Sunday, April 22, 2012

Crash She Did Into Me

Heightened pace to rock the race
embrace and trace control
Simply spent from fingertips
from mind to arm does roll
Gathered hearts and lightening sparks
for mending from their breaking
and all the while the rhythmic style
the journey that we're taking
Skin to glitter hot and burn
perfected fornication
all the styles converged and filed
for future implication
Forced to form the coming storm
through motion of reaction
and all along we write our song
enthralled in satisfaction
Soaking sweat implied perfection
this myriad heart and colored swirl
in moments known we're far from gone
as furies do unfurl
Forced inside and compromised
how quick your lust did find
just one taste to past replace
this tidal wave of mine

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Soft On Heart This Serenade

Sunlight shifts and clouds protect
through shapes and swirls of intellect
From heart to mind to face reflect
The thoughts of what the eyes neglect
An ever changing dance displayed
with stunning blues and numbing greys
Soft on heart this serenade
the mood through which my though conveys
The dawn to come and intersect
the midnight moon we all expect
As darkness yawns in waking stretch
return the sun not derelict
Again to shine and hope effect
as sunlight shifts and clouds protect
the shapes and swirls of intellect
Still thoughts of what the eyes neglect
from heart to mind to face reflect