Monday, June 25, 2012

Midnight's Dew

Midnight played and moved and swayed
embracing serenade
calming still the gentle chill
and shifting grays of shade
Made to dance to drift by chance
and answer moonlight's call
soothing wind on hearts descend
and fears like feathers fall
Furied flash and moments pass
as time and sweat do slide
Minutes fall as nurture calls
in her I do confide
Calm be still my heart race still
in night did furl and fray
soul renewed in fiery dew
while midnight moved and swayed

Rush To Splash

Ebb and flow does life you know
like sparkles on the sand
Shade displayed from subtle grey
to blues so hued and grand
Searing taste of burning heaven
fiery white and crimson hot
Sense relayed as shadow played
and danced about uncaught
Sneaky shadow dance disturbing
always quick to eyes misled
such as here with thoughts as clear
to oceans' depths it fled
Rush to splash as waves do crash
and time is all we know
beautied dance of happenstance
as life does ebb and flow

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Shades Go Color Blending

As shades go color blending
ending solace for a spectrum
silioquoy played to flicker fade
a tale of time reflecting
Ripple back as hearts retract
once more as hearts are beating
A moment's spark though world's apart
connections sharp and fleeting
Still return oh wicked burn
to which the soul consumes
quench to taste the gold embrace
for in it time resumes
Time a fickle friend alas
to grasp the sand unending
solace from the fevered hum
as shades go color blending