Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Heartbroke Resurrection

Minutes pass in waiting
never turn the tides too fast
on an island of my wanting
time ticks slowly moving past
Seconds gone a lifetime
breakers crash against the coast
to bring again the gypsied eyes
I think upon the most
Deepest hues of color
pool in sparkling circled waves
reflecting off the waters
pulling down in heaven's gaze
Lost out on this ocean
soothing olive in complexion
bathe me in your burning skin
heartbroke resurrection
Cast a smile to end the miles
this journey known as fate
one kiss does prove and past remove
that nothing is too late
For time knows not it's boundary
like this yearning knows no fading
sands are shifting drifting
as the minutes pass in waiting


Morning breaks like hearts apart
nightfall's tears lay on the grass
hope does say through warming rays
that this too soon shall pass
The day gives grace in knowing
that another has been shared
morning still belongs to night
and asks for time be spared
Wait the lengthy day to find
in afternoon came kisses
settled for the moment
though she often reminisces
Morning understands the span
days are long by great divides
Still nothing keeps the morning
nor the night from what's inside
The eve found them together
day apart then then time does pass
the night is his each evening
leaving tears upon the grass.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Heat That Burns Like Fire

Thoughts recur to blend and blur
as heat comes rushing in
crimson cheeks she softly speaks
upon my heart again
Days confound the questioned how
to flames that can't be quenched
turning now in fevered sleep
as sheets are passion drenched
Caught up in an embered pace
of sliding skin and armed embrace
To quickly spend a warming taste
on lips that move to mine replaced
Strengthened legs and hips to glide
to dance the dance and dare the tide
no place is found in which to hide
as daylight breaks and waves collide
Coming to collision
by division of the soul
A fire that burns ignited
fanning flames out of control
Consumed in just a minute
light me up to burn this sin
thoughts recur to blend and blur
as she comes rushing in

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Redeeming Wind

Rising wind on heart descend
to swirl through recollection
lifted up and pulled along
a song of God's perfection
Whistling through the morning dew
secret places by the shore
circling back your will intact
to dance the dance once more
Held by just the moment
quick to come and gusting gone
lover of the evening
mistress still to breaking dawn
Exactly who you're meant to be
so free on none depend
yet swirling recollection
as upon my heart descend

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Burn To Taste

The miles are drifting closer
seems if seconds now replace
the distance of our hearts apart
the lips I burn to taste
Enraptured by your glory
prisoner of a past I know
never easing up this grip
your soul does save me so
Give to you my every morning
for the yearning of your kiss
our candle burns forever
nothing quenches fire like this
Think of me enclose me
place my pulse into your chest
a heart no longer beating
since your leaving I confess
Adrift upon remembrance
lay you here into my wanting
run my hands across my skin
give in from all your taunting
Force you in against me
give by will my love does slide
nothing could come closer
than the way you feel inside
Slow the moments coming
distance now seems just a dream
to look to eyes so far away
delayed as thoughts redeem
Still yet regret as hearts connect
this moment over fall from grace
and the miles are now returning
licking lips I burn to taste.