Saturday, September 26, 2009

I Sleep In Jaded Night

Let morning come to get me
sleep I will in jaded night
covered up and hidden clothed
to cloak and shade invite
Yet in dreams are fading things
to wander through the mind
sleep I will in jaded night
where lights dare not be shined
Let morning come to get me
let cleansing clouds let loose
and all the scars from day to day
give way to days renewed
Washed in hopeful seconds
as we're beckoned towards our calling
let morning come to get me
soon enough our night is falling

In Her Eyes Are Pools of Color

Soft encounters pacing
quick to flush the crimson cast
moments seem forever long
upon your shores I crash
Short the tide to come and go
and yet I'm longing still
Set upon the beaches of
my love and time to kill
Long and lush the ending rush
when salty waves subside
To never touch the waters such
as such these lines implied
Still in midnight's waning
in her soul I wade and dive
the pools of color swirling
thoughts and hearts must soon collide
Oft in distant dawning
comes that water take me in
until the tide comes swift in stride
revive me once again

Friday, September 25, 2009

Where The Hungry Come to Feed

Where the hungry come to feed
is caught in fevered glances
victim of submersion come
in moment's circumstances
Nothing new to fade renew
a dance done death is dealing
breaking free to certain see
the truths that I'm revealing
Not the way it has to be
remember how you play
defiance come to all but none
the looks the lost convey
Tonight I hold my empty heart
to shade in midnight's winter
only now I show my vow
return recloak recenter
This is where the hungry feed
in moments unprotected
each to one another touch
the love we both neglected
Victim of submersion come
to dance through memory's song
Moments glance to life's romance
the dance that did us wrong
Vengeful seed to soil to bleed
the tears our hearts did water
this is where the hungry feed
love's lamb to envy's slaughter