Sunday, March 28, 2010

Words Come Nimble

Words come nimble smooth and quick
Words resound and found to stick
Cunning lips to hardened heart
til words come fast and tear apart
The hungered soul in which they gaze
To fill and seal their serenade
Letters made to flow and fuck
til stranger-ed lips do interrupt
Quickly caught in moments heat
the flow of words and letters cease
To find the strength to force them out
These words absurd yet right somehow
Gift from him do words ascend
yet flowing further back again
Choice our saving grace though faith
to choose the words to set the pace
Letters slow to us resemble
Words come quick and smoothly nimble

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Starry Sky

Warming back on cooling Earth
beneath a starry sky
comets are cascading
as our lives are ticking by
Slowly passing thoughts to still
of future plans and masters will
No heart beats to silence fill
the empty mornings lonesome chill
To lend to mind this peaceful night
the wanton thrill of lovers plight
To share desire temptations bite
Blissful caught in starry sight
Quick to slow and stall to stop
to tally all it's worth
comets are cascading
Warming back on cooling Earth.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Fiery Pirouette

Slow dancing in a burning room
invoke my heart in part consume
the fanning flames impending doom
sharing fates from womb to tomb
Prison bars of fleshly scars
hold not the dare to dance
tilt to twirl as fires do swirl
round worldly circumstance
Death it ends to spin again
new flames at heart consume
still I take the time to dance
inside this burning room