Friday, July 9, 2010

This Kind Never Fades

Set to shine through hope's horizon
distant twinkle on my scope
Sure to find you passing by
to try our love elope
Stars upon my afternoon
a sky both blue and gray
these stars are much like moments pass
yet never fade away.
Still out upon the midnight
twinkle bright to touch and taste
Stars they are so lucky
there upon the night em-blazed
Burned upon the smoothest sky
torched into my mind
Close enough to touch and brush
dive depths to sparkle shine
Scarred we are by consequence
stitched by but a thread
I dance on hope's horizon
realizing this instead
If once across my midnight
came those stars I couldn't keep
be sure to find you passing by
through skies upon my sleep
Still I keep your twinkle
hold it close upon my heart
for even in my blackest skies
your stars light up the dark

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