Monday, December 31, 2012

Shadowed Night

Shadowed night your truths invite
the dreams of fading day
sun to rise and hopes surmise
another dawn to play
Rolling clouds and lifting shrouds
through skies afire with chance
nothing grays til blues replace
by grace and not by chance
Shadowed night reverse your plight
invite your thoughts to share
skies imbued with brighter hues
where dreams they seem to dare
Off in heaven's glory
storied lines remind and play
shadowed night your truths invite
the dreams of fading day

Chaos To The Eye

Chaos to the eye imply
the heart to oversee
always ever-present
so it goes eternally
Balance found as words resound
each strike this papered pen
til these lines submit resign
or burn to fade, descend
Wrapped in passion's passing
flashing quick from heart to page
going through the motions
and emotions are uncaged
Fearful eye to wonder why
the chaos has to be
watchful still in wanton thrill
the heart to oversee

Fearful Night

Be not fearful of the night
delight in dreams to glide
here is where you come for me
and force my love inside
Quick on wings of midnight
light the soul with memories bind
leaving scars on hearts of ours
and to the lips remind
Burning touch of heaven
angels singing tales of old
here you are my spectred saint
in dreams by wrists to hold
Streaking flash of passion
starry peaks and valleys low
diving down as thoughts resound
into your love I go
In the dreary morning
dusting dreams til hearts divide
be not fearful of the night
delight in dreams to glide

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Tattoos and Obligations

Tattoos and obligations
late night promises, no sleep
seconds gone beneath the dawn
and daylight in between
Eyes are wet with burnt regret
this sweat on clothes sublime
seconds on the lips eclipse
forever on the mind
Tattoos and obligations
promises made and some un-kept
moments gone until the dawn
those nights we barely slept
Oaths and fiery curses
sworn to stay beneath the breath
tattoos and obligations
promises made and some un-kept

Painted Skin

A window in, this painted skin
the soul reflected out
whispered tales record, revel
spread lovingly about
Etched onto our being
freeing what we held inside
beauty that's a cover meant
to ones self coincide
Echoed stories, past protect
or things held close to skin
colors dance, remind enhance
this window looking in

Saturday, December 29, 2012

'Cross The Milky Way

Out where stars are swirling
stretching 'cross the milky way
hopes and dreams are twirling
and unfurling hopes relayed
Here among the cosmos
echoed sea on heavens glide
twinkling in the twilight
then to my eyes they remind
Midst a sea of nothingness
bound tight like all things are
the answers to our prayers
dive to dance beneath the stars
Chaotic cosmic molotov
alive in fire to play
out where dreams are swirling
stretching 'cross the milky way

Ocean of Regret

It was there you came to find me
on an ocean of regret
ships set sail in passing
crashing waves in retrospect
Salty tears in motion
seems that sea is all but mine
a moment of reflection
introspection by design
Choices made are flowing
'cross the sands of time to slide
deep in secret places
to our hearts impart confide
Setting sail and gliding
time for us in truth reveal
waters calm and soothing
moving back yet forward still
Here upon that ocean
sat in motion promised time
all beyond control console
those crashing waves of mine
Still you find me here revere
what dreams are drifting yet
salty tears in motion
on an ocean of regret

The Hourglass Flipped Over

Beating heart remember
fingertips to call to mind
a moment in our passing
flashing quick, to tick remind
The hourglass flipped over
forcing sand to backwards flow
making time, our choice refined
erasing as we go
Sun from midnight's passing
daylight breaks and clouds do sail
shadows moving softly now
upon this ghostly veil
Back still turns that ticking clock
reverse this serenade
a song forever on the heart
to part the fallen shade
Sing of us a moment
lullabies in cradled sleep
where fingertips remember
and our hearts together beat

Friday, December 28, 2012

December's Start

Fire embrace that wintry taste
with ice on lips to freeze
no words impart December's start
to warmer hearts deceive
Stole away for warmer days
your sunlit rays to dance
there we play 'neath sky's display
replay our heart's romance
Seasons come and go you know
to cycle changing tides
deep in my December
fire remember coincides
With the passing of the ages
phases in and out again
but here the sky on hearts rely
and on you warmth depend
Frost to blanket sacred ground
as embers burn and tease
fire embrace that wintry taste
with ice on lips to freeze

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Smoky Ash On Fiery Air

Despair in tasting sorrow
smoky ash on fiery air
Thoughts are heavy sinking
slinking slither here and there
Through the depths of darkness
harken well the past retell
the detriment of devils
levels nine circles of hell
Touch to self reflection
insurrection of elation
emptiness of heart does start
a stunning revelation
Time here goes unending
sending chills to bending spine
gnashing teeth and fire beneath
into this lake resigned
There where fire dies never
tongue 'hind teeth forever clenched
hearts conspire in living
giving thirst to throats unquenched
Ne'er too late redemption
exemption in the 'morrow
smoky ash on fiery air
despair in tasting sorrow

Twinkle Fade

Shades of burning color
like none other twinkle fade
almond eyes of smoke's descent
relent and serenade
Caught in pools that ripple
flinch to flicker light react
drowning in their memories
no chance of coming back
Wading deep as water's changing
ranging hearts to souls divide
in their simple shatter
matter moves and thoughts reside
Mine forever closing
they're composing symphonies
melodic turn of fate relate
the songs of you and me
Blink this rush of smoke invoke
those dreams on promise made
shades of burning color
like none other twinkle fade

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Whisper Through The Trees

Time knows not a whisper
all is quiet, thoughts are still
the past is but a day away
upon our windowsill
Hearts are in the meadow
green the grass and calming breeze
here the wind is playing
singing, swaying through the trees
There in shaded valleys
dusty roads our love explore
so much hope in knowing
it was me you're looking for
The sun has took to setting
once forgetting heat's embrace
night has found it's calling
falling quick as day does break
The future but a day away
as winds come cool and crisper
all is quiet, thoughts are still
til time knows not a whisper

In The Dawn Where Dreams Dispel

Words abound in silent morning
twilight breaks and echoes play
through the burning blue imbue
a lighter shade of gray
Here the waves are coming
so she does and secrets meld
far from sunlight touching
dark unto these dreams dispel
Slip into my fading dawn
and I to yours go hide
do I drive it deep enough
to touch your love inside
Hands on hands are clenching
wrenching lightning in a flash
from the dark that tiny spark
restart this ember-ed ash
Taste of lust remaining
burning hot with fiery tension
come into my being seeing
more than I can mention
Here where depths are diving
souls connect in distant gray
with words upon the morning
twilight breaks and echoes play

Saturday, December 22, 2012

My Little Flame

Fire to dance and flick about
depend on fuel to flame
dare to court this dance of sorts
in short cavort to tame
A moment on the skin offend
if so dare not to dream
for no surprise should find your eyes
as fires desire to steam
Smoldered hot unknowing
just a breath is all that's caught
to dare to court this dance of sorts
and drink til thirst we not
Fiery end of passion
glowing hot on nature's wick
none to tame this fire remain
within it's flame to lick
Dance upon my wanton eye
divide and flick about
here you burn to here return
no fear of going out

My Light

In misty morning's calling
here you are and there we go
drifting on our dreams it seems
that's all we need to know
The world around us turning
stars are shooting waves do crash
but here the world don't matter
skies are blue and flicker flash
The touch of you is warming
charming heart to which I bind
lips still feel your yearning
burning hot as dreams remind
A moment on the skin pretend
forever's at our choosing
inhibitions weighing in
and clothes they too are losing
Stripped of all but longing
words do play on ears repeat
nothing quite as pleasing
as this teasing you complete
Time has lost it's fury
when your eyes comprise my thought
here you are and there we go
in raging rivers caught
Still you are my morning
afternoon and midnight dreams
in the misty twilight
you are my light so it seems

Thoughts They Do Resound

Echoes play and thoughts resound
in shadowed love embrace
feelings deep now show release
to burn without a trace
Stories told of days of old
once great now fade to black
emotions found as thoughts resound
the truths in looking back
Forging still those bonds reveal
yet honor ties that bind
words replace that empty place
those corners of the mind
Here you dance in happenstance
oh specter of love gone
moments still recalled at will
to never be alone
Deep in shadowed meadows
winds are swept and wrapped in gray
feelings deep now show release
in sparkled moonlight play
Writing lines in verse remind
and to yourself be found
here where echoes bounce and play
and thoughts they do resound

Friday, December 21, 2012

Skies Now Blue Remind

Time resigned to passing
stars to shoot as dreams are cast
a moment on the eye rely
as hopes are streaking past
Clouds of love are shifting
drifting slow as storms do rage
the ending of an era
or the passing of an age
Gray and bleak these words to speak
as winds are flowing free
time resigned to passing
flashing quick for you and me
Remember still what love reveals
and stands the test of time
winter on the heart impart
those mountains left to climb
Still the storms are lifting
sifting sands on strands of time
stars to shoot are resolute
and skies now blue remind

Frosty Lips and Fingertips

Upon a sea of white ignite
delight in passion's kiss
frosty lips and fingertips
to paint a portrait crisp
Drifts are calling out in doubt
of warmer days denied
wrapped in freezing winds again
to fall from heaven's skies
Angel of the morning
snowy hearts envision gray
until the warming winds pretend
to share their heat some day
Frigid thoughts are thawing
calling out unto the sun
upon a sea of white ignite
delight in what's to come

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Kaleidoscopic Colors

Kaleidoscopic colors
Twist to turn and yearn to swirl
words invade and serenade
our eyes as thoughts unfurl
Here in print engaging
caging words do reckless run
borne of chance as lines en-trance
until their dance is done
Here where thoughts are changing
ranged emotions painting still
kaleidoscopic colors
meant to echo what we feel
Thoughts construed in different hues
it's all a game of light
Kaleidoscopic colors
as we fade into the night

Touch Of Sin On Sultry Skin

Dreams descend on burning skin
as time does tick to pass
here in midnight's dusky hue
where hearts and thoughts amass
Temptation now is burning
yearning hot with love in place
touch of sin on sultry skin
descend for just a taste
Hips alive and furied
rise to fall in rhythm's race
searing hot in sheets we're caught
to twist and turn embrace
In heat go fingers searching
reaching out and burning still
to slide into the morning
echoes play as hearts reveal
That ghostly touch remember when
onto your conscious glide
dreams descend on burning skin
as time does slowly slide
Baptized by fiery waterfalls
refreshed in morning's hue
yet here to lay as thoughts convey
and midnight's had it's due


In mornings still relax reveal
beyond the shades of night
lost upon the hemisphere
no dark to touch the light
Adrift with paint to colors swirl
unfurl as portraits rage
painting still the truths reveal
the passing of an age
Winds are sweeping faster now
as raging rivers flow
further still relax reveal
unto yourself be known
Deep in pools reflecting
colored hearts in jaded time
each stroke of love unfaded
giving reason to our rhyme
Here where words are lifting
passing spirits specters glide
the past is but a shade conveyed
an ever flowing tide
Caught in waves of discontent
relent relax reveal
beyond the shades of night invite
the truth in what we feel

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Destinies Entwined

Destinies entwined designed
by fate the cards were dealt
wanting for what hearts implore
that feeling never felt
Stories not of our own choosing
destinies dare not relate
when hearts resign refusing
losing hold on what awaits
Time does mold the future
colors paint a vivid scene
moments lost adrift and tossed
on oceans in between
Yet horizons hold our purpose
clouds and sorrows dissipate
patient still as heart's reveal
a love we can't forsake
Gift of God's creation
joy unmatched his love remind
the hands of fate designing
finding destinies entwined

Behind The Misty Shade

Hearts regale the midnight veil
behind the misty shade
wrapped in strokes of morning
forming warming serenade
To the soul is quenching
wrenching deep where passion plays
shifting from the morning
blues and whites to black and grays
Storied heart is torn apart
by fires that need our tending
sultry flame to burn untamed
with words unheard unending
Dance no rest as consciousness
gives birth where dreams reside
a song upon our twirling
swirling hot as heat collides
Turn in wrapped amazement
forming one from dreams of two
give to me your burning
yearning fire inspire it's due
Here we dance together
time can't measure choices made
hearts regale the midnight veil
behind the misty shade

Upon The Looking Glass

Gaze upon the looking glass
reflect on things unseen
the future or the past are cast
as echoes now it seems
Ripples on the surface
time does turn and fade to black
to gaze into the looking glass
the screen behind the mask
Silent stories playing
graying now in jaded hue
hearts revere those pictures dear
the past in painted view
Mirror or reflection
insurrection of our souls
do you see the truth perceived
or what the heart controls
Visions haunt unending
sending ripples, echo fast
the future or the present found
upon the looking glass

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Meadows of The Heart

Ever fast the winds are blowing
'cross the meadows of the heart
calming breeze, sililoquies
of what the day imparts
Deep where passion's painting
sunlight comes to night dispel
through the misty morning
pouring rays on shadow's veil
Leaves of reminiscence
in remembrance echo still
truthing wind to peace ascend
and mend the broken will
Nearby river raging
diving depths one only knows
mountains made of sorrow
still on them does sunlight show
In the midday sun reflecting
light from hindsight guides the way
further on to midnight
when the final penance pay
Twilight now comes calling
soon return for now depart
ever fast the winds are blowing
'cross the meadows of the heart

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Life's Enigma

In regards to life's enigma
words beseeched on paper stay
regardless of the passing time
designed to fade away
Is it true those words imbue
the depth of understanding
who we are a puzzle far
beyond our comprehending
Each piece of our own choosing
forming interlocking chance
Could it be our forms are free
designed to dream and dance
Turn your storied pieces
keep them close each one it stays
simply words on paper
life's enigma never fades

Secrets Held In Fading Plaster

Secrets held in fading plaster
fairytales of days gone by
or darker things beneath the seams
play tricks on wandering eye
Dust and vengeance linger
echo still as waves resound
shadow sheer of yesteryear
can not your peace be found
Memories etched of heart's connect
those things to which we cling
secrets held in fading plaster
echoed time and passing dreams

The Morning, Touch Embrace

Touch, embrace the morning
giving birth to life renewed
cycle from it's yawning
until twilight's had it's due
All things done, full circle come
washed clean in dew refreshed
from dust we came and thus remain
this flesh unto this flesh
Baptized in the dusky dawn
clothing meadows fresh in sky
greens and reds in pirouttes
interlaced and multiplied
Each breath another purpose
such is life to serve in grace
life renewed to cycle true
the morning, touch embrace

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Two Hearts Upon the Ocean

Two hearts upon the ocean
sinking slow but still adrift
past the greys of yesterdays
their spirits seem to lift
Across a sea of knowing
moonlit memories protect
here the waves are crashing
flashing moments retrospect
Two hearts upon the ocean
waves now settled after all
ocean's spray could not convey
the tears that had to fall
A sea of lost remembrance
right now that tide's receding
she's everything I'm dreaming of
and twice just what I'm needing
Two hearts upon the ocean
with one mind to stay adrift
past the grays of yesterdays
their spirits seem to lift

Ember-ed Heart

Embers of the heart remain
burn hot and crackle still
thoughts ignite in glowing white
the truth that heat reveals
Here on skin where thoughts descend
that spark in fiery gaze
smoky eyes that hypnotize
aloft on dreams she plays
Wake to find the burning
yearning hot with wanton thrills
mirrored soul beyond control
the warmth the eye conceals
Caught upon a moment
captured fire on jaded time
just a glance of circumstance
to leave the dark behind
Consummation of elation
raging hot and burning still
skin ignites the shades of night
to touch and taste and feel
Forged in sweat and past regret
these fires are fanning flame
burning hot to crackle caught
in embers that remain

Friday, December 14, 2012

Dawning Day

Dawning day to heart convey
as daylight breaks the dark
soulful gaze these warming rays
display his works of art
Clouds on God's horizon
improvising as they flash
the sky to yawn and ponder on
those dreams of midnight's pass
Awake to hopes aplenty
wind does blow with pleasure's found
shaking dust from starry eyes
with thoughtful bliss abound
The gift of life unending
that's the hope of your creation
breathing in that full potential
exponential revelation
Waste not time in planning
life's worth living now embark
dawning day to heart convey
as daylight breaks the dark

Flash To Flicker

Yesterday now gone forever
tomorrow then is ever close
just a blink too quick to think
for time cannot be slowed
Live in seconds passing
crashing waves and clocks do chime
making most out of the moments
lightning crash and flash remind
Time that constant changer
ever moving standing still
just enough to prove its love
and memories instill
Words in hopeful reason
treasoned time does echo on
here but just a season
flash to flicker now it's gone
Hold for me a bit of grace
to trace that story told
a sun that's quickly setting
skies are graying turning cold
Clocks are ever mindful
sands are falling far too fast
a moment just to read this
words now echoed in the past
Find in seconds passing
joyful moments, memories chose
yesterday now gone away
and tomorrow's ever close

Shooting Stars and Constellations

Shooting stars and constellations
confirmations of his grace
fiery show in heavens grow
into the night embrace
Trailing dreams and wishes
just a moment in our eyes
falling fast as seconds pass
a flash upon our skies
Displayed upon the heavens
natural canvas painting still
every streak to him unique
do speak his gloried will
Masterpiece unending
standing fast the test of time
burning hot with wishes caught
until their lights resigned
Are we but a flashing pass
a stroke upon the sky
colors painting vivid
livid dance in chance rely
Stars are falling faster now
its those with no regret
the shortest burn the brightest
won't forget about them yet
God's display on skies to play
each stroke of paint in place
stars and constellations
confirmations of his grace

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Slipping Deep Where Shadows Play

In the darkness dreams are diving
slipping deep where shadows play
in the heart's recesses
phosphorescent light display
Glittered soul where thoughts control
and guide the depths of dreams
burning hot with whispers caught
to stitch these sultry seams
An echo on the waves of time
subconscious sparks relay
just a furied afterthought
through skin on fingers play
Amidst the fiery photographs
now sliding through the mind
inhibition slips to fade
released that love confined
Sensations overwhelming
echoes dance though whispered still
sliding deep with waters parted
slowly started heart's reveal
Lips to graze and taste delivered
shivered soul as depths divide
deep in love's recesses
still she presses me inside
Glittered soul relax let go
as whispers burn and fade
in the dark where dreams are diving
slipping deep where shadows play

Fiery Force Of Nature

Fiery force of nature
burning hot as souls connect
forge of love's creation
time moves on in retrospect
Twist and turn together
strands of time weave futured will
by his hand assembled
none asunder thunder still
Storms do rage unseen between
those echoed waves of time
moving ever forward
sat in motion by design
Loss and heartbreak forging
making steel go tempered clean
no need for explanation
for those moments in between
Each test a tribulation
salted cured, yet not quite whole
til second's tick tell tales predict
what hearts try to control
Made in perfect love to forge
the edges hone and love perfects
fiery force of nature
burning hot as souls connect

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Air Does Salty Spray

Echoed love and waves are crashing
dashing fast and salt does spray
thoughts react as hearts exact
the truth 'hind clouds of grey
Shifting sands at love's command
who now controls the tide
churning fast not meant to last
those waters deep inside
Porcelained face my saving grace
onto my ocean slide
held to sway as water's play
til then her heart confide
Echoed love and waves are crashing
flashing hope on salty air
thoughts react as hearts exact
the reason why they're there
Adrift on days do reckon
still she beckons to me play
dashing fast as waves do crash
and air does salty spray

Shade Upon The Afterlife

A shade upon the afterlife
just colors borne of sin
darkened hues own self be true
these strokes on you depend
Paint a picture vivid
life once living obsolete
searching for a little more
for death cannot complete
A lie upon those jaded lips
words made from yours are snaring
to heart's persuade your serenade
immune to what you're sharing
Viper-ed tongue your will be done
not here begone, concede
sirens wail with ships to sail
upon their souls to feed
Keep your sway where shades do play
for here I am not home
a shade upon the afterlife
a moment here and gone

A Moment In Between

In dark I stood reflecting
breath of life all that remained
circle in and out again
breaths short and shallow came
Stepped outside my being
thought to me a conversation
the moon and stars in their memoirs
now seemed of no relation
Beneath my feet the grass replete
walk soft for I'm downtrodden
I questioned still if this was real
reveal long since forgotten
Had death my wicked friend forgot
in choosing left forsaken
the very strands of time designed
to force me to awaken
This dreamlike state asleep awake
unsure no truth remained
in dark I stood reflecting
breath of life all that remained

Chaff or Wheat

Salvation slow and sweeping
hearts can change on thoughts reflect
us flowers of the garden wilt
like leaves in retrospect
Time we taste unending
though pretending life's a season
it comes and goes to ebb and flow
no rhyme upon it's reason
Made in God's own image
timid cast though quick to chance
the glories still within his will
none borne by happenstance
Never lost redeeming cross
break free from chains that bind
no voice unheard, found in the word
those truths can't be denied
Chaff or wheat, be dined or eat
his threshing floor's for reaping
hearts can change on thoughts reflect
salvation slow and sweeping

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Freedom Found As Thoughts Abound

Do your thoughts give birth to freedom
are you who you thought you'd be
are you everything at once
or nothing more to see
Do your words confine you
can you break from fleshy zoo
Step outside a world comprised
of what we are or do
Can you break monotony
without a single sound
Ripples have effect protect
those gathered all around
Did you wake to find the stakes
much higher than predicted
are you who you thought you were
or to yourself conflicted
Give your voice it's freedom
lift your words to saving grace
be exactly who you are
unto yourself embrace
Find a revelation
in relation to your being
heart's exact that soulful tract
til truth is all your seeing
Worry not young sparrow
tarry not or toil away
your thoughts give birth to freedom
so go free them every day

Who Then

Who then rules the morning
when the clouds do break your skies
Who then holds your afterthoughts
when heart and soul collides
The maker of your afternoon
the one who breaks your gaze
the one who holds you deep inside
with colors on display
Who then rules your evening
with the storm clouds moving in
the one who paints the canvas
when the canvas blanks again
Who then finds your secrets
all your subtle shifts to glide
who then holds you captive
when the darkness falls outside
Who then finds you sleeping
dreaming dreams of passing time
who better here for who my dear
could hold your heart like mine

Technicolor Slide

Lace in midnight grace did shine
that ray of hope cascade
Dreams of blues to past be true
into the darkness fade
Visions vivid myriad
in technicolor slide
deep in dreams where other things
do tend to coincide
Wrapped in soft amazement
blankets warm with skin ablaze
Burning hot with afterthought
on memories she plays
Strands of time undoing
traveled much in laying still
dreams imbue a brighter hue
those things the heart can feel
Lace on midnight's sorrow
for the morrow comes to crash
that ray of hope cascading
moments far too great to last

Monday, December 10, 2012

Fickle Friend

Time oh fickle friend descend
through memories rely
trust in who you were to spur
the truth in aging eye
We cannot hope to change it
speed it up, it's left to chance
like sands that shift from depths to lift
these dreams we dare to dance
Visioned apparitions
records played in haunting rhyme
until the song is finished
or diminished death's design
Time oh fickle friend pretend
you know not what's in store
never quite enough entrust
those dreams we're living for
Memories made do thoughts persuade
to choose and choice remind
fickle friend til death descend
for all we have is time

Across A Sea Of Decadence

Depths to gauge as visions played
and danced across the night
fevered dreams or so it seems
upon these seas of white
Take heart it's spent on moments lent
these ripples made in time
gathered here together
just to weather storms of mine
Depths to gauge come fearful made
til someday comes the sun
scorching hot revealing what
we've said and what we've done
Across a sea of decadence
no wind to carry sail
off shores we fast outlive outlast
come cast in thoughts revel
Finding grace upon the water
calming wind and rocking waves
truths found by their finding
still reminding choices made
An echo on the water
tidal waves of lost emotion
ripples made what time conveyed
as poetry in motion
Visions feel as haunting real
as words from heart to page
and dance across the endless night
in fearful depths to gauge

Bleeding Heart

Bleeding heart tell truths impart
gave voice to all your fears
told of times when words remind
despite the pain and tears
Truth be told what makes you
gives you depth and reasoned will
listen close and follow
hollowed echoes ringing still
The greatest strength from hearts release
that willful call to arms
nothing more to fight endure
submit to all your charms
Bleeding heart as pieces scatter
seem to shatter word and rhyme
until that day hurt fades away
replaced by passing time
The strongest voice unwavering
playing close as thoughts relate
truth be told it makes you
filled with love or filled with hate

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Waxing Hot

Curtains draw that final straw
with chest on back to slide
waxing hot in moments caught
the choice is yours decide
Victor-ed spoils my labored toils
so hard to work for sweat
that taste my action's afterthought
her mind not emptied yet
Pulse does heighten lifting
sifting through her conscience slide
nothing more my thoughts adore
than secrets yours did hide
Ascension by submission
just let go I won't corrupt
curtains draw that final straw
let nothing interrupt

Saturday, December 8, 2012


Depth of her unmeasured
pleasured touch in moment's sway
burning skin to salt descend
where fingers dance and play
Placing thoughts on secrets spots
and tracing where we've been
Hearts collide and coincide
this pace on me depend
Searing heat collapse compete
this battle rages on
feel you still as bodies reel
those moments all alone
Taste of you a hundred hues
and to your lips resign
pulses race let go embrace
to taste this love of mine
Rise and fall in shallowed breathing
hearts are beating souls are one
forceful will to please you still
reveal your damage done
Starry streaks in tailored peaks
her will to mine surrender
in furied flash outpace outlast
to force you to remember
Queen of mine that spark remind
the truths our eyes do show
hips to feel are rising still
into your love I go
Soaked in love's temptation
correlation to your motion
burning skin which I descend
amend this pleasured notion
Together came as thoughts remain
and midday pleasures glide
depths of her unmeasured
still I force myself inside
Here on tangled sheets to burn
where heart's do spark and play
queen of mine my soul resign
it's you that hold's it's sway

Lucid Dreams

Upon that fiery night to fade
into those clouds of white
brightened skies sing lullabies
as hearts and thoughts ignite
Moment of seclusion
by ourselves yet not alone
echoed fate reverberate
that fearful heart now gone
Steadied beat come slow and sweet
match waves of passing time
in a state which you relate
I'm yours and you are mine
Where but here to hold you dear
revere these lucid dreams
ship to pass in midnight's glass
as warming water gleams
Glittered glance in happenstance
two vessels still collide
time can't erase that tingling taste
to burn the depths inside
Holding still what heart's reveal
and daybreak comes in crashing
moments made oh loving shade
like lightning strikes are flashing
Soul resigned to distant tide
as dreams do grace my night
upon that that fiery sky to fade
into those clouds of white

Friday, December 7, 2012

Shadowed Veil

Shadowed veil did heart conceal
here once now all but gone
darkness came to serenade
the deep and vast alone
Tucked away for brighter days
as fast came sands a-shifting
until the veil like fog reveal
the secrets of it's lifting
Into darkness' depths did shine
the starried sleep of dreams
stark and bright that cleansing light
does destiny redeem
Shadowed veil dispersed dispelled
in sunlit meadows play
shadowed veil to heart conceal
love's warming serenade

Thought's Extend on Papered Pen

Thoughts extend on papered pen
these letters typed by chance
telling more as thoughts implore
and syllables do dance
Everything with reason
just a season told in rhyme
telling more as thoughts explore
the corners of the mind
Tales in need of telling
words in need of getting out
circled through as moments do
from head to hand to route
Purge of  lettered happenstance
from heart to head to glide
nothing more than wanting for
the test of time be tried
Still the ink is flowing
hope in knowing thoughts have found
echoes played through moments made
and still they do resound
Down the page to serenade
to start and end again
telling more these thoughts adore
the love from papered pen


Woeful revelation
moments gone from 'neath the sun
Age doth pass like sifting sands
from birth til death and done
Trumpets call for after-all
we came from dust to graze
seasons pass as thoughts amass
with heart's and thoughts ablaze
Time a complication
waning love and broken dreams
moments gone from 'neath the sun
for what it's worth it seems
Sands are sifting lower now
amidst our memories burn
woeful revelation
life to death and dust return

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Burning Flesh

Burning flesh at her behest
delve deep where secrets hide
forceful will then heart's reveal
that tingling taste inside
Heat to burn as skin confirms
this soul on sweat to slide
tossing sheets and fire beneath
as wretched thoughts collide
Rise to fade as wills engage
baptized in burning passion
forceful still in breaking wills
salvation by reaction
Battled ground where hopes rebound
and tastes do pleasures breed
burning flesh at her behest
as inhibitions flee
Take in depth my love to test
wills bend and furies feed
delving deep where secrets keep
one taste is all I need

From Blue To Black To Grey

Amidst the embered sheets of glass
a bridge did find it's way
quick to cross as dreams are tossed
for sorrow walks this way
Does she sparkle on the water
like the mirrors of the soul
Does she walk with purpose
or with warming tears gone cold
Sad it is but soft she goes
from blue to black to grey
sadder still her back reveal
by will she walks away
Amidst the embered sheets of glass
impasse or choice convey
quick to cross where dreams are tossed
from blue to black to grey

Dreams Imply

Dawning day does hope convey
each breath of God renewed
breaking dark to shatter start
in morning slightly hued
Death to claim and chills remain
refresh and spark in glory
different day as thoughts convey
and tell another story
Empty page as hearts do play
to find each day in choosing
moments spent rewind repent
for dreams are all we're losing
Burn to fade refreshed remade
the loss of inhibition
searching for what dreams implore
a stunning contradiction
Day to night as words ignite
sear clouds and burning sky
dawning day does hope convey
the truths that dreams imply

Hunter or the Huntress

Creatures cast in thoughts react
the secrets of the soul
frail and thin to toothy grin
retract as fear takes hold
Far more conveyed in stance displayed
that serpent deep within
hunter or the huntress
in the eyes it all depends

Ghostly Veil

Ghostly veil through which I trail
ascension's intervention
slowing sway along the way
prey fell to love's intention
Fast to call for after-all
the view is on the climb
every step in heart's neglect
through filtered panes designed
Each step we've made to serenade
the fullness of the glass
meant for view in lover's hue
that ghostly veil you've cast

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Spectre'd Shade

Wraith of love's suspension
retention's recollection
spectre'd shade of moments made
replayed through self reflection
Decisioned flash to reckon
seconds caught in finite sound
forced to dance about devout
in why they linger 'round
Center of attention 
condescension's complication
further made to promenade
in fading exaltation

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Dust From Dreams

Aloft, adrift no shore to kiss
for a time no echoes swirl
Amidst the sheets in sheer defeat
to long and wanton curl
Soul astride on depths defied
for through that mirror swayed
her wreckless soul beyond control
in matter now that's greyed
Thoughts amiss in sparking bliss
fire quick ignite my soul
aloft, adrift no shore to kiss
remiss and gain control
Starried eyes that haunt implies
the deepness that you've taken
again despite renewed each night
as dust from dreams is shaken

Monday, December 3, 2012

Time A River Flowing

Time a river flowing
on a sea of past regret
Searching for and wanting more
than what was planned to get
Horizons fade in beds unmade
into the sun to glide
weathered skin is haven when
into its folds we hide
Etching past in dying skin
to simply say remember when
midnight comes to tuck us in
until the truth is borne again
Upon this river flowing
lost upon that sea of black
looking to horizons end
no fear of turning back
Ships at sea the truth as we
go soft into the night
time a river flowing
into shades of saving light

Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Truth of Love Unending

The test of time does well remind
the truth of love unending
falling rain to wash in vain
remain those dreams defending
Our hearts confined to closed up minds
though endless are the souls
ne'er once designed to judge remind
it's words the tongue controls
Open doors, encounter more
hold fast to teachings held
question why but don't deny
when heart and soul do meld
Judge not and be not judged unless
the heart to self it's sins confess
the test of time does well remind
just who is in control of time

Hopes and Apparitions

Light at ending tunnels cast
on hopes and apparitions
Nothing more worth searching for
than truth to our conditions
Made to graze through winding days
in echoed silence wander
plans revealed by choice of will
yet meanings left to ponder
All alone though never gone
the midst of our surrounding
Choice of will to ponder still
the silence is resounding
Age to fade the useful stage
on which our dance persuades
til night doth fall and curtains call
and we are all but shades
Echoes trapped in time reminds
the truths of our conditions
with light at ending tunnels cast
on hopes and apparitions

My Serenade

Stealing glances, hearts are resting
still the pace of love does climb
dreams begin then smiling when
I put your hand in mine
Touch her hair as dreams do dare
her touch, her smell remind
stirring deep as moments keep
on dancing through my mind
Fiery hot these seconds caught
love's flickers never fade
drift to dream, my heart my queen
you are my serenade

Trial By Tribulation

Light invoke in searing smoke
dust settle dreams abide
condemnation's revelation
forcing fearful thoughts to hide
Relent control as hearts let go
and all the world is burning
choking quick, smoke dark and thick
taught not these truths of learning
Faces turned to shameful burn
hearts caught in tribulation
death of dreams or so it seems
and lack of love's elation
So the times of man does chime
and cry out for salvation
where light invoked is clearing smoke
in lieu of revelation

Creation Calls

Listen close creation calling
falling night doth drift away
fading still til light reveal
a glimmer on the gray
Hope the birth and death of love
for some hold true no reason
yet hope abides no compromise
and lasts another season
Chance instill a forceful will
as hands outstretched are reaching
listen close creation calls
for all who hear it's teaching
Guided hand o'er sifted sand
look not past my grain
this little speck enclose protect
reflect on one the same
Day gives way to evening
as colors twist and hearts collide
night again comes calling
forcing hopes and dreams inside
Awake renew like seasons
come the morning in it's glory
listen close creation calling
asking you to write your story

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Beneath The Harvest Moon

Fluttered heart the truth impart
hid 'neath the harvest moon
through dirt descend to ponder when
or how or why or who
Midnight stole your passing
father time did wave his staff
for nothing more than fear affords
when marrow turns to chaff
The end demise no compromise
or steal upon your slumber
hid beneath the harvest moon
til hearts do go a flutter

Friday, November 23, 2012

Slip To Fade

Strands of time are weaving
interchanging hope and fate
balance come with will be done
in time though never late
Shifting dunes relentless
ever-changing pages written
sift to find what pasts remind
those moments intermittent
Slip to fade that calming state
where time doth lay deceiving
fate is spun with hope redone
and strands of time we're weaving

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Ashes Play

Calming wind do thoughts ascend
life fades with love denied
Waking to each day anew
on you renewed relied
That warming light on nature's plight
invoking pleasured sin
Ashes play and resonate
to fall like burning skin
Made to dance this circumstance
a glance to pages past
colors true now darkened hue
that shade conveyed at last
Midnight in the garden
hearts do harden moments glide
upon the skin as thoughts ascend
life fades with love denied

Monday, November 19, 2012


Death of time unending
revelation doth devour
that willful call for after-all
we're in the final hour
Trumpet sound to heart resound
as curtains come a-calling
pastures green no longer glean
unseen with twilight's falling
Circumstance not left to chance
for one and all are beckoned
moments spent as hearts repent
relent upon the reckoned
Just be dealt a will none else
for no more needs it's doing
skies ablaze with memories made
and souls with roles renewing
Death of time unending
revelation-ed apparitions
that final call for after-all
we fall without remissions

Brushing Locks and Sleeping Clocks

Morning found as thoughts abound
in arms on life depend
Brushing locks as sleeping clocks
those restful dreams defend
Safely held as mirrors meld
those moments in between
Still she sleeps as sands deplete
just seconds so it seems
Meant to fade and serenade
those minutes we awaken
brushing face as dreams erase
the pace of life we're shaking
Empty beds where sleepy heads
do oft times find their calling
and lay to rest that woeful stress
into each other falling
As she fades to nightly shades
it's here I hear her story
where morning's found and thoughts abound
it's her in all her glory

Shadow of a Doubt

Candles light as flame ignites
and shadowed darkness plays
Burning out without a doubt
The fear that night conveys
Dreadful dreams or so it seems
as midnight finds it's calling
wrapped in sheets as hearts complete
the reason for our falling
Yet invades this promenade
as twisted fists envision
sparking souls beyond control
complication of collision
In salty sweat a pace was set
that taste finds lips unknowing
Setting sail behind the veil
of scenes obscenely showing
Rise to meet admit defeat
her pulse in warmth divide
nothing more than wanting for
a moment more inside
Candled light did flame ignite
as fire burns all about
dreadful dreams or so it seems
that shadow of a doubt

Friday, November 16, 2012

Hearts Remain Here Broken

Forming thoughts in moments caught
as pain recedes to morning
The heart concedes as pleasures breed
come quick and without warning
Meant to say as thoughts convey
a past with midnight fading
Colors made that serenade
the darkened lines we're shading
Vengeful hues of passing blues
as lightning calls and crashes
vanilla sky through which we fly
divide the furied flashes
Amidst the storm as winds do warm
yet hearts remain here broken
perhaps our path the aftermath
of all the words we've spoken
Whirling wind as night descends
and daylight finds it's mourning
as heart's concede to pleasures breed
and pain recedes to morning

The Heart's Disguise

Silent shades through which we gaze
those mirrors of the soul
thoughts resigned to reasoned rhyme
beyond the heart's control
Fevered mind as words remind
her flame does well to burn
made to spin remembering when
on skin to skin return
Salty sweat of past regret
on sheets of velvet glide
tingled turn as fingers yearn
her love they do divide
Forceful still as heat reveals
the loss of inhibition
time reminds of smokey eyes
as dreams come to fruition
Conflicted soul at hearts control
as midnight's passion plays
mirrored eyes the heart's disguise
those shades through which we gaze

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Hourglass Unending

Wrapped in dreams or so it seems
as midnight skin comes calling
Fade to black as thoughts react
that storied past enthralling
Shortened days as moments grayed
our days are short in casting
parts we've played to hearts dismayed
conveyed by time outlasting
Bleached by sun as seconds run
sanded hourglass unending
thoughts remind as sands of time
are ours just for the lending
Perhaps persuade our serenade
beyond the glass and shifting
the sky goes blue a lighter hue
and clouds they go a lifting
Starry night wraps dreams so tight
again comes midnight calling
fade to black as thoughts react
while sands at hand are falling

Furied Flame

Calming winds on hearts descend
the soothing pass of time
Reasoned fear for wanting here
those moments made to bind
Wrapped in velvet shade and played
remorse though bittersweet
for all descend like burning skin
reborn renewed complete
Ashes rise to recognize
the story of our falling
dust to dust to skin entrust
those memories recalling
Faintest touch and furies flame
consumed in fires of passion
waters leave their salty sting
recede as waves are crashing
Upon a sea of past regret
awash on distant shore
calming winds on hearts descend
as time goes passing more

Friday, November 9, 2012

Forward Climbing Upward

Forward climbing upward
downward spiral of complication,
honor seems to only dream
of dourly fornication
Wine that must be spoiling
from a lack of love's ambition,
this is all the pull I have
to bring into fruition.
Birth of past regression
thought to put it all behind,
but ghosts that haunt do well to taunt
and echoes do remind
Corridors worth searching for
as thoughts do nightmares breed
Forward climbing upward
falling backward so it seems

Thoughts Collide

Night has fallen sharply
on the echoes of the past
the warmth is slowly fading
with no sunlight come to cast
Storms inside as thoughts collide
and waves are crashing past
swirling storm to one day form
from all the tears we've cast
Tidal waves as thoughts invade
and fade to leave their passing
the rise and fall for after all
we are the wave that's crashing
Storied past does well to cast
the light on heaven's glory
night invade to serenade
the writing of our story
Calm inside on heart relied
though skin still feels the burning
night has fallen sharply
as the sunlight is returning
Forced to fade as shadows played
the haunting pass of time
echoes of the past do crash
with reason to their rhyme

Sunday, November 4, 2012


Collected frames we've rearranged
for stories tell their placing
Memories made as truths conveyed
are played as hearts go chasing
Little known the moments gone
pass still like fireflies fading
Time to age and turn the page
on dreams and tireless waiting
Made to twirl though hearts unfurl
in furied expectation
Fury fade and serenade
a glaring complication
The pass of time as he designed
knows not to slow or quicken
we only own these seconds gone
through memories we're reliving
Muse still made as strengths conveyed
those freeze frames just remind
Collected frames we've rearranged
in albums of the mind

Ripples Made

Mirrors shade though thoughts persuade
as distance resonates
Ripples made forever played
as echoes contemplate
Truth revealed as sands seem still
for hopes still seem persuaded
Listening here as hearts revere
those moments long since faded
Made to dance though none entrance
the chance when chance does show
Wine enhance our storied stance
for hearts know not let go
Hearts conceal can't quiet
raging flood that's overtaking
mirrors shade what thoughts persuade
new ripples in the making

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Oh Sultry Shade

Midnight’s gaze did find you shade
through glittered dreams you glide
All the while doth heart defile
although its touch denied
There-again those coals transcend
fanning flames do furies burn
in depth’s consumed to breathing room
as time does tempting turn
Clouds to dance in circumstance
as time flows on though fleeting
to fade in scale as hearts reveal
those truths our fears are feeding
Come that chill inflection’s still
play hot in moonlit meetings
Far away where thoughts do play
And midnight goes receding

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Silent Echoes Fade

The ending of forever
though forever never ends
truths denied in teary eyes
we dare to dance to again
For words have hallowed meaning
Strengthened bonds that go unbroken
replaying scenes and what they mean
to words that went unspoken
Comfort found though thoughts resound
and silent echoes fade
the ending of forever
though forever always stays
Bending time as thoughts remind
designed we dared to dream
tucked away for lonely days
for what it's worth it seems
Dance we do and spin again
as childlike hopes invite
the ending of forever
not forever, no not quite

She Is Every Color

Fiery hues begin anew
each change comes color's swirl
art and life renewed in light
as hopes and dreams unfurl
Constant blend of color
when that fury meets the eye
a gallery made to slowly fade
on change our hopes rely
Tidal waves of blues and grays
as life like art repeats
Suffered til the truth reveals
a plan come full complete
A guiding hand to paint the sand
each brush a touch refine
the endless shade that serenades
the corners of the mind

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Ascension Into Glory

Rising up to greet the sun
undone by heaven's grace
Ascension unto glory
with some story on the way
Memories dance and circumstance
throw chance upon the wind
Though further climb doth fears unwind
in faith we must depend
Flurried moments flutter
shudder storms in seconds passing
Rising up to greet the sun
into it's glory crashing

As Fading Rays Do Fall

Warming rays as thoughts cascade
in time a moment caught
Gentle wind come sweeping in
designed remind retaught
Pause come cast on memories past
Flash quick to flood and flow
where worried fear and crease appear
like tides subside you know
Soothing rays to serenade
smooth dance on moments glide
warming wind as thoughts come in
retaught and caught remind.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Seasons Change

Burn to fade as chills invade
oft cast come fast recalling
Shadows grayed with light displayed
and trade as stars come calling
Fiery depths flame fury's nature
change inherent echoes ringing
Through the hills true depths reveal
the hues of summers' singing
Song long done from all to none
no chance plays not in chancing
winters chill doth fate reveal
as destiny comes dancing
Once again to hearts amends
are made to fade, forgive regret
the days are warm and warmer still
as hope comes warmer yet

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Electric Love

Electric love flash all around me
stinging arc of blinding light
falling rain to entertain
the shading cloak of night
Forced upon a midnight sea
impede as waves do flow
crash to fade blued and greyed
a painted picture show
Quick to strike and all the like
come clouds to shield redemption
electric love this moment comes
in searing intervention
Rumble still and act at will
as stealthy night doth glide
stinging arc of blinding light
takes flight across mine eyes

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Skyward Glance by Happenstance

Starry night doth thought ignite
and speak of those of old
the ones who walked before us
and the ones still yet untold
Fiery sky to soul beseeching
reaching echoed strands of time
And thoughts relay the ending day
and dance across the mind

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Rippled Wave

Prints are made on skin displayed
the echoes of the soul
Rippled tale of misted veil
as heat doth take it's toll
Graced to dance with little chance
to solo guided glory
For tiny waves are history made
the etching of our story
Fiery forge my heart engorge
enrapt in flaming flicker
Thirsting for that burning more
as thirst gives way to thicker
Burning hot with teachings taught
let go to gain control
Prints are made on skin displayed
the echoes of our soul

Sunday, July 15, 2012

A Single Spark

Meanings kiss does reminisce
death's sway o'er it imply
something more than bargained for
much more than meets the eye
Fiery blaze through heartbeat raised
as life begins to flurry
out did snuff though not enough
though snuff it did and hurry
Quickly flashed now burn and crack
refract in waves of time 
ripples made to guide and sway
the rhythm of the rhyme
Smoldered burn of no return
no quench for you be found
a cursed charm that does no harm
yet echoes dance around
Moments on the lips imprints
a lifetime fade to bliss
so much more in depth explore
the meaning of a kiss

Monday, July 9, 2012

Burning Still

That sultry taste time can't erase
a moment on the tongue
as further still that sting revealed
the tingled flesh it stung
Remembrance found as words resound
and echo through the drought
of lines to fall for afterall
no chance of getting out
Not to dance on dreams by chance
for nothing falls by choice
yet burning still as hearts reveal
that yearning inner voice
Listen well as fears dispel
that spinning soul to slide
drift in words as thoughts are heard
into their depths to dive
Passions burn to shift and churn
through sands forever shifting
the sun to grace and hearts embrace
those clouds we found were lifting
Piercing sun your work is done
through veils of love we chased
just a moment on the tongue
our time forever taste

Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Sun Can't Fade Your Serenade

Thoughts divide and fortify
her hold upon the heart
lest harm befall for after all
love made and played the part
Paintings made as hearts displayed
the portraits on the soul
written page to imitate
those fates we can't control
Warming breath upon the ocean
waves were motioned crash at will
Forever made to serenade
though churning deeper still
Glistened shade to promenade
with tides to ebb and flow
for moments made like hearts displayed
those feelings fading slow
Years do pass doth time outlast
though certain in creation
portraits feel their worth reveal
the strokes of loves elation
Emblazened bold with truths untold
the scope of love defined
lest harm befall our dance enthrall
those passing ticks of time
Pen to page as thoughts engage
the words that dance and glide
no harm could fall for after all
upon our hearts relied
The chaptered turn of lessons learned
our fury fades to dust
like seconds feel as truths reveal
and death does dance for us.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Eyes Embrace

Eyes embrace familiar tastes
and tingle on the tongue
greetings passed as moments flashed
though to the heart they clung
Fade away though not to grey
those moments for the reaping
and even still their sting reveals
conceals upon their keeping
Still it's best at heart's behest
the rest protect and cover
far from near these thoughts do steer
til eyes embrace each other
Futured fade this serenade
two ships by guided grace
upon the oceans of the mind
as eyes remind and taste

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Waves and Souls Collide

On sands forever shifting
drift in waves and souls collide
fear replaced as passion played
I forced my thoughts inside
Sun atop a weathered back
adrift on salty skin
shifting sands as heart's demands
are met and met again
Winded waves are crashing
dashing depths now slow and drifting
burn to fade my serenade
on sands forever shifting

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Calming of the Tide

Winding road on which I strode
the miles gone by increase
different still like smoothing silk
or soothing of the beast
The voice instilled not chose by will
though to it we confide
and give it's voice our choosing choice
by faith we do abide
Stranger still the heart concealed
mysteries course and heaven's plate
gave to dine on all remind
that vessel sets us straight
And last of those the ghostly prose
the bonding of the being
by no control a gifted soul
our futured fire it's feeding
Famined fame or praise to gain
I know not ponder still
all the while another mile
goes straight and straighter still.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Midnight's Dew

Midnight played and moved and swayed
embracing serenade
calming still the gentle chill
and shifting grays of shade
Made to dance to drift by chance
and answer moonlight's call
soothing wind on hearts descend
and fears like feathers fall
Furied flash and moments pass
as time and sweat do slide
Minutes fall as nurture calls
in her I do confide
Calm be still my heart race still
in night did furl and fray
soul renewed in fiery dew
while midnight moved and swayed

Rush To Splash

Ebb and flow does life you know
like sparkles on the sand
Shade displayed from subtle grey
to blues so hued and grand
Searing taste of burning heaven
fiery white and crimson hot
Sense relayed as shadow played
and danced about uncaught
Sneaky shadow dance disturbing
always quick to eyes misled
such as here with thoughts as clear
to oceans' depths it fled
Rush to splash as waves do crash
and time is all we know
beautied dance of happenstance
as life does ebb and flow

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Shades Go Color Blending

As shades go color blending
ending solace for a spectrum
silioquoy played to flicker fade
a tale of time reflecting
Ripple back as hearts retract
once more as hearts are beating
A moment's spark though world's apart
connections sharp and fleeting
Still return oh wicked burn
to which the soul consumes
quench to taste the gold embrace
for in it time resumes
Time a fickle friend alas
to grasp the sand unending
solace from the fevered hum
as shades go color blending

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Shimmer On The Waters Of

Wrap me in your summered skin
write words upon my heart,
I taste you on my morning
though in mourning skin did part.
That lasting touch doth tingle
mingled on in nights reflection,
shimmer on the waters of
your silky smooth complexion.
Burning white hot embered night
the moonlight found it's calling,
upon your shoulders there it danced
I glanced my walls are falling.
There upon that velvet heart
I trust my dreams divide,
to simply crash upon ourselves
into my heart collide.
Just a moments more release
to please my pulsing skin,
write words upon my heart
to touch your summered skin

In My Lover's Eyes

In her eyes I see my future
swirling hope out of the past
a safer place where hearts do race
and waves do wildly crash
The promise of tomorrow
and the beauty of right now
Thankful for the chance to look
into her eyes somehow


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

As Simple As Complex Can Be

Shades of grey on waters dance
to highlight brighter circumstance
For if the hues held only blue
no color else comes shining through
As tears contrast a smiling face
with stories told on cheeks they grace
a shout to silence whispered fear
those echoes rippled far and near
As simple as complex can be
these thoughts are caught and set us free
From lettered speech and words to mind
a fevered pitch of patient time
We all are death by life's design
redeemed though burns reflect remind
Scarred until we're smooth as silk
straight the gait to find your tilt
The rhythmed dream we dare to dance
to highlight brighter circumstance

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Waves Like Love Cascade

Sat me once upon a beach
soaking up love's warm embrace
the simplest wind from hearts descend
it's touch as soft as lace
coolness could not touch me
nor close me in with shadows falling
for felt again that gentle wind
unto me there came calling
Soft her voice as heaven's choice
on me did shine for evermore
with me there upon a beach
a warmth worth dying for
Wrapped up in the calming wind
as waves like love cascade
this siren of the midday watch
upon her shoreline played
Dance we do in love's embrace
and chase the pleasure's passion
not to fade this serenade
as waves like love come crashing.

A Door Upon The Ocean

A door upon the ocean
casting shadows on the soul
window found to look around
and watch it all unfold
Birds of prey descending 
circled shadow casting doubt
memories flash like waves they crash
and travel in and out
Easy feel for standing still 
progression is the motion 
a single door but so much more 
adrift upon the ocean

Sunday, May 13, 2012


Falling back as thoughts refract
still-frames in minded eye
Funny how through hues allowed
they change their rhymthmed rhyme
Brightest blues are darkened
to the greyest shades of night
as Darkness too reflects untrue
portrayed displayed as light
Sudden dance from screened entrance
to prey upon the weak
tortured for a moment more
these portraits that we keep
Soft to heart and words do start
again the frames reflect
Rippled time relax rewind
does not the truth protect
Focus more to what's in store
forget neglect remind
our journey laid before us
playing out as it's designed.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Crash She Did Into Me

Heightened pace to rock the race
embrace and trace control
Simply spent from fingertips
from mind to arm does roll
Gathered hearts and lightening sparks
for mending from their breaking
and all the while the rhythmic style
the journey that we're taking
Skin to glitter hot and burn
perfected fornication
all the styles converged and filed
for future implication
Forced to form the coming storm
through motion of reaction
and all along we write our song
enthralled in satisfaction
Soaking sweat implied perfection
this myriad heart and colored swirl
in moments known we're far from gone
as furies do unfurl
Forced inside and compromised
how quick your lust did find
just one taste to past replace
this tidal wave of mine

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Soft On Heart This Serenade

Sunlight shifts and clouds protect
through shapes and swirls of intellect
From heart to mind to face reflect
The thoughts of what the eyes neglect
An ever changing dance displayed
with stunning blues and numbing greys
Soft on heart this serenade
the mood through which my though conveys
The dawn to come and intersect
the midnight moon we all expect
As darkness yawns in waking stretch
return the sun not derelict
Again to shine and hope effect
as sunlight shifts and clouds protect
the shapes and swirls of intellect
Still thoughts of what the eyes neglect
from heart to mind to face reflect

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Dark Descend

Dark descend to past defend
as life comes back to swirl
Made indeed mistake repeat
as furies do unfurl.
Echoed sentiment repent
on walls of no avail
shadows cast come crawling past
with stories still to tell

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Splendor Of My Heart

Conceived by light's creation
stunning splendor of my heart
pulse does flare my daisy dare
My cunning work of art
Conception of perfection
moonlight soft on midnight veil
desert's last oasis
grace us both in love we fell
Consummate in passing
glance entrance to soul combine
stunning splendor of my heart
oh work of art of mine