Friday, April 30, 2010


Charged-up air then loves reaction
sparking heat from yearning skin
suffer me a moment
pull me close to pull me in
Monumental pause and gasp
just inches from your gaze
deep in shocked amazement
sultry eyes are now ablaze
Deep in pools of wonderment
to taste forbidden fruit
listen to your body
heart and mind will follow suit
Give to me your passion
drink you in and taste you slow
lying here no other fear
than simply letting go
Close your eyes to realize
this moments truth not fantasized
locked away this worldly prize
til now unleashed as hips do rise
Spent our building fury
still in waves comes satisfaction
long beyond the charged up air
that spurred our loves reaction.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

This Morning's Faded Frost

Golden as the morning sun
as light comes charging in
Nothing lasts as moments pass
like words through quickened pen
Soaking in the moments
like the ink to page does flow
love or loss to cherish toss
we're holding on and letting go
The ebb of life like colors
blue to black and fade to gray
reflection on these thoughts our own
a golden guide to light the way
Fury of the race we pace
hold tight to every minute
nothing stays though love delays
the wonder we find in it

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Something Makes Me Think of You

Steal away intention
intervention by persuasion
closing eyes can't compromise
the heat of your invasion
Took to task too quick to mask
a smile has found it's place
soon to find your thought reminds
and shines upon my face
Goddess of the moment
etched in blood on burning skin
every breath I take is yours
going out and coming in
Crushing hearts go pounding
beating hard with salty sweat
lost in resurrection
feels like dying, living yet
All of this in seconds
quick to calm the pulsing pace
blink to gain composure
with your smile upon my face.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Heaven is Cascading

Amazing, quick the night does pass
shifting slow these shadows last
Come morning soon to lift and dash
the veil of dawn to pray and fast
Til time does call to her be cast
upon our hearts to take to task
on sheets to dance we both outlast
too soon, it seems the night does pass.