Friday, May 31, 2013


Rendezvous for just us two
and time comes to a still
rain did fall but slowly stalls
upon love's windowsill
No one else around as sound
gave way to sudden stop
making way for hearts to say
their vows in secret swap
Rendezvous for just us two
a kiss and love consumes
fiery hearts as sound restarts
and time itself resumes

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Time A Flower Fading

Time a flower fading
serenading in it's pass
reaching towards forever
to endeavor on it's path
Stretch we try in summer sky
to gain all that we can
time a flower fading
making most of time at hand
For our steady trying
ever reaching for the sun
don't forget that time is fleeting
sewing seeds too must be done
For when the day is ending
and our colors start to fade
did you truly bloom enough
to share the love you made

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Wind and Sultry Sway

Shadows play in summer's gaze
as sunlight burns to kiss
wind to play and sultry sway
in salty waves adrift
Sand beneath the waters shift
and life has found it's pace
as shells remind what's left behind
it's time with which we're graced
Moments held where sunlight fell
and with the shadows play
cares take rest at sun's behest
with wind and sultry sway

Burning Confirmation

Taste of you in morning dew
the grace of your creation
love's decree from you to me
in burning confirmation
Validated heart to spark
the language now of love
burning hot with time forgot
in what we're dreaming of
Sultry skin in moments lend
your touch at heart's demand
giving way to love's embrace
eyes chase and dreams expand
Here it's true in morning dew
awash in love's elation
from you to me our hearts decree
in burning confirmation

Til Day and Dreams Ignite

Held your face in soft embrace
like smoke it slowly fades
into the night as dreams take flight
and sunlight burns away
Specter of the salty surf
to chance the water's edge
it's you who visits night by night
to you I made my pledge
Swim we do in painted hues
and swear by love's design
it's there you dance in happenstance
in oceans of the mind
Yet here we stay til shadows fade
no more across the night
held your face in soft embrace
til day and dreams ignite

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Love's Devotion

Dawning day to eyes that chase
and warmth still on the lips
just the taste of love's embrace
now gone as daylight slips
Through the blinds and thoughts remind
of painted hearts that chase
in the smoky dance of dreams
two souls are interlaced
Dawning day at heart's dismay
too soon you found my rest
the death of dreams or so it seems
my eyes did acquiesce
Behind the blinds as thoughts remind
of still frames, still in motion
with warmth on lips as daylight slips
and shines on love's devotion

Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Fire of Dreams

Upon the wings of angels
dreams are settling now like dust
sifting through the heavens
meant to drift on down to us
Hope to fall like ashes
fiery sparks that once were lit
still they burn and smolder
shouldered too like dreams adrift
Made to dance and sparkle
ocean vast with light arrayed
a million diamonds glisten
to the heart she serenades
Into that midnight fading
hope is there or so it seems
drifting through the heavens
burning hot the fire of dreams

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Momentary Bliss Adrift

Momentary bliss adrift
on lips that share your plight
desire to burn and often turn
to fire from candlelight
Wick refined and at the ready
wax to sear upon the skin
momentary bliss adrift
relax and welcome in
Feelings found from depths resound
and echo 'neath her gaze
binding wrist fight hard resist
to tempt and tease away
Desire to burn as fingers yearn
they too must have their fun
momentary bliss adrift
my dear we've just begun
Fires of passion fanning
flames to flick in candlelight
momentary bliss adrift
on lips that share your plight

The Heart Does Well Remind

Bound in thought to one another
and the heart does well remind
the love we spent were moments lent
in truth just borrowed time
Does your soul in secret hold
our memories all in place
do they shimmer in your heart
and sparkle on your face
Til the tides of time remind
and with them sands recede
night gives way to morning
as the day breaks on the sea
Those seconds play forever
when the thought's of you my lover
on borrowed time still yet we bind
our hearts to one another

Upon That Sandy Shore

Upon that sandy shore once more
and to the soul provide
solace from the daily drum
of life not lived, survived
Oceanic scenes serene
paint skies alive with hope
slower still this pace reveal
a broader view to scope
Heat descend upon the skin
and inward radiate
upon the wind a salty blend
of sounds accommodate
A soul relaxed refreshed intact
with purposed heart once more
different eyes in paradise
upon that sandy shore

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Eyes Alive To Chase

She hunts in dreams the finer things
with eyes alive to chase
those lines refined and oft remind
of tearful time's embrace
Echoes play as darkness fades
from youthful shades of black
into the night where dreams invite
and time goes flowing back
Heart discern as memories churn
where time and tears retrace
to hunt in dreams the finer things
with eyes alive to chase

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Midnight Morning Star

You are my midnight morning star
the brightest twinkle yet
a cleansing tide through heart's divide
a wheel in motion set
Changes in reflection
needed made I stand corrected
you are the heart I cannot part
from mine it's unprotected
Let me be your anchor
still our future's intertwine
you are my midnight morning star
mine and only mine

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Siren of The Sea

The siren of the sea indeed
is singing out her call
breath in waves of love's embrace
enraptured and enthralled
Calm beyond the morning rise
the sun on ocean's swell
speaks to me of harmony
it knows my heart so well
Salty air and visions dare
to dance upon the tide
time and place in tune in pace
as sound and space collide
Captured in a moment
enraptured and enthralled
siren of the sea indeed
does sing for me her call