Monday, May 24, 2010

Heat That Burns Like Fire

Thoughts recur to blend and blur
as heat comes rushing in
crimson cheeks she softly speaks
upon my heart again
Days confound the questioned how
to flames that can't be quenched
turning now in fevered sleep
as sheets are passion drenched
Caught up in an embered pace
of sliding skin and armed embrace
To quickly spend a warming taste
on lips that move to mine replaced
Strengthened legs and hips to glide
to dance the dance and dare the tide
no place is found in which to hide
as daylight breaks and waves collide
Coming to collision
by division of the soul
A fire that burns ignited
fanning flames out of control
Consumed in just a minute
light me up to burn this sin
thoughts recur to blend and blur
as she comes rushing in

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