Sunday, July 28, 2013

Unabashed At Times and Fearless

Unabashed at times and fearless
careless thoughts and unaware
left to go about my spinning
winning hearts at daisies' dare
Time so careless drifting
sifting quick through sands to dance
as life's demands and reprimands
remind of chiding chance
Still in fevered flow to go
to find the storied ending
unabashed at times and fearless
left to go about my spinning

Without Abandon

To love without abandon
baring soul in naked grace
forging bonds forever
made to weather time's embrace
Wrapped in passion's fury
burning hot as flames rely
storied heat that won't deplete
within your lover's eye
Passing sun can't bleach it
nor does light from color fade
to love without abandon
forging bonds forever made
Soul exposed and baring
naked heart in loving grace
those ties that bind forever
made to weather time's embrace

Friday, July 12, 2013

Souls Connect and Intertwine

Souls connect and intertwine
like ticking clocks and passing time
words that lift the heart and mind
to warm the soul like summer wine
To linger on the lips remind
the tingling thoughts of love divine
I breathe you in and yet I find
you're sweeter still in age refined
Burning hot 'cross sands of time
these ticking clocks, no nevermind
as words drift through this heart of mine
our souls connect and intertwine

Monday, July 1, 2013

Casting Light On Jaded Soul

So dark with beauty holding
paint the stories of your gaze
speak of times in sultry shine
when on them I had played
Tell of love's elation
moments caught in wondrous eyes
to dance in there forever
showing sparks as love ignites
Oh crystal mirrored window
casting light on jaded soul
am I still within your closing
to a longing heart console
Do you keep behind your hues
the hope of time unfolding
to grace the sparkles of your gaze
so dark with beauty holding