Saturday, April 23, 2016

Reborn As Ashes Fall

Wintered hearts enraptured
captured glory, rise and fall
bringing life to jaded night
into this fire dissolve
Meadows filled with heat to build
an offering for your grace
sacrificed I am
into the arms of her embrace
Morning subtle sweet retreat
out on that altar-ed flame
with summer's sting our offering
where nothing more remains
Burning skin we're raptured in
reborn as ashes fall
wintered hearts enraptured
in the glory of it all

Monday, April 18, 2016

Fire To Flame

Smoldered heat thought obsolete
still yet a fire to flame
hearts conspire in fueled desire
now burning just the same
Moments found as thoughts abound
and echo days of old
when fiery hot were feelings caught
and love burned uncontrolled
Eyes alive as flames revive
hearts pound in quickened beat
to fan the flames renewed remain
though once thought obsolete