Sunday, March 31, 2013

Tempting Shades of Morning

Tempting shades of morning
that she's lightly shadowed in
drift across direct and toss
like caution to the wind
Time around is slowly found
to fade and shimmer out
in moments freeze like prettied please
the sun is all about
Dance for me forever be
the star of my adorning
wrap me in your warming light
in tempting shades of morning

Friday, March 29, 2013

Wrapped In Midnight's Fury

Wrapped in midnight's fury
arms entwine and interlace
passion in and out like breath
from depths of love's embrace
Her burn is slow and building
yielding sparks of fiery thrill
the night divides and satisfies
what hungry hearts reveal
Shadows cast on doubt are flashed
as passions find their pace
flowing free in waves you see
adrift on marbled grace
Wrapped in midnight's fury
love is spent with hearts a-race
passion in and out like breath
from depths of love's embrace

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Oil Magnolia's Flow

Into the oil magnolia's flow
did colors swirl and sink
along the lines of thoughts design
to what we truly think
Self interpretation shine
no polish roughing in
edges of the lines of love
smoothing who've we been
Slow but surely making out
with echoes of regret
for moments gone in time alone
before I felt you yet
Now into her canvas pour
a sip of heaven's drink
into the oil magnolia's flow
did colors swirl and sink

Tiny Marks

Tiny marks on cheeks to spark
a song like record's spin
sparkle fade to serenade
when in them looking in
Peer and find as thoughts remind
and pictures flutter flick
moments show their ebb and flow
some gray while others stick
Panoramic sun to set
ablaze on starry sky
tiny marks on cheeks to spark
like embers in her night

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Distant Sea of Hearts

'Cross the distant sea of hearts
through depths of love's expanse
words alive now fade to gray
with colored circumstance
Pulse to softly quicken 
stricken purpose now in place
voices carried on the wind
descend on your embrace
Silent still this beating
nothing turns without your say
'cross the distant sea of hearts
where words now fade to gray

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Inviting Night

Night invites it's falling
calling out to fading day
flurries drift on air to lift
and dare to shifting sway
Little known as thoughts do roam
does love transcend it's bounds
off to grace a time and place
where time comes back around
In moments thick as furies flick
at last the day retires
off in night where dreams takes flight
no more to forge it's fires
Here to stay in heart's display
just like this falling night
with winters chill like flurries will
into the air invite

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Autumn In Reflection

Autumn in reflection
looking back on summer days
daylight fading into dark
as streetlights hum away
Off in distant shadow calls
a voice to heart ignite
all is done and headed home
goodbye for now goodnight
Autumn in reflection
smoke to curl and passions end
desires implore a little more
adore our time my friend
Off in distant future find
when days are long and still
autumn in reflection
and what it might reveal

Soul Dispel

Soul dispel those secrets held
and speak of sultry shades
colors spun in hearts undone
from blues and back to grays
Sketched upon a fading heart
impart your will at last
meant to guide and coincide
with every second's pass
Seems as if with dreams adrift
that time itself does sway
guiding more it's last implore
of love to show the way
In it's wake these ripples make
kaleidoscopic seams
sewing in the fabric of
oneself and what it means
Beat oh heart til death depart
the key to secrets held
colors spun in hearts undone
into the soul dispelled

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Fiery Light

Fiery light revive ignite
with words that speak of flame
clouds abate though resonate
with darkness til you came
Centerpiece of life remains
return to burn and cast
equal on the ones to come
as those whose times have past
Just a moment 'neath your eye
then sleep til time it wanes
until your lips surround eclipse
with words that speak of flame

Time Persuades

Time persuades our past to fade
though aging colors hold
stories told, some new, some old
hands played while others fold
What conceals these thoughts revealed
the canvas or the ink
none to know the highs and lows
or depths to which we sink
Dreams survive in jaded eyes
comprising colored shades
thoughts to dance as hearts romance
a glance before it fades
Captured time invoke remind
tell tales wrote on the soul
time persuades our past to fade
though aging colors hold

Friday, March 8, 2013

Winds Are Sudden Shifting

Winds are sudden shifting
lifting spirits in their wake
waters ripple in and out
and circle back in place
Everything connected
perspective here is key
only for a moment comes
a time for you and me
Ever fading colors
shading fall away to spring
winds are sudden shifting
connecting everything
Time of no relation
to a heart that knows it's place
praying for a little more
til sleep comes swiftly grace
Every second made to taste
so drink the wine of living
waters ripple in and out
and winds are sudden shifting

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

In The Arms of Morning

In the arms of morning
wrapped adrift in love's delight
skin to skin as thoughts begin
descent from starry night
Here in daylight's dawning
yawning off in distant dreams
she is everything I want
and nothing that she seems
Tight to hold to heaven
time to pass those moments will 
linger close as seconds froze
and there they remain still 
Love to flame those pictured frames
like dreams are taking flight
in the arms of morning
wrapped adrift in love's delight

Spirit's Fruits

Spirit's fruits are resolute
for those who dare believe
time a dance we all must chance
with hope to interweave
Rising sun with dreams begun
as daylight breaks the dark
turning face to swift embrace
and on the journey start
Moments held with minutes meld
like stories on the soul
tucked away for trying days
released to his control
Guiding light let fears take flight
hold fast as sands do fall
spirit's fruits are resolute
believe and that is all

Monday, March 4, 2013

Waves Caress and Slide

Shadows dance in happenstance
while waves caress and slide
echoes play and fade away
and time itself divides
Stark serene with fiery dreams
as midnight's passions play
salt to blend with sandy skin
and night to burn away
Sparks abound and all around
the dark does come alive
where shadows dance in happenstance
and waves caress and slide

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Kiss of Winter's Morning

Kiss of winter's morning
frost adrift on pines to play
burdened backs to pop and crack
to lean and stretch and sway
All the while in wintry style
did night give fall to grace
passing clouds invoke enshroud
the falling snow's embrace
Here upon a sea of white
does light come sparkle play
the kiss of winter's morning
warming up to fade away

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Whispers Tell of Moments Held

Whispers tell of moments held
like paintings on the soul
storied peak designed unique
as colors ebb and flow
Portraits held not meant unveiled
'cept those the canvas knows
whispers tell of moments held
like paintings on the soul
Linger still as time reveals
the truth behind its breadth
wonder more for what's in store
than moments we have left
Whisper now as passing clouds
paint too on skies and meld
passion's flow to canvas go
into those moments held