Saturday, September 28, 2013

Diamonds In The Dark Embark

Spinning off in glory
shining stars do stories tell
out upon the sea of time
where lingering dreams set sail
Among them dance forever
sparkle on to never fade
diamonds in the dark
embark and softly serenade
Tell of all the mysteries
speak light of love you're sending
spinning off in glory
in a story never-ending

Thursday, September 26, 2013

To Walk Away In Shaded Gray

To walk away in shaded gray
where teardrops fall like rain
timing's fate too soon, too late
like smoke in summer fade
Embedded though as hearts let go
no more to go unsaid
to walk away in shaded gray
you'll stay this way instead
Silhouette of love's regret
a spectre'd shade to dance
product of the love we made
a ghost of circumstance
Reflected here in passing tears
those storms so dark to fade
to walk away in shaded gray
as midnight serenades

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Adrift on Heaven's Glory

Adrift on heaven's glory
stirring deep as colors paint
a myriadic multitude
as blues and greens acquaint
Intermingled grace of God
in depths to us unknown
spectrum made to serenade
and to the heart atone
Salt prescribed to cure revive
and wash in soulful cleanse
adrift on heaven's glory
as the ocean waves come in

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Shroud of Night

Shroud of night invoke invite
and dance upon your dare
swallowed up as flames erupt
and swirl us unaware
In the furied veil of light
where lips on passions play
through the misty midnight
smoky mysteries array
Smiling from the darkness
as again in perfect time
the shroud of night invoke invite
her body into mine
As fiery confrontations
swirl about the midnight air
swallowed up as flames erupt
and dance upon your dare

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Pen In Hand

Do you seek
though all you find
with glass in hand
and thoughts in mind
A simple word
reheard of mine
and what it meant
in other times
Do you know
with pen in hand
thoughts of you
at my command
With lines to read
you comprehend
that words from me
on you depend

Where Tongues Do Reckless Run

Forced upon the lips are words
though heard yet still they play
things we think to clarify
and things we shouldn't say
Thoughts that surely have no place
and ones need long since said
love replay but hate replace
the nicer ones instead
Burning hot for bringing thought
where tongues do reckless run
behind these teeth to secret keep
until this voice is done

Sun Upon My Skin, Descend

Sun upon my skin descend
oh wind come play about
speak with ease of falling breeze
and usher summer out
Bring about the dawning chill
of winter's coming threat
but whisper still of days concealed
it hasn't touched just yet
Music on the breeze the leaves
as they too sing their songs
echoes of their passing love
since time has done them wrong
Flowers late in bloom assume
and hurry 'fore it's gone
the final hope for spring is sprung
and seeds for future sown
Yet in the waning moments
hope like smoke to faintly drift
with sun upon my skin again
as spirits gently lift

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Til Nothing More

If no one walks beside you
or invites you for a stroll
from here into eternity
til time no longer flows
Upon that midnight meadow
through the winter wooded vale
souls to slide and coincide
with stories we could tell
Til nothing more
but choices made
sings songs of love
and serenade
Til dusk and daylight dawning
from each other never run
if no one walks beside you
I 'll be there to be the one

Friday, September 13, 2013

Skin Ablaze

Skin ablaze as midnight grazed
and burned to fire ignite
passions deep where secrets keep
and memories oft delight
Stories told in velvet folds
and dance about with grace
nails that dug in fits of love
now swirl about her face
Afire within the burning
yearning not for time to pass
for in the mellow afterglow
all sense of time has past
To bathe in moonlit shadows
wrapping skin in shrouds of night
passions deep where secrets keep
and burned to fire ignite

Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Sun Reminds

The sun reminds this heart of mine
as 'cross her waves it came
salty air did find us there
and there our hearts remain
A moment froze in warming prose
as sunlight breaks the dawn
and like the waves her smile it plays
it plays here on and on
The ocean all around to dance
and chance another day
the sun reminds this heart of mine
her love won't fade away

Does She Dare

Does she dare with heart aware
to drink life unafraid
will she find her hopes aligned
when on her knees to pray
Dreams alive though love denied
she shines through sacrifice
thoughtful heart to bare it's spark
and light her loving eyes
To trust in our creation
all who thirst they too be filled
to drink of life so unafraid
remade in love revealed
Is purpose found as words go down
like fire upon the page
does she dare with heart aware
to drink life unafraid

Upon A Dream and Fading

Upon a dream and fading
serenading night to fall
echoed sounds are all around
resounding through it all
Walk into the midnight gray
a shade upon the black
made to move like angels do
as winged hearts react
A light on ending tunnel play
to beckon those who know
upon a dream and fading
masquerading as we go

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Do Eyes Perceive

Do eyes perceive the heart naive
when on them I do dance
perhaps per se this waltz convey
the truth in happenstance
Spun in timely fashion
spiders too anticipate
the weakness of the prey
per se and what becomes its fate
Does it dine for pleasure
will she move in for the kiss
smirking smile for all the while
denial and ignorant bliss

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Moments Shade Us Unafraid

Age defined by passing time
though to itself unknown
moments shade us unafraid
to live each one that's gone
Breathing life like wisdom
fruit maturing on the vine
til future needs they supersede
with flavor to our wine
Seasons bringing with them change
arranged in balanced fashion
so too with time the undefined
is changing with it's passing

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Where Angels Go To Play

Sanctuary found resound
from depths where angels dare
a moment thin though full of hope
like smoke on autumn's air
Drift about and dreaming
fall ablaze with earthy fire
smoke the scent as embers lift
and float with heat's desire
Wrapped in daft enlightenment
as senses spin and sway
sanctuary found resound
where angels go to play

Care Erase

Nature's pace does care erase
as silence brings reflection
for in it lost are pebbles tossed
like jewels of resurrection
Words now clearly spoken
hearken back to no avail
yet forward still does hope reveal
what dreams just might entail
In the hours 'fore the dawning
in the peace we seem to chase
silence brings reflection
and with time does care erase

Monday, September 2, 2013

Time Goes On It's Way

As time persuades upon it's way
and cycles turn anew
by guided hand invoking dance
upon the morning dew
In tiny drops of midnight
lightning held in bottled bliss
spark imbued to morning
with the warming of a kiss
Adrift on welcomed waters
springing forth while passion's play
and cycles turn again anew
as time goes on it's way