Saturday, April 11, 2009

Your Midnight Crashing Down

Deep exhale to slowly veil
gain time and gain composure
betray displace that wanton face
replace the heart's exposure
As lightning struck our lips conduct
I taste you on my tongue
pulling close your skin envokes
an end to what's begun
Enraptured for a minutes more
explore to find that tingle
where dreams collide and hearts confide
and sweat and skin do mingle
Gift and curse for which is worse
the thrill or coming closure
of missing hearts and breaking parts
deep breath and veiled composure.

Friday, April 10, 2009

A Stormy Heart

Alone in silenced morning
paired up candles flicker glow
staged to test at his behest
impressed this ebb and flow
Pulsing and forbidding
knowing nothing but to rage
and endless show of which we know
plays not our pens to page.
Dull and gray and haunting
daunting power unrelented
can't control what must unfold
second glance come unrepented
Tearing through a dusky hue
come fast bide not your warning
paired up candles flicker glow
alone in silenced morning.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Sinner Serenading

Sinner serenading
biding back on wasted time,
morning come my vows undone
defeated by design.
Complicated battle
foggy heart to fading eyes,
laughter gone did once condone
reflect and realize.
Daily dose to worth expose
the truth of weaker water,
walking sheep on hills so steep
slide back into the slaughter.
Is it day enough today
or to me come forever night,
a sinner serenading
contemplating wrong and right.