Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Just a Minute More

Numbered breath elude o' death
the plan you sat in motion,
simply turn the page to gauge
our truth and our devotion.
Guidance comes to hasten thumbs
intent on chapter flipping,
reveal give heart from end to start
the parts that aren't worth skipping.
Patience give to breathe and live
the tale of life we're writing,
numbered breath eluding death
it's mine and mine I'm biding.

Leaving leafs

Watch the leaves come calling
wind to rock the limbs to sway,
ever on the move to prove
the balance they display.
Grace apparent given
dance and twist in correlation,
amassing all who chirp to call
their feathered congregation.
Soon to rest no breeze to test
as lofty thoughts are falling,
through the forests of the mind
I watch as leaves come calling.


Gilded past as thoughts flow fast
a tidal wave is crashing,
minutes gone of sands alone
yet through the mind and flashing.
Holding still as memories spill
the heart too faintly fluttered,
a moments will to depth reveal
a flame enraged unshuttered.
Willful wind enclose defend
the embers dying never,
encircling words of life deterred
in truth and so unclever.
Burn forever's course they will
til death no still in passing,
gentle past your thoughts flow fast
a tidal wave is crashing.

Worlds Apart

Worlds apart from endings start
this fragile flower blooming,
in winter's kiss no summered bliss
awake each day exhuming.
Ashen gray yet still convey
the heat of storied burning,
in springing hope of fire I smote
the longing and the yearning.
Words too cold on wanton ears
the fears our time retracted,
justice shone as warmth is gone
and judgment is exacted.
Penance found of love renowned
in what now you find pleasure,
worlds apart from endings start
dear fragile flowered treasure.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Concerns my eye this withered heart
to be disgraced by ending's start,
to solemn dreams alone to sleep
another night awake repeat.
Doth not advance come quick to stagger
a slow in thought to still the dagger
The hopeless breath to breast has found
the death of love as bells resound.
In echoed moments left reflect
I've nothing more implore protect.
As barren now I've ever been
as morning's kiss on you depends.
Enclosed enraptured cometh not
the founding of foundation,
shaken now oh fading vow
a furthered complication.
No more honor here to find
disgraced displaced and reeling,
bowing lower still to go
your will I know revealing.
Bearing all to trumpet's call
the final taste of pleasure,
lingers on but long since gone
as lips still tingle treasure.
Have you still your heart's reveal
a moment yet delivered,
All ignored so us restored
this heart the eye had withered.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Coming Clouds

Coming clouds brings heaven's crowds
angelic clash to deviled glory
Armageddon comes my friends
be sure it's not a story.
Depiction given he who's risen
rising back to power,
darkness found unleashed abound
come quick this final hour.
Woe to those whose hearts have closed
compose thyself in knowing,
each day advance to heaven's wrath
this day the next in showing.
Ticking clock so many mock
whose laugh will last find hearing
The feast with friends on you depends
your fate when clouds come clearing.

Salvation Deliberation

Answered call, reversing fall
to that worth overcoming,
tallied scores of opened doors
subtracting from the summing.
Store not up for moth and rust
do ever lie in wait,
time again to lonesome kin
be sure to consummate.
The very end to this begin
a world with new found ruling,
til man revealed and wrath is spilled
this wolf again is fooling.
Shepherd's sheep now bray and bleat
save us one and all,
still time for your salvation
fore the reaper comes to call.