Sunday, May 31, 2015

Where Hearts They Long To Be

Golden sea to speak to me
and long for hearts embrace
to drink of you a thousand hues
and revel in the taste
Curves ablaze and hers persuade
at once for time to still
locked upon that gloried gaze
and what those depths conceal
Rolling tide to coincide
as two hearts beat as one
on salty air as lovers dare
to share the summered sun
Slow to burn emotions churn
upon that golden sea
to drink of you a thousand hues
where hearts they long to be

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Stars Do Streak and Fall

To truly only wake in dreams
as stars do streak and fall
the cool of night on skin invite
the heat beneath it all
Drift, careen,  the in between
asleep, yet full aware
sliding heaven down and deep
while coming for up air
Gasping for a moment
breathing shallow hallowed grace
lightning in the lungs becomes
accustomed to the pace
Faster still a glance reveals
she dreams with starry eyes
lustful pride as wills collide
and paint onto the skies
Thundered heart refuse depart
til last this curtain's call
break of day to fade away
as stars do streak and fall

The Past Adieu

The past, adieu in fading blue
as tides do slow erase
and drink of love like oceans
and the shorelines they embrace
Subtle dance of circumstance
adrift on love's regret
though still her fires are burning
in the deepest waters yet
Fiery flame of love's horizon
guide this heart that gilded way
as seasons come and go although
upon this course I stay
Drink of me in memory
to bid this heart adieu
as tides embrace and slow erase
the past in fading blue