Friday, October 25, 2013

Inner Light

Inner light does fire ignite
to see her colors shine
world to spin though painted in
the fading shade of time
Still in her does hope occur
with whispering winds alive
secrets held in beauty's veil
and sanctity revive
Creation's child so free and wild
unbridled, unrefined
inner light does fire ignite
to see her colors shine

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Graceful Given

Ascension found from salty ground
these souls need intervention
made to shade and serenade
it's ocean aired intention
Fire to fade as hearts persuade
and listen for her calling
followed still I serve her will
as stars do streak in falling
Sparkled dance of happenstance
as waves do kiss and flow
ebb to fade and serenade
this dance of life we know
Caught upon a cresting wave
to crave for more than living
to truly use and not just ruse
the dance we're graceful given

Friday, October 18, 2013

To The Heart Confide

Echoes play as words convey
and passioned thoughts collide
dreams remind of pasts defined
and to the heart confide
Falling more as lines implore
the taste of love's regret
drinking up this empty cup
in fear of nothing left
Who then plays the serenade
as leaves they wilt and love it fades
for time defines the game we play
as skies go dark and sun it shades
Dreams remind that love is blind
the heart in pieces lay
shattered still as thoughts reveal
and echoed words replay

Shaded Silence Raining Down

Shaded silence raining down
as night begins to fall
small array of blue and gray
and gold despite it all
In the dwindling grains of sand
reflected hopes and dreams
yet shaded silence raining down
like ash to pass it seems
Past regret is reigning yet
it too is coming down
thunderous night as breaths ignite
and echoed thoughts resound
Tempered hot by feelings caught
and truths unwelcome still
storming in the morning
forming light to night reveal
Tempest tossed as all is lost
is this the curtain's call
shaded silence raining down
as night begins to fall

Monday, October 14, 2013

Retrace As Waters Still

Clarity in time's embrace
retrace as waters still
echoes ripple in and out
and to one's self reveal
Speak of shaded memories
beneath the starry veil
finding truth in dreams of youth
and sets the soul to sail
Serenity in slowing time
reminds of it's embrace
echoes ripple in and out
as waters still retrace

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Love Me Not

Love me now or love me not
for time knows not it's pace
a moment here to disappear
revere our short embrace
Like petals found to drift unbound
our souls too, slowly bind
and soon displace from heart's embrace
so hold on close to mine
For nothing lasts forever
lest it's love made to amend
those moment's lost with caution tossed
and blown upon the wind

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Lover's Venge

Language dripping wet inflect
in heat defeat divide
something sweet divine entreat
and splash on soul to slide
Burning hot in moments wrought
agreed and giving in
full relax in forced impact
and guiding hand's intents
Here awash on dreams and tossed
you find your heart's contents
in language dripping wet that's met
with lips of love's revenge

Thoughts To Fall and Flowing

Thoughts to fall and flowing
slowing only in their passing
strike descend on passion's pen
amongst the waves and crashing
Come and go like ripples though
like whispers while they last
memories made they serenade
like echoes of the past
Thoughts to fall and flowing
slowing now with passing grace
and here upon my fingertips
she slips amongst the waves
Here to dance forever
to endeavor on her way
the oceans of my lover
to discover slide and sway
Tides are high and rushing
waves persuade me to their crashing
thoughts to fall and flowing
slowing only in their passing

Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Raven bold and brazen
laden down with dripping sweat
dark and soul alluring
but enduring nonetheless
Creature of intention
not to mention deadly too
sleek and black as claws retract
and flash with vengeance due
A fiery incantation
fallen ash and phoenix rise
as her flame it flutter flicks
to fix on starry eyes

Original Artwork by Loui Jover
You can buy this artwork "Phoenix" here:

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Premonition

Storm to form or clouds a-lifting
thoughts are drifting on the tide
the ending of an era
or the dawn of hope to rise
Minds confined to younger times
when our horizon's filled
with wonders in the drifting clouds
and truths not yet revealed
Yet in the years to follow
swallowed deep and tucked away
eyes that peer to yesteryear
with wonderment display
To look into the coming storm
with thoughts on drifting tides
the ending of an era
or the dawn of hope to rise