Friday, October 29, 2010


In the midst of morning falling
calling quick as stars are fading
The curtains call to one and all
whose hearts are serenading
Sleep must come to wrap us soft
in blankets of our choosing
as bodies twist and turn to yearn
for time is all we're losing
Gained in moments rapture
meant to capture love cascading
Lips that burn as sands do churn
through hourglass unfading
Tilt to turn it over
travel time relive each minute
thankful for the morning falling
stalling just to have you in it.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Satisfaction Of Distraction

Coming rush our heat created
lips pressed tight and skin is burning
satisfaction of distraction
in the shade your cheeks are turning
Ticking clock is now my rival
stand not watch and turn your eye
make it clear unwelcomed here
as sands go sifting by
Enraptured by a moments kiss
can't miss the seconds passing
simply mine embrace entwine
upon your waves and crashing
Burning hot with racing thought
dig nails in for attention
answered back as teeth exact
the words we fail to mention
Spinning fast is time unknowing
growing tension now in sync
satisfaction of distraction
seems we two are on the brink
Battle ground of mouth to mouth
now cheek to cheek we're turning
coming rush and heat's created
lips are tight and skin is burning

Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Sound of Souls Connecting

Justified we're vindicated
complicated yet the same
washed anew by feelings you
give life to entertain
Certainty in passing
still to touch through sharing glances
Caring not for minutes caught
indulging our romances
Safety found in common ground
on islands of redemption
beau-tied pools endowed to you
deep diving my attention
still I implore in wanting more
than lustful pleasures breed
breathing only by your breath
in death to super-cede
Complete and lost in our submission
competition all are bested
to the victor go the spoils
in that I'm fully vested
Time to age is justice done
as souls connect and hearts remain
washed anew by feelings you
give life to entertain.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Drink Of You A Million Hues

Fiery passion seems to fashion
streaking comets of desire
Eyes shut tight to dim the light
of fury's burning fire
Intertwined as night designs
come softly blues to blacks
In your arms discussing charms
while lying on our backs
Sweetened taste to rock the race
mixed swift with salty skin
Holding hips with fingertips
driving up and diving in
Waters deep yet shallow
swallowed up and made to swim
passion seems to fashion
eyes shut tight with lights to dim
Drink of you as lovers do
yet full no not this fire
Sliding to a fevered pitch
to which our hearts aspire
Skin again comes crashing
streaking comets slide to stop
burning just like breathing
leaving lips to stay on top
Pushed beyond exhaustion
embodied soulful explanation
passion flashing in your eyes
through coming revelation

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Tailored By Time

Til time reminds of love's embrace
your heart I take to task
Careful from the eyes of some
succumb to thoughts I mask
Separate now and time is slowing
yet in knowing not in action
taste and touch is not enough
til coming satisfaction
Guarded heart to longing spark
speak volumes to my passion
fuel the flame that never tames
this wave upon you crashing
Forced into a hot exchange
came hope and desperation
heated breath upon the ears
of fiery aspiration
Moments lent are days now spent
on conscious recollection
wind my kiss upon your neck
your soul in eyes reflection
A second more your lips adore
match crimson on my face
careful come from eyes of some
til time for love's embrace

Saturday, July 17, 2010

My Soul Is In Your Keeping

Curving lines define creation
in summation's definition
of stunning replication
by elation's repetition
To each the others lover
equal parts come crash deliver
sinners to salvation
flame to burn like spine to shiver
Night found us 'guising guilty
rising wilt to flowered bloom
curving lines of definition
in remission mine consumed
Burning hot, remorse unwanted
haunted not by this occasion,
Except to feel that burn reveal
my reason for creation.

Friday, July 16, 2010

A Midnight Taste Of Passion

Tension building to relation
revelation in your knowing
southward burning and I'm learning
pressure mounts and still it's growing
Force it down and sink to swallow
hollow thoughts are passion made
to depths of love's discretion
this impressioned serenade
A song goes sung as words just hum
the pounding pulse of passion
always knew these thoughts of you
come true to life imagine
Lower goes those tempting throes
each measured marked and kissed
one upon a beating heart
the next on moving hips
Breath quick come hard and gasping
grasping sheets as waves are flowing
tension building to relation
revelation in your knowing

Friday, July 9, 2010

By Night We Fly

Quickened pulse and hearts are racing
gracing sight with sultry eyes
falling deep to one another
hiding lover's thin disguise
Thought to keep it secret
years to dive it deep inside
a glance reveals in moments
things they shouldn't have to hide
Still this separation
complication or another
still that burning deep inside
confiding in each other
Caught up and enraptured
captured skin on skin embrace
two hearts are now in rhythm
with them breathing rocks the race
By night we fly to wonder why
time short through eyes we're gracing
falling deep to one another
quickened pulse and hearts are racing

This Kind Never Fades

Set to shine through hope's horizon
distant twinkle on my scope
Sure to find you passing by
to try our love elope
Stars upon my afternoon
a sky both blue and gray
these stars are much like moments pass
yet never fade away.
Still out upon the midnight
twinkle bright to touch and taste
Stars they are so lucky
there upon the night em-blazed
Burned upon the smoothest sky
torched into my mind
Close enough to touch and brush
dive depths to sparkle shine
Scarred we are by consequence
stitched by but a thread
I dance on hope's horizon
realizing this instead
If once across my midnight
came those stars I couldn't keep
be sure to find you passing by
through skies upon my sleep
Still I keep your twinkle
hold it close upon my heart
for even in my blackest skies
your stars light up the dark

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Just One Request

Velvet night surround me
hide me deep within your veil
let days unknown rewrite the song
where lover's hearts don't fail
Seclude me in the mystery
of the moment crashing round
time to smooth the rippled waves
this aging heart has found
Hope an everlasting dawn
that guides us towards the light
for a moment come surround me
deep within the velvet night

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Simple Symphony To Me

Your voice a song that's playing
to my conscience does confide
that symphonies do still exist
and on the heart reside
that voice I love distracting
and impacting on it's own
your melody is in my head
long after you have gone
Upon the kiss of morning
hear the music in your breath
to dive into my afternoon
til nothing more of me is left
Consumed by tunes endearing
fearing soon I'd hear no more
your voice a song that's playing
saying what I'm hoping for.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Heartbroke Resurrection

Minutes pass in waiting
never turn the tides too fast
on an island of my wanting
time ticks slowly moving past
Seconds gone a lifetime
breakers crash against the coast
to bring again the gypsied eyes
I think upon the most
Deepest hues of color
pool in sparkling circled waves
reflecting off the waters
pulling down in heaven's gaze
Lost out on this ocean
soothing olive in complexion
bathe me in your burning skin
heartbroke resurrection
Cast a smile to end the miles
this journey known as fate
one kiss does prove and past remove
that nothing is too late
For time knows not it's boundary
like this yearning knows no fading
sands are shifting drifting
as the minutes pass in waiting


Morning breaks like hearts apart
nightfall's tears lay on the grass
hope does say through warming rays
that this too soon shall pass
The day gives grace in knowing
that another has been shared
morning still belongs to night
and asks for time be spared
Wait the lengthy day to find
in afternoon came kisses
settled for the moment
though she often reminisces
Morning understands the span
days are long by great divides
Still nothing keeps the morning
nor the night from what's inside
The eve found them together
day apart then then time does pass
the night is his each evening
leaving tears upon the grass.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Heat That Burns Like Fire

Thoughts recur to blend and blur
as heat comes rushing in
crimson cheeks she softly speaks
upon my heart again
Days confound the questioned how
to flames that can't be quenched
turning now in fevered sleep
as sheets are passion drenched
Caught up in an embered pace
of sliding skin and armed embrace
To quickly spend a warming taste
on lips that move to mine replaced
Strengthened legs and hips to glide
to dance the dance and dare the tide
no place is found in which to hide
as daylight breaks and waves collide
Coming to collision
by division of the soul
A fire that burns ignited
fanning flames out of control
Consumed in just a minute
light me up to burn this sin
thoughts recur to blend and blur
as she comes rushing in

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Redeeming Wind

Rising wind on heart descend
to swirl through recollection
lifted up and pulled along
a song of God's perfection
Whistling through the morning dew
secret places by the shore
circling back your will intact
to dance the dance once more
Held by just the moment
quick to come and gusting gone
lover of the evening
mistress still to breaking dawn
Exactly who you're meant to be
so free on none depend
yet swirling recollection
as upon my heart descend

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Burn To Taste

The miles are drifting closer
seems if seconds now replace
the distance of our hearts apart
the lips I burn to taste
Enraptured by your glory
prisoner of a past I know
never easing up this grip
your soul does save me so
Give to you my every morning
for the yearning of your kiss
our candle burns forever
nothing quenches fire like this
Think of me enclose me
place my pulse into your chest
a heart no longer beating
since your leaving I confess
Adrift upon remembrance
lay you here into my wanting
run my hands across my skin
give in from all your taunting
Force you in against me
give by will my love does slide
nothing could come closer
than the way you feel inside
Slow the moments coming
distance now seems just a dream
to look to eyes so far away
delayed as thoughts redeem
Still yet regret as hearts connect
this moment over fall from grace
and the miles are now returning
licking lips I burn to taste.

Friday, April 30, 2010


Charged-up air then loves reaction
sparking heat from yearning skin
suffer me a moment
pull me close to pull me in
Monumental pause and gasp
just inches from your gaze
deep in shocked amazement
sultry eyes are now ablaze
Deep in pools of wonderment
to taste forbidden fruit
listen to your body
heart and mind will follow suit
Give to me your passion
drink you in and taste you slow
lying here no other fear
than simply letting go
Close your eyes to realize
this moments truth not fantasized
locked away this worldly prize
til now unleashed as hips do rise
Spent our building fury
still in waves comes satisfaction
long beyond the charged up air
that spurred our loves reaction.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

This Morning's Faded Frost

Golden as the morning sun
as light comes charging in
Nothing lasts as moments pass
like words through quickened pen
Soaking in the moments
like the ink to page does flow
love or loss to cherish toss
we're holding on and letting go
The ebb of life like colors
blue to black and fade to gray
reflection on these thoughts our own
a golden guide to light the way
Fury of the race we pace
hold tight to every minute
nothing stays though love delays
the wonder we find in it

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Something Makes Me Think of You

Steal away intention
intervention by persuasion
closing eyes can't compromise
the heat of your invasion
Took to task too quick to mask
a smile has found it's place
soon to find your thought reminds
and shines upon my face
Goddess of the moment
etched in blood on burning skin
every breath I take is yours
going out and coming in
Crushing hearts go pounding
beating hard with salty sweat
lost in resurrection
feels like dying, living yet
All of this in seconds
quick to calm the pulsing pace
blink to gain composure
with your smile upon my face.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Heaven is Cascading

Amazing, quick the night does pass
shifting slow these shadows last
Come morning soon to lift and dash
the veil of dawn to pray and fast
Til time does call to her be cast
upon our hearts to take to task
on sheets to dance we both outlast
too soon, it seems the night does pass.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Words Come Nimble

Words come nimble smooth and quick
Words resound and found to stick
Cunning lips to hardened heart
til words come fast and tear apart
The hungered soul in which they gaze
To fill and seal their serenade
Letters made to flow and fuck
til stranger-ed lips do interrupt
Quickly caught in moments heat
the flow of words and letters cease
To find the strength to force them out
These words absurd yet right somehow
Gift from him do words ascend
yet flowing further back again
Choice our saving grace though faith
to choose the words to set the pace
Letters slow to us resemble
Words come quick and smoothly nimble

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Starry Sky

Warming back on cooling Earth
beneath a starry sky
comets are cascading
as our lives are ticking by
Slowly passing thoughts to still
of future plans and masters will
No heart beats to silence fill
the empty mornings lonesome chill
To lend to mind this peaceful night
the wanton thrill of lovers plight
To share desire temptations bite
Blissful caught in starry sight
Quick to slow and stall to stop
to tally all it's worth
comets are cascading
Warming back on cooling Earth.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Fiery Pirouette

Slow dancing in a burning room
invoke my heart in part consume
the fanning flames impending doom
sharing fates from womb to tomb
Prison bars of fleshly scars
hold not the dare to dance
tilt to twirl as fires do swirl
round worldly circumstance
Death it ends to spin again
new flames at heart consume
still I take the time to dance
inside this burning room

Monday, February 15, 2010

Still She Is A Lady

Distant sun off shimmered diamonds
this reflection God in all,
the simplest thing though only seen
by hearts she does enthrall.
She spins with new elation
in relation to her splendor,
the beauty of creation
in the motion that he lent her.
In and all around to shine
yet call to her no action,
everything and wanting more
though filled to satisfaction.
Breathe it in to twirl contend
the soul is out and dancing,
and off the shimmered diamond sun
are distant hearts romancing.


Painted skin to etch begin
confide our stories deep,
while through the gloried heart impart
as kissing needles creep.
The rushing tide told disbelief
that pain repays and stays relief
to run the race embraced motif
from hurt to joy to art to grief.
The map by which the story's told
unfold our treasure true
Every laugh or tear or fear
these wounding marks imbue.
Worn with pride not bought to hide
or bind to some transgression
inner etchings looking out
the ink to put the flesh in.

Final Seconds Serenade

Tranquility come wanted
new-found rush of what has been
what came and now is soon to pass
at last you can't pretend.
Cycle comes so certain
comes to curtain fail to flow
yet through it all the constants call
in varied chance you know.
Desire the fire o' funeral pyre
of words that go unseen,
left to dance in circumstance
to dive to die to dream.
Free flowing now as words come quick
through lead to flow to paper stick
True the form to phase to fix
as thoughts are gone unknown predict.
Bounce and move to sinning soothe
too soon on folded heart,
as hurt did crease though God released
the pawn to play the part.
We sow yet he who gives increase
gift life to souls who break in piece
and stagger towards that final peace
to take the stage, the end, relief.
On heaven's shoulders burdens heaved
Souls to shine, rewards to reap
rugged worn but burning bright
a single star remains, the light
A glimpsing glance romanced at least
til journey's end and famine's feast.

Thoughts Amiss Do Reckless Run

In heated conversation
thoughts amiss do reckless run,
unleashed upon a moment
sweaty spent until we're done.
Pushing depths in quickened breaths
to force my sins inside,
soft as never words that sever
nurtured tight to soon divide.
Trade my beating heart to chance
to dance perchance remind,
touch into the deepest depth
this loving force of mine.
Burning hot the fire uncaught
not wind nor water tame,
just my name upon your lips
does heat me just the same.
Searing kiss these ears can't miss
through heart does reckless run,
in heated conversation
sweaty spent until we're done.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Traveling Spirits Warm Me

Fade into the morning
let the silence draw me in
each breath it is significant
on that we can depend
Still each measured moment
quick they come to slowly go
thoughts of you upon me
touch to taste to feel to flow
Warmth is all around me
is it us or just the sun
a beach a hundred miles away
this journey's never done
Walk the shore of wanting more
relax to waves we pleasure
fade into the morning
nothing more than breaths to measure.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Pure as Driven

Falling fast in fleeting glance
to catch my shimmered gaze,
Reflect your will for scenes reveal
the glory of my days.
Numbered though immaculate
for each still am my own,
To touch the lives of young alike
and everyone who's grown.
Miracle and miscreant
a blessing and a curse,
forever damned to falling down
yet up in heaven first.
Falling fast in fleeting glance
a gift when eyes do wake,
sometimes I fall upon the night
and gather flake by flake.

Friday, January 22, 2010

I Love In The Moment.

Whispers of the past remind
a lightened heart in younger time,
The ticking clock to which we bind
a moment borrowed lost to find.
Whispers of the moment kiss
upon an ear to reminisce,
the past is gone yet captured still
live full to find no more to fill.
Whispers of whats sure to come
signs of times ignored by some,
nothing more to be outdone
but deathly gaze or hallowed hum.
The beating heart heard now to find
our ticking clock is losing time,
so now and here this moment bind
til whispers of the past remind.

Whispers of the Past Remind

The ghost of me I used to be
a portrait down the hall
pictures taken aging not
to tell our rise and fall
The struggle is the glory
life evasion lends erosion
stuck in time as prints remind
a time our hearts were frozen
Frigid not but furthered thought
a snapshot of the soul
tempered instrumental
never tarnished bought or sold
Simply just a moment
life was new and passions free
when time is gone reflect upon
the ghost you used to be

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sifting Sands

A wave of change is rolling
cross the beaches of the mind,
Shells we break to firmly shape
controls of other kinds
Letting go by lending flow
to words that mend the missing
empty parts like broken hearts
consoled by reminiscing
Firing sparks to light the dark
through ages still are living
direction gave to sinner save
your words to me are giving
Why then contemplation
of relation quick and gone
in truth but just a moment
growing still though all alone
Absent heart as days embark
adrift on nurtured past
wind upon an empty sea
on waves not made to last
Finding shores to spark explore
it's buried by our hands
'til finding and reminding
each to own through sifting sands