Sunday, December 22, 2013

Within A War Is Waging

Within a war is waging
waxing hot on silky skin
midnight on the covers
wherein lovers meet again
Heaven hot on hellish lips
to drift on dripping tides
awash upon the coming wave
that never quite subsides
Fire ascend as hearts begin
in joining rhythms beat
slick with sweat as silhouettes
are met in flickered heat
Furies fought in sheets we're caught
as fiery flames are raging
waxing hot on silky skin
within a war is waging


Smoky greys to fade away
though love we capture still
hid away from life's decay
til times of need reveal
Gone but not forgotten
pining yet for darker days
smiles derived from what's inside
these squared off smoky greys
Enraptured by those grainy lines
developed by our light
smoky greys to fade away
and drift into the night

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Shadows On The Desert

Sun is setting on the desert
soon the night comes closing in
to whisper to the shadows
of the places that it's been
Speak of silk surrender
wrapping thoughts in cooling air
graceful lines are well defined
with time and tender care
Heaven's face with love embrace
outlined in night's caress
shadows on the desert
as the sun lies down to rest

Rustling Hearts Like Winded Trees

Brush of time in paint define
the rhyme of memories
sounds of raging rivers
rustling hearts like winded trees
Kiss from warming sun has come
to aging bones' delight
still here we find the past remind
that time knows not it's plight
Wisdom comes in waning sun
when skies are cold and gray
the brush of time in paint define
that nothing fades away

Drift In Moonlit Night

Moonlit night with stars ignite
adrift beneath your gaze
kaleidoscopes of beaming hopes
to dance in darkened sways
Shifting clouds as dreams sift down
and through the midnight shine
adrift on eyes that realize
the beauty of the mind
This broad expanse where dreams do dance
with hope and stars ignite
in dark with faith go prayers prayed
to drift in moonlit night

Upon The Still of Morning

Upon the still of morning
'fore the day has yet begun
a choice for sun or storming
as thoughts do reckless run
Eyes are slow in chasing
every glimpse of wonder grace
breath is calm and shallow
hallowed life to love's embrace
Serenity to speak to me
across the soulful span
breathing in as thoughts begin
to turn to tasks at hand
Everyday in dawning gray
a choice for sun or storming
thanking grace for life's embrace
upon the still of morning

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Thoughts In Bloom

Thoughts in bloom as clouds resume
and sun on petals played
in heaven's field were dreams revealed
and hearts did serenade
Lost in time two souls align
with skin on skin to slide
reckless free just you and me
awash in nature's tide
Love we made again replayed
'neath skies of loving grace
thoughts resume as clouds they move
and sun on petals plays

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Velvet Lines Collide

Velvet lines descend define
in faded shades of gray
swoon and sway as fingers play
and softly point the way
Fire ignite in warming light
to dance and further stay
velvet lines on skin so fine
invoke and quite persuade
Burning hot these embered spots
as skin on skin to slide
in warming light as fires ignite
and velvet lines collide

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Coastal Wind

Hearts descend in coastal wind
as shore and ocean kiss
salty spray to calm dismay
and thoughts and cares dismiss
Heat imbue with passion due
to warm and brown away
this burning skin we dance again
and in your glory play
Sounds remind of distant times
they too with smiles embrace
and reminisce on moments spent
as hearts and thoughts they race
With fire alive to soul revive
from sense to heart descend
salty spray to calm dismay
and play on coastal wind

Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Exalted view of eighty two
with eyes like skies it seems
a world on fire with heart's desire
alive in painted dreams
Waves to flow and time ticks slow
I breathe it's beauty deep
another day to softly fade
to rest in heaven's keep
Endless possibilities
on canvases of time
nights beneath the fiery heat
of streetlights down the line
Penitence and promises
with childlike wonder spent
echo still as words reveal
the kiss of their intents
Warmth we find in younger times
in hope we bid adieu
with aging eyes we still see skies
like those in eighty two

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Moonlight Through The Gray

Swirling dreams and clouds surround me
midnight falling through the gray
sun did shine but thoughts of mine
seem now to dark the day
Hope on the horizon
ever mindful that it's still
things unchanged, yet here remain
and there they'll be until
Made to drift this spiraling rift
on highs and lows to rise
swirling dreams and in between
reflected in our eyes
For clouds roll all around me
yet hope shows through to say
sun to shine through thoughts in time
like moonlight through the gray

Still She Waits and Serenades

Still she waits and serenades
a heart that needs no song
near or far adrift his heart
is hers and hers alone
Carry on like summer's song
to fade into the fall
again with spring and hope it brings
gives way to winter's call
Yet her's another season
seems his love is still in place
for time is just a reason
to keep track of what remains
For in his love surrender
circle back like water's fate
her heart it needs no singing
still she waits and serenades

Fire and Light

Fire and light to sky ignite
kaleidoscopic swirl
views that paint with hues innate
to satiate the world
Wrapped in velvet morning
clinging still to shades of night
grandiose in splendor
as the embers spark ignite
Sky ablaze with blues and grays
and reds to paint of flame
never just do colors trust
themselves to look the same
Guiding force to stay the course
in each new work delight
heaven's paint to correlate
and on the sky ignite