen I fear it's coming clear
you've kept back all your ink,
allowed per say for thoughts to gray
no birth to what I think.
Count yourself as lucky
ready now for days are long,
the hand that is your master
strengthened while your flow was gone.
Absence bore identity
perhaps your scrawling lacked,
so enter in and work with me
to you I'll make this pact.
We will speak of things to come
and paths for those who seek,
your words will glitter off the page
to heart through eye will speak.
In this transformation
be my thoughts not left to think,
til words no longer flow from heart
and he runs dry our ink.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Love Was Just A Season

Perfection in that flashing glance
a moment on the sky
still imbue a brighter hue
the sparkle of my eye
You are like a passing breeze
in summer's sighed relief
much to love's abandonment
your breezing just as brief
Days gone by still rays of hope
from fading flower's kiss
thanks its true, for passing through
in momentary bliss

Saturday, October 25, 2008


Give to me your graces
hold me close I don't deserve,
protect me from all others
up to down and left to curve.
Guide me to the heavens
turn the sun to smiling faces,
keep me always hold me close
forever in your graces.

The Wind

All of heaven rustling
jostling moving all about,
birth of wind to us descend
as prayers are carried out.
Circling through our being
breath of life does ebb and flow,
amazing thing comes flight to wing
and peaks of mountains know.
Gift of God is smoothing sands
cooling brows and working hands,
this pause to life in high demands
it moves to dance at his commands.
Angelic wings to stir and guide
to pass from heaven's walls,
to every string of thought and thing
from rise to curtain falls.
It governs me as well this day
no birth of words without,
All of heaven rustling
jostling moving all about.


Tainted hearts of mice and men
from social hell and back again,
agendas hid by toothy grin
opinions change from now and then.
Stranglehold of that what's true
thread of lies in red and blue,
paint your heart a darker hue
begin again refresh renew.
No saving face now run and hide
as thoughts they flex and wills collide,
no more mistrust to coincide
remark embark to belly slide.
From dirt to muck in which to wallow
promised hands now cold and hollow,
pill too tough too big to swallow
take the lead exceed don't follow.
Beg for intervention fed
deceive us not you share our bed,
mistrust from hands now bowed your head
we follow not to where you've lead.
From start to finish now begin
check your tongue 'hind toothy grin,
from social hell and back again
the tainted hearts of mice and men.

Friday, October 24, 2008


Fire lit forest shadows
dancing children of the night,
inflame and rush to tempest touch
no gendered wrong or right.
Godless specters slave to none
be done from drunken whoring,
fat from dark and blazing spark
from dawning day ignoring.
Revel in your moments
slide and chance the dance to live,
pay homage to your embered flame
for life it dies to give.
Popping black and burning
yearning fuel to flame their flight,
fire lit forest shadows
dancing children of the night.

Dying Vine

Forward climbing upward
downward spiral of complication,
hope it seems my only dreams
of nightly revelation.
Wine that must be spoiling
from a lack of my ambition,
this is all the pull I have
to bring into fruition.
Birth of past regression
thought to put it all behind,
but ghosts that haunt do well to taunt
and linger to remind.
Breaking bondage is a must
of chains were self inflicted,
and all that falls these curtain calls
easy could have been predicted.
Change will come from dying of
the fruit of my relation,
forward climbing upward
downward spiral of complication.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Ugly duck of varied luck
to swan it seems you went,
tears once cried now warm and dried
they're gone and all are spent.
Through raging water's rushing flow
to brave the rising tide,
hidden underneath it all
as beauty magnified.
Reflection of your heart and soul
and all the joy you've lent,
ugly duck of varied luck
to swan it seems you've went.


Once upon another life
I held your heartaches close,
your hopes and dreams two hearts it seems
of storied grandiose.
Swept for me the sun and stars
the sky and moon and very air,
the simple batting of your eyes
or tossing of your hair.
Deep within our reckless bliss
our love did know no bounds,
we were our hearts and lips and hands
our silence and our sounds.
Seems that fate could not allow
nor cupid's arrow pierce,
Aphrodite can't protect
this love we love too fierce.
Tossed to wind and left to float
through endless days of strife,
still I hold your heartaches close
perhaps another life.

Crushing Weight

Crushing weight that must exist
the lump we cannot swallow,
bitter wind that's whipping in
warmth now cold and hollow.
Do the flowers feel the strain
of making air and drinking rain,
of hopelessness they can't explain
when placed upon the window pane.
The wait for death yet nurtured still
the lingered sting of purgatory,
withered brown and trimming down
it's me in all my glory.
Clammy hands about the throat
then gloat at past conquest,
of all the battles won and lost
my love you were the best.
The lump we cannot swallow
rose's thorns and heaven's hell,
crushing weight that must exist
persist and kiss too well.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Moonlight Glistens

Silent vast and all alone
I walked upon the midnight stone
Moonlight glistened snow is blown
beyond the trees were shadows thrown
Song upon the wind unknown
time to tell and truth be shone
by myself yet not alone
moonlight glistened snow is blown
Freezing chill to cut to bone
from depths of night where fear is grown
a shadow lurks and carries on
approving dark to heart condone
Run to hide or face be shone
I walked upon the midnight stone
To stand I must myself be known
silent vast and all alone

Guided Meditation

Guided meditation
burning ends of cigarettes,
drawing in to soulful grin
how easy he forgets.
Midnight consultation
alteration by regression,
only to his self be true
so false this first impression.
Spinning through this hazy hue
of smoke and weighted lies,
dizzy heads and stranger's beds
his thoughts of which comprise.
Winding clock of shifting sands
time demands no correlation,
to burning ends of cigarettes
or guided meditation.

Forest Cries

Stopped to hear the forest think
reflecting on it's vision,
Water streams awaken dreams
no cars or life collision.
Drink of God a hundred hues
these wooded colors spin,
thoughts of grays and olden days
from which we all begin.
Saddened by the softened cries
that tune the ears and sting the eyes,
a song on which the heart relies
from birth until the wind it dies.
Yet still in the mourning trees
it's found as intuition,
stopped to hear the forest think
reflecting on it's vision.

Complex in Simplicity

Do you know the endless ways
you pour upon my senses
Over mountains in my mind
dirt roads and country fences
Every breeze that rocks the race
to pace my heart to beating
every path I have not walked
still know to where they're leading
Simple as the winter's kiss
of snow upon my brow
the ease with which you make me rich
not ever knowing how
Complex in simplicity
my heart in fondness grows
my love for you is ocean deep
to which the river flows


Heavy are the burdened hearts
when parts of them go missing
tainted are these salty lips
when tears come from their kissing
Empty are the sheets these days
when often we are sleeping
through my mind a heart designed
now broken in my keeping
No longer made the masquerade
that to the tock is ticking
it's not true the flame is through
upon my soul it's licking
Painful strikes upon the heart
when lies come through in kissing
heavy are the burdened hearts
when they don't know what's missing

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Perhaps it was the manner
of which you slid upon my senses,
something silky smooth did soothe
my former apprehenses.
Dark and velvet angel
grinding hard upon my being,
visions done by circumstance
your face is all I'm seeing.
Certain that it's soon to pass
for night must break to day,
and morning comes to kill my dreams
and chase your love away.
Oh but for those fevered sheets
the place of your distraction,
I calmly wait and contemplate
your coming satisfaction.
You're my nightly waterfall
engulfing as it rinses,
silky smooth in dreams she moves
and slides upon my senses.

Saturday, October 18, 2008


Who is penning tales like this
who now writes the ending
is our sunset penciled in
or on us is it pending
Are we just the paper
or the thought as God is writing
is the play we see today
the truth come out of hiding
Give to me a thousand smiles
each one I'll stop to measure
be it paper, pen or thought
still each I swear to treasure
Sun upon my browning skin
salt as waves come crashing
pictures slow in life to go
all through my mind and flashing
Let me hold the canvas
blues and grays come inter mitten
If I wrote the story
are you sure of what you're getting
All I need is just one thought
just one that's strong, unbending
written down where skin does brown
And waves are neverending


A million tiny lovers dance
to sounds of their creation
twisting, turning, yearning
for an earthly congregation
Thoughts and composition
mix together come apart
from the storm in which we're born
now back again to start
Gather in the masses planned
ascension and descension
wanting nothing but to dance
no need for worldly pension
Start to end begin again
to cycle for salvation
a million tiny lovers dance
to sounds of their creation


Sifting through and gliding
riding high on expectation,
shining siren of the sun
her song of exaltation.
Pleasure now to deadened ears
now burning live and ready,
voice upon a chilly wind
warming heart's confetti.
Raining all around me
seems you cover every season,
giving reason back to rhyme
as rhyme gives back to reason.
Everything I need in life
and nothing all at once,
no longer needing even breath
you cover all those points.
Giving life by being mine
each heartbeat shares a minute,
sifting through and gliding too
and thankful that you're in it.

Friday, October 17, 2008


That unexplained unwanted feeling
coming through in waves,
sounding out as marching feet
go walking on our graves.
Damnation brought about by choice
inexplicable in fashion,
saving up for day to day
the sudden ending ration.
Belly's full while wanting more
gluttonous by recreation,
thoughts become that feeling numb
no higher exaltation.
Godless and you know it
once again those choices linger,
know exactly where you point
before you raise a finger.
Blank because you're wanting
faces more than no expression,
turn within no hope to grin
forced more into regression.
Recession of the soul is sad
but childlike thoughts can save,
sounding of the trumpets
as we walk upon our graves.

Push to Shove

Find a common push to shove
then fall to retrospection,
sliding underneath the gate,
once placed for you protection.
Backing still and fighting more
sliding towards retreat,
Am I but a trophy
that you hold in my defeat.
Can you truly conquer
that you do not understand?
You only save from falling
cause I'm reaching out my hand.
What then if I back away
hold what if my retraction,
Would it be you won the war
or battled for reaction?


Spiraling taste of heaven
moving forward sitting still,
Bend you many different ways
yet never bending will.
Conscious and objective
fighting for a moment slide,
enveloped in a gentle rain
from pain nowhere to hide.
Tucked away from nothing
fully open to it all,
here I feel just safe enough
to trust you if I fall.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Another's face

Shifting pace of time and place
another time another face
Memories shine to fade replace
another time another face
A kiss to kiss the falling grace
another time another face
Arms that hold to love's embrace
another time another face
No shame no chance to now replace
Another time another face.

Simple complications

Yet none to find positions
filled precisely where they're choosing,
God makes not mistakes of thought
nor random are his musings.
So complete in planning
spanning time and plotting still,
every single shift of sand
the hourglass would spill.
So measure days with thoughtful grace
in measured happenstance,
the rock on which we build our lives
was not a child of chance.
Counted for was every drop
our shepherd's compensations,
sheep we are of numbered fold
simplistic complications.

Sleep to Dream

Laid myself to sleep to dream
and stars began to slide,
milky grains of infancy
as hearts and thoughts collide.
Riding velvet comets
streaking harmless 'cross the sky,
in worlds to dream revolves it seems
round only you and I.
Morning dawns and cosmic dusts
have settled planets align,
laid myself to sleep to dream
in worlds where you are mine.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Night's meadow

Precious night is falling
swaying meadow grass to dance,
graying shades to heart persuade
stand tough and take a stance.
Find in dark your solace
let not shadows creep to slide,
for in the corners of the mind
the stealthy creatures hide.
Waiting for that moment's pass
when strength in self will falter,
and every whim of every limb
to fleeting courage alter.
Careful not to lose your edge
repulse the fear that's calling,
swaying meadow grass to dance
precious night is falling.


Trivial perhaps it seems
this broken heart,
and shattered dreams
The pointing blame
now forced to end,
too much alike
when wills contend.
Yet puzzle pieces scattered
still to other puzzles fit,
now pictures are distorted
lacking perfect compliment.
Different roads are winding
always looked afar with you,
vanilla skies I recognize
have faded darker blue.
The ending of an era
dying of our special flame,
I'd always hoped our dreams weren't broke
and paths would be the same.
Proven wrong to swallow hard
I guess it's trivial still,
perhaps one day you'll understand
perhaps you never will.


Where is my Delilah
seems that strength is fading fast,
played the fields of passion
into ocean's love I've cast.
Still no tender touch to heart
or lover's burden I can shoulder,
searching for and fanning flames
that seem if but to smolder.
Aphrodite's whipping post
so offers she can mock,
sinking ship sure to flip
as vultures start to flock.
Can't there be a needed Samson
strong with heart and broad at will,
looking for my saving grace
while face is naked still.

Saturday, October 11, 2008


Lost in search of who I am
lifted child and lessened man
constant night of lightened plan
the dark we can't, the light we can
Control is lost yet daily fought
so can we fall from grace
keep in me the light to see
a darker time and place
Upon a sea of thrillful faces
places, thought and time
it seems to find me wanting
searching reason to the rhyme
Hopes to pull together
hope to find the dreams we made
lost in search of who I am
and found by what's displayed
Regrets are dying with me
no one left to hurt by plan
regression by digression
lifted child and lessened man

2:14 am

Yet it's late I think of you
I wonder how you dream
do you move on prior thoughts
you move on mine it seems
In the precious hours
as your body finds its rest
Does a smile befall your face
of me at your behest
Even in my deepest dreams
a beating heart does stir
motions of relations
that our stations can't deter
Time a gentle wave we ride
no storms come as we sleep
mountains seem to crumble down
are found no longer steep
All the world is turning
giving way to morning's hue
love to wonder how you dream
it's late I think of you

Friday, October 10, 2008


Purpose falls to reason
fate this altered sacrifice,
offer up a gleaming hope
but death will still suffice.
Born with tragic motion
still to jump from pan to fire,
hope to dreams then dying screams
yet still my heart conspire.
Traitorous beating falter
take from lungs your loving breath,
fate this altered sacrifice
as purpose falls to death.


All the world is right tonight
nothings out of place,
God himself is smiling
down upon our slowing pace.
All the pieces fell to fit
corners have aligned,
thoughts of you in dusky hue
are running through my mind.
Nothing more worth fighting for
but battle's out of sight,
God himself is smiling
and all the world is right.

Daylight Coming Through

Shifting shrouds from passing clouds
they paint in wondrous shading
our glory spent upon the day
into it's glow we're fading
Lost in moments only ours
the hours pass like shrouds
shifting shades through skies convey
the wonder of the clouds

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Now it must be raining
tears come quick as heaven's kisses
light to dark to fading spark
now falls to hits and misses
So it goes for me this way
that never-ending fight
birth to death, though some are left
as morning fades to night
Give to me those kisses
cooling soothing is your rain
when storms have gone, we're all alone
yet memories remain
Thankful for the rising tide
the dare to dance again
and left to tell at heart's avail
those places that we've been
Sit and wait to self relate
the wind now blowing warm
seeking nothing more than hope
to face the coming storm