Thursday, February 12, 2009


Concerns my eye this withered heart
to be disgraced by ending's start,
to solemn dreams alone to sleep
another night awake repeat.
Doth not advance come quick to stagger
a slow in thought to still the dagger
The hopeless breath to breast has found
the death of love as bells resound.
In echoed moments left reflect
I've nothing more implore protect.
As barren now I've ever been
as morning's kiss on you depends.
Enclosed enraptured cometh not
the founding of foundation,
shaken now oh fading vow
a furthered complication.
No more honor here to find
disgraced displaced and reeling,
bowing lower still to go
your will I know revealing.
Bearing all to trumpet's call
the final taste of pleasure,
lingers on but long since gone
as lips still tingle treasure.
Have you still your heart's reveal
a moment yet delivered,
All ignored so us restored
this heart the eye had withered.

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