Thursday, November 27, 2008

Tonight I Sleep

Angels or strangers whose arms are found better
whose outstretched love does hide
the sinner deep in loathsome sleep
when thoughts and hearts collide
Those who once have never known
the sliding sweat of skin
or ones we will not see once more
who knew us not back then.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Upright beasts is what we are
confined to fleshy zoo,
made to dance with circumstance
understanding far and few.
Forced into explosion
driven from our salty slumber,
made to grace a time and place
disgrace a loathsome lover.
Shunned but not forgotten
lost in preservation,
too great for hearts unknowing
flowing towards our condemnation.

Ocean Drift

A night out on the ocean
emotion ebbs and flows,
on a wave no world to save
at least none that he knows.
Salty air has found it's way
to wash the cleansing tide,
wanting nothing more in life
than gentle waves to ride.
Peaceful heart endearing
steering through tranquility,
just a man out on a boat
that peaceful man is me.


Enclosed inside a crystal sphere
in here it always snows,
always have some coming down
no matter where it goes.
Perfect little portrait scenes
forever held in time,
painted picture perfect
exactly what we had in mind.
Could it be that easy
would the fog of life soon clear,
if we could simply lock our doors
and stay inside the sphere.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Human Nature

Is it human nature
ambitious hearts desire,
to push until we fall apart
too many irons to fire.
Too many buns to bake my friend
far too many words to write,
seems as if this war ignores
too many fists to fight.
Miraculous in truth no proof
divine in legislature,
can a man to life command
the call of human nature.

Thursday, November 6, 2008


Raging rising river
shiver in it's glory,
God himself the reason
perfect setting of the story.
Plunged beneath the swirling stream
in hopes of restitution,
mirrored soul like water roll
conflict resolution.
Peace be still spoke to reveal
a new found sense to stir,
cheek to cheek don't turn to speak
face to face confer.
Freedom found in every sound
sheep not gone to slaughter,
freedom found in every sound
that raging river water.


I held my breath for freedom
and heaven blinked it's eyes,
gave a needed sigh relief
no need for passing lies.
Everything stood silent
no motion on the breeze,
whistled not while passing through
the dark misshapen trees.
For time was now upon us
lending us the chance,
on this earth a little while
just long enough to dance.

Lightning Crashes

Ambience in a flurry
hurry on to tunnel's end,
rushing to conclusion
put confusion to an end.
Flight into a spiraled hall
curtain call the last,
indecisive left or right
in fright and moving fast.
Who then up above me
love me strike on fearful scurry,
cast into a world unknown
amniotic flurry.

Lover Of Another

Lover of another
you are the world to me,
give to you the finest hue
in ruled supremacy.
Took from me a many things
gave to me much more,
such a love worth dreaming of
and well worth fighting for.
All these years have passed so quick
we watch as our seed grows,
I love you more than life itself
I hope to you it shows.

To Jim...

The wind cried low over Morrison Road
the whiskey shed it's tears.
Sullivan hailed an exiled star
burned far before it's years.
Much too fast the papers say
yet the brightest stars outlast,
simple things like chasing dreams
and comets flying past.
Hippie, druggie, prophet
lost it in a flash,
sudden journey of the soul
an indian in the crash.
Driving force of millions
minion of the roast,
only sought to join the feast
that he enjoyed the most.

The Valley

Midnight falls upon us
piranhas to their prey,
blacking out the summer sun
fade from blue to gray.
The hordes have gathered masses
gases form and spew,
prophetic verse destruction
construction of the truth.
Gone from those now left behind
that blinding shield of heaven,
time ticks by to soon draw nigh
six broke out of seven.

Saturday, November 1, 2008


My heart felt a tidal wave
wash and take resolve,
through my dreams you twist and turn
my world you do revolve.
Eyes that melt the coldness
that's been placed upon my chest,
accept no less than greatness
to the heart that knows you best.
The moon that rolls the tides that kiss
on shores I'm dreaming of,
my heart felt a tidal wave
receding in your love.


Wilderness has called us here
we of pleasures breed,
unseen wind is breathing in
for everything we need.
Caught in their own rapture as
the forest children cry,
intrusive as the sparks we make
contribute to the sky.

Sinner Save

Tainted blood and caked on mud
a moment makes it clean
white hearts black
split and crack
polluted and obscene
tainted blood washed to snow
along with it the dust
solid black now white retract
in him invested trust.


Sliding grating grinding
hurts but do it anyway,
inhibitions fading
when upon your back you lay.
Push yourself into me
prove to me it's what you need,
let your body take control
and mine will take the lead.

Ocean Soliloquy

Tonight out on the water
watch as shadows play and dance
sitting on the sand alone
atoned by circumstance
Strange but I guess needed
heeded not the warning signs
sitting on the sand alone
as circumstance designs
Reminds of every moment passed
to fast myself from you
could it be in circumstance
you're fasting from me too
Each for different reasons
seems I brought yours on
console yourself another
sitting on the sand alone


Sudden graceful change of skin
these colors blend and swirl,
once proud full and rigid pull
their arms in tight to curl.
Withered up and tattered
shattered children of the limb,
watch the colors fade away
and on the wind descend.