Monday, November 28, 2011

Turning Leaves and Weathered Stone

On darkness high fades starry sky
give way at birth of dawn
Waking to a day that's new
that hue imbued now gone
Constant rhyme of telling time
sift the sands of plans unknown
The future holds the greater golds
turning leaves and weathered stone
Change is sweeping quick across
the desert of regret
We are simply who we are
not where we plan to get
Inner lights are shining bright
on shadowed indecision
rallied soul to take control
of fear that's in remission
Furthered chance by penance passed
made whole by sentence served
all the while by heart's denial
a straightened path was curved
Birthing dawn oh how you spawn
the hope for God's creation
This day anew til dark does brew
and slide into temptation
Shallow night upon your plight
give death to good decision
on belly crawl to scratch and claw
the dark and day division
Still to stand as simple man
make choice and dark deny
waking to a day that's new
with stars in midnight's sky

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