Monday, November 28, 2011

Turning Leaves and Weathered Stone

On darkness high fades starry sky
give way at birth of dawn
Waking to a day that's new
that hue imbued now gone
Constant rhyme of telling time
sift the sands of plans unknown
The future holds the greater golds
turning leaves and weathered stone
Change is sweeping quick across
the desert of regret
We are simply who we are
not where we plan to get
Inner lights are shining bright
on shadowed indecision
rallied soul to take control
of fear that's in remission
Furthered chance by penance passed
made whole by sentence served
all the while by heart's denial
a straightened path was curved
Birthing dawn oh how you spawn
the hope for God's creation
This day anew til dark does brew
and slide into temptation
Shallow night upon your plight
give death to good decision
on belly crawl to scratch and claw
the dark and day division
Still to stand as simple man
make choice and dark deny
waking to a day that's new
with stars in midnight's sky

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Pages Turn

Rift in time to self remind
the passing of the ages
Moments lost in heartache tossed
upon the turning pages
Lest we read the warnings lead
to loss or revelation
Found the strength in time at length
though there from our creation
Perfect soul ourselves control
unfold by imitation
Made to dance in happenstance
our only complication
Days to come when readings done
and pens do end their scrawling
the sands of time to slow and wind
the final trumpets calling
Still we fill the pages til
the falling of the curtain
Things unknown though time moves on
the only thing that's certain


Kaleidoscope of color
painting swirled anticipation
Canvas of reflection
in protection of relation
Time that's spent on compliment
knowing no new complication
Searching who we are by far
a stirring revelation
Held in starry fashion
cross still waters of the mind
Reaching out to weighing doubt
ripple back by God's design
Flowing in and out again
from sin to resurrection
Kaleidoscope of color
swirling in our own reflection

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Moments Dance In Circumstance

Depth in all we are so far
suffered heart til death defend
Little do we know how much
we're meant to comprehend
Gypsies far from home it seems
with heaven all around
echoes of the past are cast
to linger where they're bound
Specters of the passing time
to shine through meadow's heart
Warming to our secret thoughts
that stands a man apart
Fevered chill that's burning still
comes laughter and regret
Nothing more than thankful for
the hope to make more yet
Though moments dance in circumstance
hearts are steady thoughts defend
The choice of will to journey still
til death decides the end

Friday, November 4, 2011

Illumination Revelation

Light is shifting swaying
dancing dreaming through the leaves
filtered in a spark and then
it finds us on our knees
Illumination knowing
shedding past with time in passing
every moment here and gone
like memories life is flashing
The wind comes gently calling
falling fast on indecision
to dive and dance through circumstance
our hearts impart division
Settled still by strength of will
the drive of things unknown
the falling of the leaves
as time is passing now it's gone
Still the light unaltered
comes through bright and dances on
illumination knowing
every moment here and gone