Thursday, February 13, 2014

Silence Serenades

In snowy bursts does time disperse
and soft comes things to still
all adrift this wintry rift
with hearts to spark and fill
Once again to time's chagrin
does nature take her due
the beautied grace of slowing pace
and starting life anew
Mesmerizing tides to wash
on gentle breezes sway
in snowy bursts does time disperse
and silence serenades

Death Upon A Winter's Stroll

Death upon a winter's stroll
for all must feel it's sting
and all the while in summered style
he holds the gifts he brings
We walk these miles in heart's denial
that true this day must come
and all the while in summered style
two hearts have had their fun
Ol death knows not it's subtle smile
not once to taste it's kiss
and all the while in summered style
the seasons pass with bliss
Yet now as winter's calling
and the light on journies wane
death upon a winter's stroll
has come to sun reclaim
Two hearts no more beside it
seems that winter's took it's toll
the summer sun so fleeting
leaving death upon his stroll

Only One Is Holding Heaven

Rising up against our teachings
question always what you're told
misdirected answers
seem to guide us where to go
Only one is holding heaven
we as sheep so soon forget
this house of cards on tiny shards
of hurt and past regrets
Return to simple thinkings
honor God's and not just man's
walking with an open heart
and purpose in your hands
Give good and well a moment
open up and give to grow
only one is holding heaven
search your heart for what you know

Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Journey In

New depths we dove and interwove
the storied strands of time
and down the trail our hearts travail
and reason with the rhyme
Forever still to echo will
the wind on forest sway
the ancients tell those stories well
and off in shadows play

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Heart's Lament

Heart's lament for moments spent
as words angelic slide
soulful tale in binding spell
in telling comes alive
Tender touch of saying such
each word unheard and new
yet still confides down deep inside
and tried still standing true
Made to drift upon this rift
as songs sing of the past
hearts lament for moments spent
til time stands still at last

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Lights and Constellations

Lights and constellations
are the heaven's calling back
we're drifting here this solar sphere
so lost yet so exact
Transcendence then as thoughts begin
to through our conscience roam
nothing feared to keep us here
revere in the unknown
Drift into another place
beyond the passing stars
flashing lights and constellations
motivations from afar
More are they the things we say
or more than just our mind
or are they there so unaware
that down on us they shine
Still in heaven's guilded gaze
they drift in meditation
to glide across the solar sphere
with lights and constellations